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What an entrance...

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

What an entrance...

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeke on Sun Oct 16, 2005 8:48 pm

Ezekiel was jolted awake as the shuttle took its "smooth" landing upon the 05 Cluster. He noticed Virgil was still wide awake. They caught each others eyes with a grin. It was party time. Rising from their isle seats the made their way out the doors at a slow pace. Zeke wanted this to last. He followed Virgil to a locker against a far wall. Number 315. Virgil popped open the locker, inside was 1000 in non-sequential ten dollar bills, and Virgil's trademark katana. He removed his black coat and tossed it to me. I held it as he slipped that katana over his shoulder, then over his head. With a grin he slipped the coat back on. I just laughed. We continued fore ward through the airport security. It was much tighter on the Colonies. We had to pass through an x-ray machine. I looked at Virgil as we got into the line.

"Fun time."

Virgil nodded. Zeke took out a cigarette and he did the same. They lit them up as they were about to walk through. A guard shot up out of his chair and walked over to us glaring. He looked back at Virgil over his shoulder.

"Excuse me, you can't smoke in here."

IEzekiel looked at the guard who stood there with his hands on his pudgy hips glaring at him. Zeke then looked at the cigarette between his thumb and middle finger. He raised a brow at the guard and put it back in his mouth. The guards hand shot out and grabbed it from him. Only half a drag. Zeke glared at him as he stomped on it. Virgil looked at him and Zeke grinned.

"Bad move buddy."

Ezekiel scowled at the guard. He let out a little laugh and looked at the other guards sitting where he came. All six of them. From each of their belts hung a Beretta. Not a chance in hell they could beat Zeke on the draw. He grinned.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?"

He laughed. Before he could even see his hand coming. The barrel of Zeke's FN Five-Seven was resting against his forehead. He wasn't smiling anymore. There was a click, a bang, and a fountain of blood. Screams filled the air port as Zeke threw off my black trench coat. Virgil's was already off with his Desert Eagle in his right hand and the katana in his left. He drew my other Five-Seven and let off round after round into the six guards sitting there. When the only movement from them was the flopping of limp limps due to the entering bullets we stopped. As we stepped through the x-ray a beep went off. Ezekiel had the biggest smile on my face.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Virgil on Sun Oct 16, 2005 9:18 pm

With a grin Virgil hid behind a wall with Zeke. There was another eight guards firing upon their position, but more importantly, they were blocking the exit. There was a cor-door on the other side of the hall where the guards stood. An exit at the end. Zeke looked at Virgil as he stood up against the wall with his Eagle ready.



Virgil's eyes were ice cold as always, and he was calm as he got ready. Zeke stepped out from behind the wall and began to let round after round fly toward the guards. Virgil stepped out with his Eagle and began to expel bullets at a rapid rate until he got to the opposite wall. Zeke stepped back. His leg was bleeding, right below the knee Virgil looked at it as he and Zeke reloaded. Virgil motioned down to it as Zeke caught his eyes. Looking down Zeke looked back up confused. The ecstasy of the gun fight was keeping Zeke from feeling it. He won't be able to walk later, unless it's treated real soon. Zeke nodded toward the fire exit. Virgil turned and dashed toward it stuffing the large handgun in the holster on his right leg. He dove covering his face and shattered the glass. An alarm echoed through the hall. Virgil rose quickly and made his way toward the main exit where Zeke was pinned down. He met two guards when he turned the corner. Virgil was the quicker draw. He had a bullet between the first ones eyes and ducked around the second one as he got a shot off. Virgil stood behind him with his gun to the man's side. He grinned and kicked him in the back of knee with a heavy left foot. The guard fell to his knees hard. Virgil put the barrel to the back of the man's head and without any emotion in his eyes he fired.

Zeke had finished most of the guards, but there was still three left and the shot in the leg was starting to get to him. He stepped out after reloading and put a bullet into the chest of one of the last ones. Then there was an echoing bang. One louder than the guards Beretta's and his own five-seven's. One guard fell and the last one started to squirm and dropped her gun. Zeke grinned as he began to walk toward her.

Virgil pushed the blade of his katana into the back of the last guard there. She didn't have time to scream as he broke her spine. As she started to struggle the Beretta fell to the floor. Virgil, slowed down the process as he began to lift her. Zeke stepped up beside him and lit up a cigarette. Virgil store straight ahead as he lifted the bleeding guard further, and further into the air. Soon their was the final sound of ripping skin as her limp body slid down the blade. He lowered it and kicked her off with his heavy left foot before replacing it in the sheath on his back.

Virgil lit up a smoke as he and Zeke left the now deserted airport. Zeke grinned at the cold looking Virgil and laughed before hitting him in the shoulder with glowing eyes.

"Welcome to Colony 05 Virgil."

By the time the authorities arrived Virgil and Zeke were long gone, with no noticeable trail.

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