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Star Wars: The Gilded Age

What I'm expecting from Jedi/Sith

a part of “Star Wars: The Gilded Age”, a fictional universe by Gray.

The Galaxy is at peace, once and for all, though not all is like it seems. Join a band of elite team members who rise up to take on a new challenge, or become the Sith and destroy them.

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What I'm expecting from Jedi/Sith

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gray on Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:34 pm

I hear you want to be a cool space wizard, maybe even a super cool evil space wizard? Well know that I’m expecting a lot from you. Unlike most role plays, this will be incredibly limited. I don’t want everyone running around swinging swords, cutting through metal and flesh. I want more emphasis on those less seen in the franchise, those with guns. So I have a list of requirements for anyone even attempting to come into the world as one of the chosen.

Advanced roleplayers only:

What I mean by this is that I want strong role players for this gig. I don’t care if you misspell a bit or have lackluster grammar. I do those things more often than not. I want these players to really know their strengths as role players. I’d prefer high post counts, innovative ideas, and well-crafted stories. I want players who’ve been around the block (so to speak) and they know that this is the right role for them. This is especially true with the Jedi caste. This character will be one of the only ones who are going to grow with the course of the roleplay. The Jedi will literally learn new abilities; they will literally see their changes more-so than any other character, I think.

I’m not going to post minimum requirements on word counts as a Jedi and a Sith, but let’s be realistic here, if you are only capable of pumping out 200 words, per post, you’re most likely not suited for this role just yet. In the beginning the Jedi and Sith (even the silly padawan’s) are going to be Gods on the battlefield. They’ll be able to cut through anyone, Any NPC, and anything. They won’t miss ever, and they can have abilities that literally change the course of a battle. 200 words isn’t going to cut that. If you struggle with word counts, or are the type to argue that X amount of words is just too much for a post, then you’re not up to this role yet.

Shout out to my Sith bro’s:

Sith’s, I’ve already mentioned before that your role is going to contain parts of a leader. I will tell you that your enemy is on planet X and that you have X amount of troops, you’re able to control these as you see fit. But you’ve got another role too, you have to be the antagonist for this role play. That’s a big step. There’s a couple of you, and you have to say “Well, want to fuck with the Jedi right before they reach their objective?” And you’ll be all like “Of course!” Because that’s what Sith do, they show up when it’s inconvenient. But let’s face it, there’s going to be some down time, a TON of it. I have a solution for that. As a Sith you can submit two character profiles right off the bat. Unless I approve otherwise, there’s only one for everyone else. You get to be part of the major party, if you want, to help keep your interest in the role play, and help keep the rest of us going. Think of yourself as a Spy. I’m literally giving you an excuse to meta-game here. Say one of your Sith are able to see events across vast distances, you could use the fears of the party to prey on them. Fun right? Well you’re a goddamned bad guy, BE ONE! Protip: If I have to tell you how to be a bad guy, you’re not bad enough for this experience. Though to be fair, know that killing characters isn’t going to be easy, even for a badass, the Force WANTS these guys to stop you, and it’s going to do a good job of doing just that.

So what am I expecting?

I want people who’re willing to dig deep for these characters. I don’t want a Wacky Racer, I want a real goddamned monster. Conversely I don’t want a White Knight, I want a Jedi. Be unique, be real, and I’ll prop you up like a God-damned-king in this role play. I want your characters to be memorable to the rest of the party. I also want you to do your homework. I’m going to post some links on everything Jedi/Sith. These include fighting-styles, they include abilities the whole nine yards. However, I don’t want people to have the same things. I want you to use your brains and be creative about this. As such I’ll be posting what type of specifics my character has, as the example Force post, and open a thread so we can all bounce ideas off one another. This way you see just what to expect from a Jedi, and can get a feeling of what to add as a Sith. While I know all Sith have Force Lightning, (and start out pretty powerful) just try to keep things interesting.

So, to wrap everything up:

There I no code for this section. None. Anyone who’s an advanced role player won’t need a code to add the things I’d like to see added. Instead I’ll give you guidelines, and you can add them as you see fit. You don't have to use all of them. I will also post links to pages I’ve found most informative to my creation.

  • Which of the Styles does your character use?

  • What are the strength’s/weaknesses to this?

  • How does your character view the force?

  • how does (s)he use it?

  • The force typically makes its users gifted in ways that others just aren’t, (Ex: Anikin is the greatest pilot, Luke is an amazing shot with a blaster, and Palpitine can control people just by voice and charisma) How has it affected your character?

  • What color is your light saber?

  • What techniques does your character know? There are plenty to choose from, but make sure your character would be able to learn them. For example a Sith won’t know force Healing or speed most likely, those are seen as Jedi techniques… and your sith came from the outer rim, where there’s not a Jedi temple for miles!

  • How does your character fight?

  • Are they more reliant on the force, or more reliant on their weapon?


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