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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

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OOC: Let me just appologise for my lack of participation here and in the UC thread. Trying to get a job and dealing with real life kinda took over. Next time I talk to Cloud (Derek, TJ, whatever you want to call him) I'll try and get him to do some work here. I know he has some free time.

I will also be doing more of the UC, I was hoping during this long unannouced hiatus more would want to join up, but oh well.


Kiyoshi's eyes monitored everything that was going on in the room. General Sin's leaving mattered not to him. When he had referred to the "prisoner", his glance had shifted to the one who had similar abilities to his, and then back to the door as the General left. He then watched Miyumi tell Eros about his Gundam.

"Mobile Suit construction will not be a problem. Nor would, I imagine, retrieving your mobile suit. The question, of course, is whether or not he'll hand it over to us. A Gundam, no matter what the design, is always more than useful."

Shifting his head towards the direction of the ship taking off, he could only wonder what would happen next.

"If we have to get it back, we will."

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OOC: I , too, will apologize for not having been on and posted anything relevant for about...three weeks. Band Camp, school, and a broken modem on my laptop have prohibited my interaction.


"Huh," Eros sighed. "Well...I guess I'd better take what I can get."

Eros pushed himself up from his chair, the dark billows of his pants and trenchcoat unfolding around him, and carefully strode in Kiyoshi's direction. Eros eyed Kiyoshi, ready for, though not expecting, any sort of opposition.

As he neared the man who did not view himself as human, Eros extended his right hand.

"Lieutenant Eros Sabersky," he said, finally introducing himself properly. " I look to you for leadership."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:47 pm

[ooc]Let's see if we can't get this moving again? I know Kiyoshi, Zhelir, and Eros are here.... who else is caught in this? Belle is, right? Is Cloud still here?[ooc]

Miyumi glances around the room. She would like Kiyoshi to know her full name, Eros and Zhelir already knew her given one. But she's not sure she can trust the others. Well, Eros' gundam is more important, and she had been working with sinful for awhile

I have been working for Sinful for awhile, and I'm fairly sure he won't just give up the gundam, even though it can't work here as it is. He probably considers us enemies, and he knows I could get it working again If you plan on raiding him for it, well, I'd rather be left out of that party, but I can give you my passkey. Don't know if it'll still work. But, I don't need the Gundam to figure out how to rework it, or how to build a new one from scratch. So, whichever route you decide to take, I can start reworking the specs now. But then again, gundams may not be the way to go for peace.

She looked to the other two, to see what their ideas for plans were.

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