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Welcoming New Users: A Guide

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Welcoming New Users: A Guide

Tips: 0.75 INK Postby dealing with it on Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:14 pm

The Welcome Desk, to many users, is the first introduction to RPG's community.

What we do not have (yet!) is a thorough procedure for helping new users engage with the wider community. Although some new users are very gregarious in their first posts — filling the page with personal information, or loudly proclaiming in-character samples of their writing styles — many others find the process uncomfortable. Some of these short-winded players may even be posting simply for a shiny new medal... but hey, at least they're posting!

So without further ado...

The RPG Welcome Committee
Our goal is to give new users a comfortable platform. This can mean asking leading questions, playing along with the roleplay, or just good natured tete-a-tete. Anyone can join — the more the merrier, and the easier our job becomes. :D

Tips & Tricks
None yet! Add yours?

In this thread, feel free to discuss good strategies for identifying user types and for brainstorming effective leading questions. Take a look over some of the pre-existing examples and maybe event post a short list of your own tips! We'll aggregate the best here in this first post.

So, this is dealing with it, and I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the RPG Welcome Committee!

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