When We Were Men

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When We Were Men

Postby Gluttony on Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:12 pm

... and Man and his companion, Woman, were born of white and yellow corn. Then, Father Sky and Mother Earth gave to Man and Woman, Wolf. Wolf would protect them from trickster and all his friends.

The Story

Back in the 14th century A.D. Native American tribes and culture were firmly established all across the Americas. The American continents were free from European influence and were almost like a totally different world. And the people of this world told tales of amazing adventures with lively characters and incredible creatures. Now imagine if all these stories were true, or at least the creatures from these stories existed in 14th century America. This is the setting for When We Were Men.

Players will play as a member of a recently devastated tribe from the North American east coast. It is a mystery as to how their tribe was "devastated" and became scattered. The goal in this RP is to survive. Players will travel across the American continents encountering creatures of myth and other Native American tribes and peoples. Each player is accompanied by their spirit guide, either in physical(usually a companion animal) or spiritual form(such as a conscience or ghost type entity). And to round it all off, whatever destroyed your village is threatening to destroy you as well.


There are many mythical creatures on the American continents, this is just a brief list.
Once they were humans, but their bond with their wolf companions has prompted them to wish for a closer relationship with them. Therefore, Wolf has granted them their wish. They can change whenever they wish, retaining their sanity. However, when a full moon is in the night sky, they are forcibly changed and lose their identity and all control.

Vampires are damned souls predestined to go to hell. They drink the blood of humans and devour their souls. Under the light of the moon, their head simply becomes a bare skull. Another indication someone is a vampire is a chalk-like substance on their hands.

Standing between two and three feet tall, the Pukwudgie looks much like our modern idea of a troll. His features mirror those of the Native American in the area, but the nose, fingers and ears are enlarged and the skin is described as being grey and or washed-out, smooth and at times has been known to glow. Pukwudgies can appear and disappear at will and are said to be able to transform into other animals. They have possession of magical, poison arrows that can kill and can create fire at will. In the folklore of the Wampanoag, the Pukwudgies were known to lure people to cliffs and push them off to their death. They use ball of lights to entice new victims in the woods so they may kidnap or kill them.

Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca
Twin gods in Aztec tradition. In other parts of America they are feathered dragons, rare and deadly.

Here is your character sheet/skeleton/template. All fields are required. Add one or two if you feel a need to.

Age:(no limits on how young, but below 50 please)
Race:(you may choose one of the races with human form/human is default)
Gender:(male or female/no "unknown")
Equipment:(includes weapons)
Magick: (must be only one of four elemental magicks:fire, earth, water, wind)
Appearance:(includes clothing description if a picture is not provided)
Spirit Guide:(briefly explain your spirit guide/ appearance description is optional)
Bio: (one paragraph minimum. please)

Chicóme-Xochitl Tliléctic Mixtli(Seven Flower Dark Cloud)

The Rules
1.No God-mods.(this includes auto hits, power playing, and using player knowledge as character knowledge)
2.A minimum of one post a week is expected
3.Ask a person permission to use/kill/harm their character before doing so.
4.Two characters is the limit.
5.What I say goes. No matter what I say. Unless its something totally preposterous, in which case its still recommended.
6.Follow these rules.
If you fail to abide by these guidelines you will be given a warning. Three warnings and you are kicked from the RP.

Sign Up Thread Posted 12/4/09
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Re: When We Were Men

Postby Aika on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:03 pm

Can we play as a human? And if so, can you reserve me a spot?
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Re: When We Were Men

Postby Gluttony on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:07 pm

Yes, you may play as a human. It is in fact encouraged that you do. Your spot has been reserved.
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Re: When We Were Men

Postby Aika on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:59 pm

Name: Aika Ray Mikito
Age: Twenty-Three
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Equipment: She ususally carries a dagger around with her, hidden well inside her shoe.
Magick: N/A
Appearance: [[Should I use a Anime or Realistic picture? And do I need one of her spirit guide?]]
Spirit Guide: Aika's spirit guide is that of a sphinix. They're agiled, strong, and fierce, which is similar to how Aika is.
Bio: Aika was born on October 5 to Yukio and Susci Mikito. Yukio and Susci were madly in loved, and shortly after meeting each other, they concevied Aika. But Susci couldn't handle taking care of Aika, so she took off, leaving Aika with Yukio. Yukio took care of Aika her whole life, until she was seventeen, and he was fourty-nine and he died. Aika was old enough to live on her own, she she bought her own apartment and started living there. This was around the time she began seeing her spirit guide-a sphnix. At first, Aika didn't believe any of it, but later on, she realized it was all real.
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Re: When We Were Men

Postby Xersist on Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:12 pm

Name:Enole -means solitude
Race: ki-kaw ya-wi (Blood suckers)
Equipment: Twin Dark Green Jade Daggers.
Magick: Wind
Appearance: Wears black paint upon his lower eyes and face. He wears a simple cloth skirt and pants. The etching upon the pelt over his grown is a raven spreeding its winds.
Spirit Guide:A Raven, with red eyes. As a sign of greaving his keeps his hair cut short always.
Bio: ENOLA is an outcast of the Allquopie village of the west. After falling vitcim to an old dark witch doctor's trick after Enole was wounded in a hunt, Enole now can only suck the blood of others. He has tired to stick to only animals but the curse that has set upon him wants his thirst to be quinched only by the blood of his brothers. So Enole has gone far to the East in hidding, hoping that no one will ever hope to find him.
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Re: When We Were Men

Postby Gluttony on Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:14 am

A quick Q&A for you guys. Also, Aika, I am going to ask you to please change your spirit guide to a regular animal. I would prefer none of the mythical creatures as spirit guides. And I'm also going to have to ask you to edit your bio. This RP takes place in 14th century America. I'm also going to ask all applicants to please PM me an RP sample. Thank you all.

Q:Are the guides with the characters at all times, or do they come and go? Do they only appear in times of need, or whenever they feel like it?
A: It is up to you. In fact, your guide may have a personality(almost like a second character) that dictates these things.
Q: Are the guides intelligent, offering advice and counsel, or just the personification of what they represent?
A: The guides are intelligent beings who do offer advice and counsel.
Q: Are the guides ethereal, or do they have a physical body that can be touched and affect the world around it? If they are physical, can they be killed?
A: I explained that they can either be physical or spiritual. If they are a physical entity, they can be "killed" at which point they will become spiritual.
Q: Do the guides embody the characters characteristics, or do they serve another purpose?
A: The guides have personalities of their own, but may resemble those who they are guiding.
Q: Are they spirits as in from dead ancestors in the form of animals, or something else?
A: There is a slight possibility your guide might be a dead ancestor, but they usually take an animal form whether they are a physical being or not. Wolves are popular and common spirit guides, other popular guides include bears, hawks, and believe it or not humans.
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Re: When We Were Men

Postby silverclawedmouse on Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:49 pm

I have a character made up, I would just like to hear more about the magic before I apply, so I can write in what she can and cannot do.
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