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When Beauty Strikes [Horror/Paranormal. Open]

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When Beauty Strikes [Horror/Paranormal. Open]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby tigerz-peace on Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:56 pm

Note: This was inspired by the movie “Tamara”. I haven’t personally seen the movie [though I plan to], but I’ve read through reviews to get an idea of what happens so I could make an RP based on it.

There is a girl. Her name is Tamara Hale. A highly intelligent, unattractive student, Tamara Hale has an unrequited crush on her English teacher, and when one of the popular girls of the school overhears Tamara declaring her love for him and one of Tamara’s articles about steroid use among school athletes is published, the pretty girls begin braying for blood.

In desperation to have things the way she wants, Tamara invokes an ancient spell that promises love, beauty and power to get rid of anyone in her way. However, if the spell is to work, Tamara’s blood must be used as the sacrifice. And this is just what happens when Tamara gets a call from her English teacher, inviting her to meet him at a hotel, only to find it is a cruel prank being played by the three pretty-girls.

Upon this realization, Tamara lashes out at the girls, and in the process trips and falls, snapping her neck. Tamara’s blood oozes across the floor and onto the torn out page from her spell book. The three pretty-girls, in horror of what they had done, make a pact to not tell a soul of the death and bury Tamara in a paddock just out of town.

English class next day, the three friends are sick and nervous with guilt, worried that they would be found out. To their surprise and horror, Tamara enters the classroom – smiling, alive, drop dead gorgeous and [though the girls don’t yet know it] more powerful then anyone could imagine.

With the help of the only two people who had befriended her before the transformation, Tamara begins a calculated game of revenge using her newfound powers and carries out the ultimate vengeance on her classmates.

That is a loose plot that will be followed throughout the RP. As, yes, this is a horror/thriller/paranormal RP, there will mostly likely be some scenes describing some blood, guts and just plain gore. I will only be accepting mature, experienced role players – and make sure you can handle the gore and such. The following are the roles that will be open for play, and I doubt I’ll be making any more.


Tamara – Tigerz-Peace
Friend of Tamara 1 – Reserved
Friend of Tamara 2 –

Pretty-Girl 1 – Reserved
Pretty-Girl 2 –
Pretty-Boy 3 – Reserved

English Teacher –

*The friends of Tamara are her friends before and after Tamara’s transformation.
*The Pretty-Girls are the three that killed Tamara. I have made it so there is one guy, possibly one of the first 2s boyfriend, pulled into the prank against his will
*English Teacher. I don’t know how active the English teacher will be, so yeah, he might go.

I will only be accepting experienced, mature RPers. That means they are capable of the following:
- Can write a minimum of 75 per post, making it worth while.
- Are literate, know how to use proper grammar, structure sentences etc
- Players who know how to stick with their character
- Are willing to accept constructive criticism on how to improve
- Can help move the plot forward, and provide their two-cents in the OOC
- They also have to be able to handle possible descriptions of blood and guts, and are not offended by coarse language and sexually implied comments.

Every person that I accept I have either RPd with, or I've looked at their posts before accepting them. Profiles are to be PM'd to me first, and then I'll let you know if you can post your character.

Character Sheets

Code: Select all
[center][color=#800040][b]Name >>[/b] [Full name, please][/color]
[size=85][b]Age >>[/b]
[b]Gender >>[/b]
[b]Role >>[/b]
[b]Personality >>[/b]
[b]Appearance >>[/b] [Picture's may be used, but only if you also include a written description. No Anime, either please.
[b]Brief Bio >>[/b] [If your a friend of Tamara's, mention how you came about to be so][/size][/center]

Name >> Tamara Janette Hale
Age >> 17
Gender >> Female
Role >> Physco witch bent on revenge [xD]
Personality >> Intelligent & witty, Tamara can be quick to anger. Very confident when it comes to anything academic, and, after her death, everything else possible. Calculating, after her death, Tamara is, to put it simply - a blood thirsty witch bent on revenge.
Appearance >> [I'll have it up soon. Computers being a bitch]
Brief Bio >> Lived the average life of an outsider most of her life, intelligent and head over heels for her English teacher. Killed by her classmates, now set on revenge.

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Re: When Beauty Strikes [Horror/Paranormal. Open]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby knock on Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:22 pm

I want to reserve Friend of Tamara 2
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