West Street

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West Street

Postby Mattyman24 on Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:13 am

I thought here we could do something like Coronation Street here, and have one group of people, about 1 to 30. Then we can have about 7 families, around 3-5 in each one. It will be like proper soaps, with deaths and the really exciting bits that they have.

So heres my character.

Name: Martin Langs (Some people will have to live in the Langs family)
Age: 39
Job: Policeman
Gender: Male
Family: 2 kids, a wife, a grandad (So if you want to join the Langs family, those are your choices, you decide if they are a boy and girl or two boys or two girls.
History: Martin has lived in West Street all his life, when he was a kid he lived in number 53 but when he became 17, his parents died so he earned the house. His grandad was sent to look after him and hes stayed there ever since. He has a little sister who lives in NY somewhere who has a nice job and a big house. Martin met his wife (Name to be confirmed) when he was 27 on a holiday in France. They instantly fell in love and both went back to Martin's house to live, a few years after they got married and had their first child a couple of weeks after the marriage. And then the next child a year after, so one child is 12 and another 11.
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Re: West Street

Postby Jess..Drama Queen! on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:09 pm

I am interested in playing a character similar to Carla Connor as she is my favourite character on the street :)
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