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Wing City Election News

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Patcharoo on Mon May 15, 2017 9:00 pm

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All Candidates
Mr. E. Mayor (DemiKara) (Current Mayor)
Ciaphas Cain (specmarine)
Bristol Stacks (lil_kreen)
Snowbund (Princess Awinita)
Cole Arkenach (ColeMaibara)
Albert C Breach (Cypher7850)
General 13-7 (Iced Fire)
Nadya Alexeev (DemiKara) and running mate Bo Jangles (Patcharoo).
Talim (Rulke)
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Re: Wing City Election News

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Patcharoo on Mon May 15, 2017 9:30 pm

Wing City Election Begins by Alrion Flavaar
The electoral race for the highly-coveted role of Wing City mayor is under way, administrated by a mysterious angelic being who arrived in the gardens, going only by the title of Adjudicator. It is their powers that found all those willing, capable and deserving of leading Wing City, and gave them a fair representation. Nine candidates have emerged, each with their own hopes and dreams for our great city, and you can be assured that the most truthful and accurate coverage will be available only through this service. I had the personal pleasure of interviewing each candidate, made available to anyone who wishes to view them.

“Magic Users Need Guidance, Not Lynching”
Over the years, Wing City has seen many acts of magical terrorism, most notably the Elysium incident. Magically gifted candidate and Wing City local Cole Arkenach took a stance of understanding. "Magic could certainly benefit Wing City greatly," he stated. His approach is to deal with the source of the sickness, not the symptoms. "They can be dangerous if they're not helped." Magical colleges were one policy he put forth, a safe environment for people to study and learn alongside regular people, a treatment they have currently been forced to out-of-town schools to receive. "Some people opt for lynching," Mr. Arkenach explained.
He also spoke of the defense of Wing City, with an intention to communicate with higher levels of government to get the best deal for the city. "Negotiating with the TNG (Terran National Government) would be of the utmost priority." He also spoke on ensuring the people are free and have a voice in the government. "I want the people's opinion as much as possible, and I want my actions to reflect them."

Infrastructure, Defenses and Drinking
Among the candidates, it is rare to find someone with as infallible a claim to goodness as that of a Jedi. “… [I have] experienced first-hand in the joint project of defeating an evil stain on the galaxy,” claimed mayoral candidate Snowbund. Despite the strong backing of a Jedi’s reputation, she had some potentially controversial things to say for her policies. “Three things. Infrastructure, defences, drinking,” she said before ordering her third bottle.
A promise of jobs came with the intention to restructure infrastructure. “How do you get around? Taxi, walk, briber, steal a speeder?” This was tied to a promise of housing and training, including self defense for children. “Most people are too frail or too old or untrained or just simply in the wrong place and the wrong time,” she explained her feelings on the state of crime and attacks that occur within Wing City.
Additionally, she likened her governing style to that of her ship. “I have a crew member for each task cross trained in each other’s tasks as well. If one falls, another can take their place until they are back on their feet.”

One Hundred Years’ Experience
It is rare to see a military leader step up to the role of political leader, but in times of turmoil it is no surprise that someone such as Ciaphas Cain, who has tackled recent attacks on Wing City head first, wishes to rein in the troubles the city faces. He boasted a hundred years of experience with energy for another hundred years still in him. “I have experience on both the front and behind a desk,” he claimed, stating other achievements such as turning the tides of losing military campaigns into victories.
He had much to say on the topic of policies. He explained an intention to militarize anyone willing to defend the city. “We will give them arms and training,” he claimed, with the intention of establishing the Wing City Patriots, “We will upgrade and create more civilian shelters.” This promise of protection came with intentions to also extend trade routes within the City and beyond.
However, some questionable statements arose. “I guess my ideas are based off the Emperor,” Commissar Cain claimed, along with mentioning his intention to station ‘a contingent of Space Marines’ within the city. His tough stance on magic also was a talking point. “We need to aintain a safe watch on all witches.”

The Natural Approach
A life in Wing City is often too rushed and busy between driving to work and popping pills to keep headaches and heartaches away. In my interview with Talim she talked about helping people get back in touch with spirituality and natural healing. “I could provide knowledge that is so often rare, draw people to listen to the natural forces,” he spoke.
Her history is one wrought with tragedy. She explained, “I am the Last Priestess of the Wind, my home destroyed.” It is this that makes her sympathetic to the plight of orphaned children, as she explained her intent to rehome them. It is her close ties to spirituality that drives her to lead. “The very wind sings and speaks to us, if only we would listen…”
On matters of politics, she talked of peace. “I would provide a fresh understanding,” she said on diplomacy, “Compassion is not a flaw.” However, this did not mean a passive approach to outside threats. “I only fight when necessary and if asked I would gladly lay down my life for this city.”

A Strong Wind Blows
To many, what Terra needs is a strong military approach to leadership, and none believe this more than General 13-7 of the Terran Liberation Army. “The goal of the TLA is to give the rule of Terra back to those native to this great world,” she said, going on to explain her long-term plan, “…by becoming mayor of Wing City we will have the right foundation to rebuild Terra in the image of the Terran.”
Despite these strong words, she had a very level head. “I am not here for personal glory.” The General spoke of being a wind blowing Terrans in the right direction, but not in a commanding way. “I wish for a Terra that stands united on its own.”
During the interview, she expressed that it must be the people’s will that uplifts them, not the backs of their heroes. “You must work and fight for what you want. You must rely on your own strength and not the strength of others.”

Small Voice, Big Plans
It was unusual to see as an adorable pair as fourteen-year-old Nadya and her feline running mate Bo in a mayoral election, and they seemed well aware of it. “I’m 13, and I can’t even drive yet, but I can run for mayor, and that’s a bit silly,” explained Nadya. When questioned what she would do if she wasn’t able to rerun after being too young, she added, “That’s okay. I’d rather have a good policy on who can be mayor.”
As for her policies, she spoke of giving more power to the people. “We need to govern ourselves, or we’re just gonna keep getting jerks down here trying to take over things they don’t understand.” While her experience was questionable she seemed confident. “I just finished a whole year of learning about how the government works.”
As for inspirations, she talked about some high-ranking members of the Invictus, who stood as Terra’s own local military heroes for some years. “Kazen Horne… once beat up the Aschen Emperor and that’s pretty much the coolest thing ever, hands down.”

Business Stacks Up
Perhaps a stand out in this election is seeing so many individuals with a military background or having no experience in careful political dealings. This is where Bristol Stacks comes in. “I was the boss’s son once… that comes with responsibilities,” he spoke of his experience. He went on to say, “I think this city needs to better organize its resources with players involved.” With a past of working in a boardroom and high praise of his predecessor, Bristol maintained a cool head in the interview.
His plans include utilizing services already available to aid in the city management. “I’m aware that there are a few groups that deal with magical enforcement,” he explained, “If any had a path to interact securely with the local government perhaps this last Elysium situation could have been avoided in the first place.”
When asked about his inspirations, Mr. Stacks had this to say, “I suppose I’m inspired more by philosophers.” He went on to explain that he seeks to explore his own flaws to stave off hubris. “Offices of the public need to know how to laugh at themselves I think, or you can lose opportunities drowned out by your shouting.”

“My Door is Always Open” – Mr. Mayor
It was an exciting opportunity to talk with the current mayor, Mr. E. Mayor, rerunning in this election to hopefully secure his position, and many of his policies seemed mirrored by other candidates. “We’re working on new invasion shelters as we speak,” he claimed, “The plan is to keep them stocked well.” He also talked about the magical turmoil in the city. “We’re working with the heads of the two local magical schools to handle rogue magic.”
To his detractors among the competition he had this to say; “Where have you been, that you are only now interested, and what is in it for you?” On the other hand, he was confident that he was an honest candidate. “My door is always open. I have nothing to hide.”
One explanation for his lack of a public appearance could come from his life outside of work. When asked if he would like to be Santa Claus should someone else be elected, he answered, “Ho Ho Ho! How do people know I don't work as him already?”

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