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The Multiverse

Wing City recent history

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Wing City recent history

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 4:57 pm

OOC: This is something that has been going on in the chat. A repost for the crowds.

12[21:45:15] * Alucroas treaded through the path along the vats field that led to the monstrous over-sized metropolis known as wing city in search of the bastards that attacked it a few months back. Not one to investigate, the first sign of aggression it saw would most likely trigger an attack.
2[21:45:50] * Alucroas is now known as Von
12[21:45:50] * Riht seemed not to have been moved by the quick turn, still poking the 9 spherical objects.
[21:45:54] <Von> ((Switching scripts.))
2[21:46:02] * Seil is now known as Alucroas
[21:46:08] <Kamolak> ((Where should i join in at?))
5[21:46:15] <Ryand-Smith> I'm sorry miss, but I had to turn, otherwise its a full mile where we could find this person. I think he is at some place on the East, according to my sources::
[21:46:19] <FireCat> When Ryland stops the car.
[21:46:43] <FireCat> We better get there soon before we're killed.
[21:46:58] <Kamolak> I shall come with you.. i may be of some use..
[21:47:32] <FireCat> Kamolak. Do you know where I can find the Xdu Warriors?
5[21:47:44] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand drove for a few miles, stopping near a small old dojo:: "Is this your guy" ::he said, as he stopped the car::
[21:48:21] <FireCat> Peering through the glass I smile slightly. "Yes. It be him. Thank you so much."
[21:48:22] <Kamolak> I am sorry but have not heard of them for I am new to this land.
12[21:48:41] * Riht falls asleep with the 9 spherical objects vanishing into nothing and they absorbed into his mind.
[21:49:00] <FireCat> But you are suppose to know of everyone's location. That is what I have heard. I need to find them! It is urgent.
5[21:49:32] <Ryand-Smith> Ryand sighed, as he looked around:: "I think I could find them, bud do these warriors tend to leave graffiti?"
12[21:49:36] * Alucroas continued it's path through the field until finally the terra became hard street pavement, dark and obsidian, dragging it's tail along the ground, producing a clearly audible screeching sound against the ground from the dagger shaped bone at the end of it's appendage.
[21:50:17] <FireCat> They have a particular mark. A many pointed tree surrounding a star. Have you seen it?
[21:50:46] <Kamolak> Hmm... I think I have seen it.. yes! it is west of here."
[21:51:15] <Kamolak> "about 100 miles I think."
[21:52:02] <FireCat> 100 miles? That can't be... I mumble. ' No...I am too late.' I cry.
[21:52:31] <Kamolak> "Hmm.. I have the power to teleport but I might be a little off on the location."
12[21:53:15] * Alucroas Eventually it's slow treading through the streets began to increase in the pace, the clicks of it's claws against the ground began to take much shorter intervals as it took off in a crazed dash along the ground, catching a small flash of electrical energy rocketing through the body of an object. The intervals between impulses in the vocal chords were similar to that of the soldiers it had attacked, which led ...
[21:53:16] <Alucroas> -- the monstrous abomination to head straight in that direction.
[21:53:36] <FireCat> No...All is lost. They were suppose to be in this general area. If there mark is not closer than 100 miles than I have failed in my quest.
[21:53:52] <FireCat> I sulk.
[21:54:17] <Kamolak> I could be a bit off...
[21:54:26] <Kamolak> it might be closer
[21:54:30] <Kamolak> closer*
[21:54:54] <FireCat> Are you sure?" I brighten at the prospect.
[21:55:30] <Kamolak> well yes. i just took a poke at how far it was
[21:56:03] <Kamolak> we better hurry though (smile) don’t want to be late
[21:56:07] <Riht> I still sleep
[21:56:11] <FireCat> Oh...okay. Before we teleport there let me ask the half-de thing if it has seen a sign.
[21:56:25] <Kamolak> alright.
[21:56:40] <FireCat> Waking the Riht I step back and wait to speak.
[21:56:55] <Kamolak> ((my char page is the 1st one on there))
12[21:57:03] * Riht twitches a bit
[21:57:26] <Riht> He was still laying there, trying to sleep.
[21:57:29] <FireCat> Disgruntled at Riht's laziness I poke it hard and step back again.
[21:57:52] <Kamolak> "We dont have time for this kicks softly "TELL US".
[21:59:03] <Riht> He groans, beginning to sit up, yawning, he looks over to FireCat, asking, "Why did you awaken me?"
[22:00:06] <FireCat> Smiling gently, trying not to upset Riht I ask as politely as I can. "Have you seen the sign of the Xdu Warriors anywhere near here? It is a many pointed tree surrounding a star."
[22:00:35] <Riht> Who?
[22:01:02] <FireCat> The Xdu Warriors. They are a secret clan. Never mind them though. Have you seen a sign like that?
[22:01:11] <FireCat> It is very important.
[22:02:11] <FireCat> Turning to Ryand I ask him. " You are too quiet. Have you seen one?"
[22:02:15] <Riht> No, I'm not here too often. Mostly I just wander about, guarding the nine elemental orbs.
[22:02:54] <GWingUser6722> dammit eric!
[22:02:56] <FireCat> Well, okay." I am losing hope again.
5[22:03:41] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand sighed:: "well, I have been seeing them upon my drives, and now I thin they are here::
5[22:04:00] <Ryand-Smith> Hmm..
[22:04:02] <Riht> I'm going to go back to sleeping.
[22:04:13] <FireCat> who are here Ryand?
5[22:04:23] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand felt the present of the one that he was concerned about:: "He's back, I can tell.."
12[22:04:32] * Riht gets out from where he was and begins to look around for a tree to sleep in.
[22:04:56] <Kamolak> "Do you want me to teleport and look for it?
[22:05:14] <Riht> Look for what?
[22:05:29] <Kamolak> The "sign"
[22:05:39] <FireCat> Yes Kamolak. The tree sign must be found
[22:05:44] <FireCat> found*
[22:05:55] <Kamolak> Alright be back soon *teleports*
[22:06:17] <FireCat> Leaning back against the nearest wall, she waits
12[22:06:21] * Alucroas Eventually it's steps began to increase in the intervals that it took when it's feet hit the ground, initiating a rather large leap, landing directly on top of the roof tops where it would continue it's spring, jumping from roof to roof in search of that man.
5[22:07:54] <Ryand-Smith> Ryand looked around, as he suddenly called his ship via his watch
12[22:08:03] * Riht continues to look around for somewhere to sleep, jumping out of the way of traffic, seeming not to care if they were to hit them, but instead as if it were just a game.
5[22:08:10] <Ryand-Smith> Ryand looked around, as he suddenly called his ship via his watch:: "Sarah, come here, I may need backup, defensive mode ONLY!"
[22:08:40] <FireCat> Who is Sarah?" She wonders under her breath.
2[22:10:25] * Alucroas Alas it had ventured within a distance that was a mere few miles away from Ryand, closing the gap between the two within seconds before it was a mere few blocks away.
2[22:10:25] <FireCat> Feeling a sudden strong sensation of danger, she turns to Ryand and opens her mouth to shout a warning but freezes instead.
[22:10:36] <Kamolak> *Teleports back* "Im sorry... I cant find it.. I will keep trying though." teleports away*
12[22:11:02] * Alucroas Coming to a complete halt, it began stealthily zig zaging across the street, keeping hidden within the shadows, using it's own obsidian skin color as a means of blending in with the darkness.
2[22:11:34] <FireCat> Ryand!" She yells. "Danger is near!"
12[22:11:34] * Riht still is dodging the traffic, just for the hell of it.
5[22:11:42] <Ryand-Smith> ::the Ascending Fractal Flew down, the ship' hovering near Ryand, as he sighted the powerful creature known as Alucroas:: "well, hello, do you want to fight me again.."
2[22:12:20] * Alucroas Immediately it began scanning it's surroundings, spotting a preferable spot to prepare it's attack, it pressed down against the ground and leaped up onto a building and began dashing off in circular path aiming to catch Ryand by surprise.
[22:12:27] <Kamolak> *Teleports back* I sensed….. a strange power...
[22:12:29] <FireCat> I could not help but back away and watch.
2[22:12:54] * Marten ( Quit (Quit: Marten)
[22:12:55] <FireCat> "Danger." She mumbles again.
[22:13:40] <FireCat> "It might be in league with the Warriors or something even more dangerous."
[22:14:19] <FireCat> Kamolak" I turn. "Can't you do something?"
5[22:14:32] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand looked up, as the Ascending Fractal flew near the sky, which had a sunset in the background of the western side. The ship's superior sensors had locked onto the thermally heavy daemon, but it uploaded the information into Ryand::
[22:14:36] <Kamolak> Well.. yes.. what do you need me to do?
2[22:14:55] <FireCat> Help Ryand?
12[22:14:56] * Alucroas continuing it's circular coordination across the buildings, an electrical energy began building up inside it's body, causing emerald seerings along it's flesh to pulsate rather spontaneously, emitting a rather low pitched sound of voltage building up inside it's body.
5[22:15:30] <Ryand-Smith> You could help by running!
3[22:15:32] * RPBot sets mode: +a Zhelir
[22:15:46] <Kamolak> I will... *Kam's eyes turn completely black as he floats into the air*
[22:15:48] <FireCat> I must hide. I am not powerful enough to withstand a fight with it.
12[22:15:52] * Riht had sit down on some railing of a tall bride, the salty air blowing into his face, he yawns, seeming to enjoy the weather.
[22:16:24] <FireCat> Racing off to a safe distance she hid.
2[22:16:24] * Guest45156 is now known as xenSity
[22:16:43] <FireCat> ...and watched.
2[22:17:08] * Zhelir is now known as Zhelir[GoWings]
[22:17:26] <Kamolak> *Kamolak goes closer to the fight and then creates something so horrible... it will eat you from the inside out if you aren’t careful... and throws it about 200mph towards Alucroas*
5[22:17:34] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand smiled, as the Ascending Fractal started to charge its own light weapons, the forward laser cannons pointing at the creature:: "Alucroas, If you want to fight, I will win. I have the power of The HAB, and I wil not fight you first. I will only fight if fired upon.."
[22:18:26] <Kamolak> I WILL FIGHT!!!!!!!! *in a blood thirsty rage Kam takes out a knife and chucks it at Alucroas*
[22:18:41] <FireCat> She cringes.
[22:19:08] <FireCat> ...still watching from hiding place.
12[22:19:21] * Alucroas the words the man spoke to him didn't register a single thing in the mind of the monster, the electrical impulses coursing throughout his body were similar to the ones that had moved through the soldiers that Treize commanded. It's tail rose up and gave a brief whiplash, smacking the knife away with the dagger shaped bone at the end of it's tail, in the mean time the energy within it's body had still been ...
[22:19:22] <Alucroas> -- charging up.
12[22:19:30] * Riht just watches, not even caring about what happens.
[22:20:44] <Kamolak> *Looks in disbelief and dashes back where fire is hiding.*
[22:20:58] <FireCat> ((FireCat))
5[22:21:21] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand sighed, as he jumped up, the Ascending Fractal diving down, and opening up its upper cockpit for Ryand to attempt to jump in. Landing on the ship, he shook as the air from the speed of the ship whipped him. Crawling towards the entry space, he barley made it inside. Finally inside, he pulled up the Red Alert mode.:: "Sarah, sensor Lock on Alucroas, and shields to full, call HAB and tell Sea ->
5[22:21:21] <Ryand-Smith> <- Skimmer that I need Backup..." <>
[22:21:37] <Kamolak> *I am not ready to fight... The only people i have killed were just humans.. i need more time and training.
[22:22:32] <Riht> ((Ok, I'm getting bored.))
[22:23:41] <FireCat> That crazy demon cat is sitting there in the middle of the fight. It is going to get itself killed.' She thought to herself. She needed to do something and quick...
2[22:24:02] * Alucroas It's back began undulating rather oddly, the skin moved upwards along it's backside, causing what seemed to be a rather gruesome display to take place. Large eight foot draconic wings tore through the flesh spreading out and flapping against the ground, allowing it to ascend into the air after the fleeting Ryand.
[22:24:32] <Kamolak> (Kams thoughts) The rage building inside of me.. it was nothing.. I have seen true power now.. I know I can be stronger.. I just was to cocky because all my fights before were nothing... Maybe I don’t know what murder is yet... But I watched my Mother and father get killed when i was just a kid.. I digress.. *Rage builds up*
[22:25:01] <FireCat> Riht!" She yelled with sudden courage while dashing out of hiding. "Riht! Move it before you're toast!" The visualization of charred Riht was not pleasant.
[22:26:06] <FireCat> Ryand could take care of himself.
[22:26:15] <Kamolak> *need revenge not "digress"
12[22:26:25] * Riht looks over at FireCat, a visualization of fried bread with butter on it was in his own head.
[22:26:43] <Riht> Toast eh? I've tried that before.
5[22:27:45] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand scanned Alucroas, as he started to shield the star Transport:: "Well Alucroas, Treize is dead, you have no master!" he shouted over the con, as he looked at its wings over the scanner. He still waited for it to impact the shields in a futile attempt to atempt a peace::
[22:27:57] <FireCat> Sucking in a slip of air into her third lung she ran straight for Riht and coughed a stream of fine ice in front of its feet. 'Move it!"
12[22:28:46] * Riht yawns, vanishing into a burst of 9 different colored lines of light.
[22:29:03] <Kamolak> Kam stands up... I am not ready Firecat... *Fire cat stands up and holds my shoulder back* "(firecat) Yes you are!" He pauses then shoves firecat to the ground... Dont get between me and what i need to do. *teleports away in the darkness and silence
12[22:30:56] * Alucroas Opened it's mouth and unleashed the massive burst of electrical energy straight at the shells, narrowing out it's body in order to zip straight up through the air, utilizing the secreting fluids along it's body as a means of getting through the heat wave without suffering much damage, the heat surrounding it's body acted as a means of counter-acting the heat that was brought about by the explosion reducing ...
[22:30:57] <Alucroas> -- damage to a mere minimum.
5[22:34:00] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand saw Alucroas on his sensors, and waited, the laser turrets approaching 100% power. As he saw the power rise, he focused the aim on Alucroas, and waited::
[22:34:27] <Kamolak> * Kam comes back with new found strength and waits for the right moment to attack and walks away trying to find a place to rest for the night in relative safety.
12[22:35:38] * Alucroas it's crimson orb began flashing brightly, illuminating itself within the darkness, locating a concentration of heat within the air, not knowing what it was, however the only thing it registered as was danger. Thus it gave a heavy shift to it's body and turned off to the left, attempting to use it's own speed against the slow moving ship.
[22:36:45] <Kamolak> *Dashes silently across the ground now very close to the battle*
5[22:37:56] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand was waiting, and as he pulled the full stop function, the twin laser turrets fired, and several smoke missiles fired, the lasers blasting at Alucroas, as the Smoke Missiles provided cover for Ryand's cruiser. Running to the command console, he then took off, and focused his sensors n getting a firing solution on Alucroas::
[22:39:26] <Kamolak> Now! *Kam teleports 10 feet behind Alucroas and builds up power quickly* (but is it quick enough?)
[22:40:05] <Kamolak> Kam builds a half way large ball of darkness with a red center almost finished ready to through*
[22:40:15] <Kamolak> throw*
[22:40:54] <Kamolak> Kam gets it to 100% power and throws it
[22:43:43] <Riht> He appears in a vast grasslands area, he looks around, a soft breeze blew, the sun shined down on him, he is then shot by an arrow, falling dead.
[22:44:02] <Riht> I'm out of the roleplay, too bored to continue
12[22:45:39] * Alucroas An eruption of energy that had been coursing throughout it's body began to externalize itself around the beast, becoming enveloped in a sort of electrical shield that it could use to defend itself from the oncoming beams of energy. Using it's own electrical strings to rip through the laser beams and wrap them around it's body, using the secreting fluids as a means of taking the light, ...
12[22:45:39] * Alucroas -- trapping it within the various molecules that made up the fluids that had surrounded it's body, allowing it to keep the light energy trapped within. This continued to occur as the monster redirected it's course once more and hurled it's body straight upwards, aiming to throw it's body straight into the turrets that were launching the massive energy waves, using a the light that had been ...
12[22:45:40] * Alucroas -- trapped around it's body as a means of counter-acting it's own source of power and causing an overall short-circuit, using the liquid fluids that had surrounding it's body as a means of entering the turret engines. ...
12[22:45:42] * Alucroas -- <end>
5[22:52:30] <Ryand-Smith> ::The Shields took the hit, as the ship rocked:: "Ryand we took damage to shields in sector G-7, and we may have to recharge them from the secondary core. I advise you use railguns to fire., and be careful, this one means serious business!" ::Ryand nodded, as he switched the ships layout to Railguns and Missiles.:: "Eat this!" ::he said to himself, as the forward railguns burst from the ship's ->
5[22:52:30] <Ryand-Smith> <- main array, and headed towards Alucroas, as the tiny missiles from the missile launcher nacelles fired at Alucroas, in an attempt to spam the being::
12[22:55:00] * Alucroas the energy that had been previously wrapped around it's body would then rock outwards, using the electrical strings that had been wrapped about it's body as a means of cutting straight through the missiles, causing them to ignite and explode upon contact. The explosive shockwave that resulted at such close range, would however force Alucroas off it's original course and towards the back of the ship.

5[23:01:37] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand flipped the shi over on its Y Axis, and did a roll on its X axis to head towards Alucroas with one thin on his mind. He wanted him DEAD. Switching the detonator switch to active, he fired a missile from one of the ship’s nacelles. The missile flew near Alucroas and exploded with an smaller tactical nuclear flame::
* Alucroas Immediately the radiation had began to seep into the body of the monster, stimulating a growth of cancer cells to develop within the blood stream and attempt to rip apart the beast's flesh at rapid speeds due to the sheer direct exposure of nuclear radiation. The acidic enzymes in it's blood immediately began to go to work, taking out the molecular structure before bonds could be ...
12[23:17:17] * Alucroas -- produced and stop the cancer cells right in their path, destroying them in an almost instantaneous effort. As for the explosive force, the monster was sent hurling downwards at near rapid speeds; As if out of nowhere the emerald sheerings along it's flesh that had been pulsating the entire time spontaneously began to rupture open, unleashing two massive serpentine draconic heads ...
12[23:17:17] * Alucroas -- known as Argoas and Renoas, the two guardian parents that had been sealed up inside those markings for so long, having never made their appearance in Wing City until tonight. Reacting upon sheer instinct alone, right beast shoved it's horns directly into the ground, absorbing the impact with sheer mass alone, curling up to help recoil against the pressure that it's bones may have received ...
12[23:17:18] * Alucroas -- from the compression that underwent within it's body. Argoas had indeed taken a rough hit indeed, however if he wanted his only son to live he'd have to do whatever it took. Meanwhile in a simultaneous fashion, Renoas the female of the duo, was spiraling around as Alucroas went hurling towards the ground, allowing her to shoot a rather large beam of electrical energy in the form of a spiraling ...
12[23:17:23] * Alucroas -- torrent straight back at the ship, picking up large hunks of metal from the shards of metal that had fallen earlier, aiming to use the heat that had been endowed within them from the electrical energy as a means of puncturing the ships interior, hoping to tear through wires, cause short circuiting, possibly take out the engines of the ship and overall cause a cataclysms of destruction. ...
12[23:17:27] * Alucroas -- <end>

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 5:00 pm

OOC: But wait, there is more

12[23:26:35] * Xenositsu-Hyuohmaru stands on the top of a far distance mountain away from the City. His arms place behind his head, he activates his *Direct Eyes* transforming into a dark blue color with aiming signs as his pupil. The eyes assists Hyuohmaru, giving him perfect vision on what’s going on in the city. Sweat coming down his cheek noticing the intense fight going on there.
5[23:30:31] <Ryand-Smith> Ryand felt the ship take the damage, but he simply dropped the engines, the ship still propelled by a smaller third engine, but instead of surrendering, he laughed loudly instead he laughed “well Man, you want to go? I’ll have to use the Dr.. He laughed almost manically, as he looked at the AI “Sarahâ€

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 5:06 pm

OOC: There is more...

[23:07:41] <Donny> -Begins to float in the air, searching for something--anything. Drastically Donny spins around, seemingly unable to find where the change is occurring. It's almost maddening, even, being unable to see something he desired so much.-
[23:09:28] <Serini_Chrono> *As he stepped off the front of the ship, he did not plummet to the ground as one might expect, but continued on his path. In this state, the existence itself was up for manipulation. Had he had more time, he would have liked to harness this feeling of peaceful control, but such was not the case. His foot stepped down, touching atop the warhead. He gazed down at it, amused by its sluggish progress.*
[ [23:10:56] <Serini_Chrono> *He knelt, his hand latching onto the surface of the warhead. He spoke, his words quiet, melodic.* Time to go, friend. I think you may be more useful where I am heading.
[23:11:14] <Donny> ... I can feel him. -His head jerks towards the part of the city that was blown away, able to feel Alucroas, almost as if they were both pulling from the same life stream, as if he was connected. Donny's senses were heightened, his Saiyan attributes having boosted his power greatly after his last near-fatal battle.-
[23:12:36] <Serini_Chrono> *With an almighty wrench, he simply vanished, the nuke along with him. The air around the two of them gave an minute pop as it was refilled instantly. At the same time, a similar pop could be heard echoing through the streets of Metro as the air was displaced in the same proportion, but only for a second.*
[23:14:33] <Serini_Chrono> *The aura now gone, expended on the Endeavour of saving the people within the city, nothing shielded him from the strength of the gate. It took only a heartbeat for it to drag him and his newly claimed warhead into a separate dimension. As well, the gate itself seemed to suck itself in, following the path of its maker. The pool of souls tore free from the ground, collapsing upon itself. In a few brief moments, it consumed itself entire
[23:17:09] <Donny> -The signal fading away, Donny then turns towards the North. He felt it was time, though he wants to wait for Zhelir's okay to approach for his domination of the land. Donny falls down towards the ground, fading away towards the ground, then appearing in the bar fading as he falls towards the sky.-
5[23:17:42] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand landed at the outer base, looking as several techs rand up to the damaged cruiser, parts prepared to repair the fractal. When his ship did a scan however, the nuclear weapon was not noticed, and in fact, radiation levels were almost nil. So was any sign of Alucroas. It was like the battle had not even happened::
[23:18:39] <Donny> ZHELIR! -His voice booms throughout the club, his howl piercing through the loud music and nearly shaking the club, expecting Zhelir’s to show up to join Donny.-
12[23:21:34] * Alucroas it had awakened within the pitch black realm known as the dark realm, surrounded in a black viscous liquid substance that had encompassed it's body for the time being. counter-colored crimson and aspheric orbs flashed only briefly, scanning the area for the correct charges that held the gateway to wing city.
5[23:22:49] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand had gotten out of his ship, as the repairs started, to watch over the area:: "Well someone wants Wing Saved from nukes,, since the city has no radiation charges.."
[23:23:59] <Zhelir> *Zhelir emerged finally from the basement, a massive weapon in his left hand, his right massaging one of his ears.* Good shit, boy! What th'fuck d'ya want?
[23:24:15] <Donny> Who attempted to nuke Metro?
[23:24:26] <Donny> Chrono's signal has disappeared, I cannot feel him anymore.
[23:24:41] <Donny> I don't know what he did, but..
[23:24:43] <Donny> Just, who did it?
[23:24:46] <Zhelir> Yeah, I'm 'ware. We discussed this before he left. Y'remember that gate in Metro?
[23:24:53] <Donny> Mhm?
[23:25:00] <Zhelir> He just shut th'door behind 'im.
[23:25:32] <Donny> I can't let that happen.
[23:25:37] <Donny> What can we do to help him?
[23:25:41] <Zhelir> And I ain't sure who tried t'nuke th'city, but I assume it was someone with Trantor. Une wouldn't nuke 'er own city, and Trantor's th'only other ones around with nukes.
2[23:25:52] <Donny> Trantor...Ryand?
[23:25:54] <Zhelir> Nadda. The only way for 'im to close that thing was to step through it, 'ccording to him.
2[23:26:05] <Zhelir> Could be. I don't think Ryand's 'at dumb, but I won't discount th'possibility.
2[23:26:15] <Donny> Ryand is dead.
12[23:26:21] * Alucroas almost immediately the said charges had been located and locked onto, swishing it's tail back and forth through the thick substance that contained all realms. Locking onto the charges surrounding, it. Meanwhile within wing city, a burst of electro-magnetic energy would hurl outwards like a shockwave in all directions, possibly distorting or completely knocking out any electrical object ...
12[23:26:21] * Alucroas -- within the radius. The only clue that Alucroas had entered the fray, was by a rather large black portal in the sky, pouring out a massive wave of thick black substance, akin to swimming in a pool of gelatinous ink. It wasn't intentional, however whenever Alucroas opened up the realm in order to enter another realm, a large portion of the substance that was contained followed along. ...
12[23:26:21] * Alucroas -- Massive amounts of various images could be seen flashing inside the pool, if one were to come into immediate contact or get swept up in the wave, one would be greeted by the terrible sight of a massive amount of dead bodies, from gargantuan beasts, to dead human carcasses that Alucroas had brought into it's realm and ruthlessly slaughtered. ...
[23:26:23] <Donny> He better be a good fuckin' liar.
[23:27:17] <Donny> Alucroas, the bastard that took my hand.
[23:27:29] <Zhelir> *He shook the weapon in his arm gently at first, then more severely.* 'E's capable of shuttin' m'gun down?
[23:27:54] <Donny> -Looks to his left, over his shoulder.- He's capable of a lot of things, like fighting me and winning.
[23:28:08] <Zhelir> Fuck me.
[23:28:09] <Donny> Then again, back then I was careless--I don't know now. He's powerful.
5[23:28:20] <Ryand-Smith> ::Watching the crew finally add the last new engine, he decided to head back in the city, this time with an cloaked ability. Flying, the EMP burst shut down several outpost sensors, as well as the transporter to New Huston. HE flew to the Bar, as the Fractal, a ship hardened with Faraday cages against the EMP effect flew on, heading towards the bar with a speed not normally used in atmosphere::
[23:28:44] <Donny> We better go meet him, end this now.
[23:29:33] <Zhelir> Well, since I'm going to have to explain this anyway, let me get something out of the way.
[23:30:09] <Alucroas> ((And now you have a fast moving substance containing other realms heading towards you right now. If you manage to get inside the pool which is fairly easy by just standing there, you'll be greeted by tons of dead bodies, along with the images of thousands of different landscapes.))
[23:30:11] <Zhelir> *He slammed his empty hand against the bartop, cracking the surface slightly as he did so.* FUCK!
[23:31:35] <Donny> If you want to protect the bar, I will meet him myself. -Turns around fully now, allowing himself to gaze out through the windows into the pitch night.-
[23:31:58] <Zhelir> *He exhaled slowly, looking down.* I can't go with ya, Donny. This gun was hard wired to m'arm, and I can already smell the burning tissue.
[23:32:11] <Alucroas> heavy*))
[23:32:12] <Donny> I understand, I'll try my best.
[23:32:57] <Zhelir> I'll hold off what I can, but I can't guarantee too much with my primary arm down.
2[23:34:20] <Donny> If Ryand comes in, hold him for me. I want him here for me to deal with.
[23:34:48] <Donny> -Begins to step forward, taking calm and well paced steps towards the door. Of course the club patrons are slightly disturbed, but go back to their regular routine dancing.-
5[23:40:50] <Ryand-Smith> ::Sarah alerted Ryand to the field, and as he adjusted the Fractal's corse, he was afraid of the blast wave heading towards him, he scanned the mass:: "Its the Warp, sir, and its spreading at an almost exceptional rate. The Imperium of Mankind could fix it, but they would take months, unless you let me..." ::Ryand looked at the AI:: "What is it Sarah, tell me!" ::Sarah sighed slightly and went on ->
5[23:40:50] <Ryand-Smith> <- with her speech:: "I could use the smaller Ring drive, from the wrecked ship, to suck it back, but it would be risky. You would need your buddy Donny to help you, since according to sensors, his power level is over 9000" ::Ryand seemed shocked:: "Over 9000!" <>
[23:42:01] <Donny> -The moment the door is opened, Donny's face is overcome with horror, able to smell the fowl stench of blood--not just human blood, but demon blood, animal blood. Greeted by a large blob of oncoming goo, Donny's energy skyrockets, sending the goo away from the bar door, just enough for Donny to step outside himself. He quickly steps outside, slamming the door shut, alchemisizing the door shut.-
5[23:42:03] <Ryand-Smith> ::Sara blinked, as she hovered the ship above the Oasis, as she actived the Fractal’s FTL rive..:: "This should buy Wing some time!" ::she said, as the FTL drive appeared to stabilize the mass of Dark Space, for a little while::
[23:42:55] <Donny> -He then throws a ki shield up over himself, turning back to face the goo. It attempts to consume him, giving him harsh and violent images, flashes of other planets and worlds, but Donny manages to make the barrier powerful enough so that he isn't engulfed, pushing it away in a decent fashion.- Hm.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 5:13 pm

OOC: I'm not done yet...

5[23:43:15] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand jumped out of the fractal hovering near the entrance of the bar, and he ran in, shouting:: "Has anyone seen Donny!"
2[23:43:29] <Zhelir> Ryand, sit your ass down.
[23:43:37] <Zhelir> Donny will be back shortly, and 'e wants some words with ya.
5[23:44:24] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand looked at Zhelir with pure fear in his eyes:: "This mass, can be sopped, but Only Donny can do it, I would need his help.. in"
[23:44:51] <Zhelir> *He hefted the cannon on his injured arm.* Ya bring your ass right back 'ere after the show's over, 'en.
[23:45:07] <Donny> -His voice booms outward, only slightly muffled by the goo around. The world was completely different, Donny only slightly recognizing it, as if he had been here before.- ...The..Darkness. ALUCROAS!
5[23:45:20] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand bowed:: "Thank you, which way did he go..."
[23:45:41] <Zhelir> Follow the yelling.
5[23:47:16] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand nodded, as he grabbd a hovering strap from the fractal. He then watched as the ship pulled him up.:: "Sarah, Aural sensors for Donny's voice, post haste!" ::the Cruiser complied, as it flew towards one of the waves of dark energy..
2[23:48:28] * Alucroas was swimming straight through that thick grotesque liquid, sending out rather large bursts of electrical energy through the wave, using it's liquid substance as a means of conducting the energy and sending it rocketing throughout every corner of the fluid, causing random undulating waves of electricity to shoot out, whether it be Ryand’s ship, Donny, or Zhelir. It could hit anything at any time due to its ...
[23:48:29] <Alucroas> -- sheer speed and velocity.
[23:49:29] <Donny> ALUCROAS! -His voice booms throughout the realm once again, calling out for an audience.- I SEEK AN AUDIENCE WITH YOU!
[23:49:35] <Zhelir> *He sat back against the bar counter, wrapping his hands around the shorted out cannon.* This is not going to be fun...
[23:49:59] <Donny> (Imagine the mats I have at my disposal in this place.)
5[23:50:02] <Ryand-Smith> The Ascending Fractal took the hit, as it started to loose altitude, he struggled to keep it up, as he headed towards The last known location of Donny's Voice:: "Head for Donny, Sarah" ::he said, as the ship's various consoles fizzled:: "Lets show him what we think could happen"
5[23:50:12] <Ryand-Smith> ((This RP sounds Epic already))
[23:51:39] <Zhelir> *With an almighty wrench, he tore the weapon from his arm, flesh and blood flying off with it.* MOTHER FUCKER!
[23:52:25] <Zhelir> *He slammed his head back against the counter, wincing at the agony of having just ripped a good portion of skin off with the weapon.*
[23:52:43] <Donny> COME! -He shouts again, his voice sounding proud and strong, fierce!- APPROACH ME, ALUCROAS!
5[23:53:56] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand barley noticed the figure who would be Donny, the Fractal, avoiding another bolt of plasma from the cloud sunk near the man, as its speaker spoke to Donny:: "We have a plan, but we need your help to save Wing City, Donny..."
[23:55:05] <Donny> Leave me, you disgust me. Go wait at the bar.
12[23:55:21] * Alucroas eventually the substance came to a halt, having alas slowed down, still encompassed by the intertwining strings of electrical energy having been wrapped around it. A rather foul transformation was undergoing inside the monster. Muscle mass increased as did bones, taking on a more humanoid shape, forming an anthromorphic, like creature still developing within the thick tarish substance. For a few moments, the ...
[23:55:22] <Alucroas> -- liquid began to rise up in one particular spot, in front of Donny. It was a clear sign that something lurked in the darkness of that pool, and it wasn't anything good.
2[23:55:34] * Alucroas is now known as Alutrosity
[23:55:49] <Donny> Alucroas, why do you bring this plague to the city? It does not belong here.
5[23:58:41] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand returned back away from the area, the ship traveling through the much of distorted time and space::
12[23:58:45] * Alutrosity the forty foot tall monstrosity immediately rose up from the liquid, at first concealed underneath a massive pole of mutilated creatures, things such as animals, humans, bodily organs stuck, impaled on it's horns, not to mention the sixty plus tendrils that were whipping around, attached to the upper-portions of it's arms. Through the bodies, the counter-colored crimson and sapphirc orbs of the ...
[23:58:46] <Alutrosity> -- monstrosity known as Alutrosity were staring directly at Donny. A low pitched growl emanated from the mouth, indicating to Donny that it was indeed aware of his presence in front of him.
[23:59:35] <Donny> Speak, we've meet before. Spare me the scare. Why do you bring this to this unsuspecting realm?
2[00:01:41] * Alutrosity gave a brief grunt, before the tendrils each concentrated on a different target, preferably the massive ship over head, no longer paying attention to Donny, the creature turned around focused on it's main objective, which was getting inside and relentlessly slaughtering Ryand Smith.
[00:04:26] <Zhelir> *He slowly wrapped the wounded arm in gauze, followed by a healthy portion of medical tape. That was going to hurt like a bitch for a long time, so it might as well be comfortable.*
5[00:04:28] <Ryand-Smith> ::The rear sensors were online, while Sarah was dialing up an highly advanced equation:: "I got it, now If Alu can chase us, we can get him away. I don't know why he failed to Die Sir" ::she turned to Ryand, as the ship's FTL: drive spooled up, "but we will warp his space to the one place where it can't hurt anyone, ::Rand looked solemnly at the equation on the console:: "Wayland?" ::The AI ->
5[00:04:28] <Ryand-Smith> <- nodded gravely:: "Wayland..." <>
[00:04:32] <Donny> It isn't that simple, you've taken my hand once, you've won once--never again. TONIGHT, WE BATTLE! -His right arm falls down and curls a bit, his fists both clenching tightly. His right leg slides to the side, standing slightly crouched with his left side primarily facing Alucroas.-
[00:04:49] <Donny> If you are so compelled, come. Come at me.
5[00:07:05] <Ryand-Smith> ::The wrecked drive of several battleships started to glow slightly::
12[00:07:54] * Alutrosity immediately the tendrils turned towards Donny, expanding outwards in an almost 360 radius around Donny, each and every single tendril expanding in width, as the acidic fluids began pumping through the tendrils. A warning if Donny didn't back off.
[00:08:39] <Donny> I'm afraid I can't allow you to advance--I lost Metro to monsters, I won't lose this city.
5[00:09:49] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand then focused on simply getting the drives to dial correctly, as he charged the meson device to full power:: "This Alucroas stops here. I saw the God Emperor stop the Chaos, and Chaos will not eat here..."
12[00:12:10] * Alutrosity the sapphirc orb turned towards the bar, noticing the electrical impulses coursing throughout the body of Zhelir. Figuring the only way to get Donny to back off was by endangering the life of his dear companion, also to stop the impending danger coming from the ship, using it's crimson orb to detect the massive heat signature emitted by the ship. As a result most of the tendrils not directly in front of ...
[00:12:11] <Alutrosity> -- Donny focused in on the bar, prepared to tear straight through the walls with the acidic fluids and flood Zhelir in a deadly pool of fast acting acidic liquid.
5[00:14:36] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand knew that the fractal had no weapons that could stop this horrid acid, but he realized that in order to time this correctly, he would have to wait, instead, he fled down near what scanned to be Alutrosity, and fired the meson destroyer on its minimal power the beam breaking down some parts of the horrible being::
[00:16:28] <Donny> -As if his body breaks apart, he blurs through the goo, moving through it with such intense speed, he manages to pass the tendrils on the way to the club. His hands reach outward from his body, beginning to manipulate the goo. Fire, water, electricity, wind, ice, pure elements. They begin to conjoin, spreading and whirl winding around his hands, then burst outwards, creating a barrier in front of the club, only barely managing to cover the
[00:16:28] <Donny> entire area of the wall of the club. The wall surges with energy, seeming to be nearly uncontrollable, the vast amount of energy being drawn from the goo around it overpowering the area around them, sending things even more out of balance than before--but they only shot out towards Donny and Alucroas, not in the opposite direction. Donny brings his stance back up again, staring at Alucroas as the tendrils just now pass him, sure that e
[00:16:32] <Donny> ven if the tendrils do manage to pass the wall, Zhelir can help himself after Donny's own intervention.- ZHELIR!
[00:17:13] <Zhelir> Whatcha been, Donny?
5[00:18:11] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand was waiting, as three core reported 50% charges, and the other 3 reported 20% charges:: "Dammit, I need more power to activate the Gate!"
[00:18:58] <Donny> GET INTO THE BASEMENT!
[00:19:08] <Zhelir> Don't worry about me, Donny. Fight him, I'll take care of m'self.
12[00:21:31] * Alutrosity immediately he tendrils began emptying out their vast abundance of acidic fluids on top of the barrier, where as after words would follow, the different types of charges, manipulating the elements and easily dispersing them due to being distorted, allowing the fluid to pass through rather easily. However of course due to the fire element, most of it burned up and took the form of a noxious vapor, which ...
[00:21:32] <Alutrosity> -- would most likely wipe out anything it came into contact wiht, including the meson beam that was shot down towards Alutrosity, all the matter within them going to work in order to eliminate the anti-matter.
[00:25:15] <Donny> -Lunging his head and upper body forward, Donny explodes outwards towards Alutrosity, his body phasing out for a few moments before appearing once again with his elbow swinging out towards the left side of Alutrosity’s jaw. The energy shield around Donny would protect him from most poison, and possibly even add in an extra scorch to the swift and powerful elbow, throwing Alutrosity off his balance if landed.-
5[00:25:44] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand checked on the Charges, but they had risen to only 74, and 50%:: "Donny will have to hold him off, the gates aren't ready yet..."
[00:29:25] <Zhelir> *Zhelir stepped back as the walls themselves were deterioted. He sighed; he hated to rely on his brother with his mortal problems, but he had no choice. It took only a moment to establish the mental link.*
12[00:30:25] * Alutrosity if Donny aimed to slam his jaw into the elbow of the beast, it would indeed take the hit, however the inner-mouth inside followed suit with the elbow, launching straight outwards in an arch in an attempt to drag Donny with as it stumbled to the side a bit.
[00:32:01] <Zhelir> *Just before him appeared a figure that looked like a messiah to Zhelir. Adorned in a full duster, his ice-blue hair flowing down the length of his back, he rose his hands silently. After a moment, he spoke, his voice exploding through what remained of the establishment.* Get BACK!
[00:32:09] <Donny> -As Donny falls down in the air along with Alutrosity, his left arm curls, swinging a hard uppercut towards the bottom of Alutrosity's jaw, three blades that appeared to be just like Logan's bursting from his hand, Donny attempting to impale the beast clear through the head.-
[00:32:50] <Zhelir> *A hail of water exploded from his form, entwining with the vapor, diluting it, causing it to solidify, raining down into a toxic pool that would eventually eat its way into the basement.* You're in a hell of a mess, you know.
[00:33:11] <Donny> -His body also seems to be gaining energy, power. As if he had a constant torrent of goo swirling around him, as if strongly attracted to him.-
[00:33:37] <Zhelir> No shittin'? I thought six ways'a dyin' that I can't do shit 'bout was SOP 'round here.
[00:34:37] <Zhelir> *Rain shook his head, turning toward his brother in arms. He extended his hand, the rain of water seeming to continue on its original course, now flowing from his back.* You owe me, you know.
[00:34:49] <Zhelir> *Zhelir shook his head, taking his friend's hand.* Yeah, yeah. Put it on m'tab.
12[00:34:50] * Alutrosity gave a brief whiplash to it's head, using the horns that protruded from it's skull as a means of deflecting them off and into a different direction, while it's left appendage curled up into a fist and shot straight upwards, at Donny's body, having no particular target due to the sheer size of it's hand.
5[00:35:14] <Ryand-Smith> ::The First Generators said 100%, but the second set were still on the 80% range, Ryand cursed, as the FT L drive started the final countdown to activate the Gates, while he flew around Alucroas, firing several bursts of the meson weapon to cover for Donny::
[00:35:30] <Zhelir> *As their hands met, the two dissolved into a fine mist, punching its way forward, driving through the vapor and goo, out towards the lake a few miles off.*
12[00:36:52] * Alutrosity during the meantime the monster charged a beam of electrical energy inside it's mouth, not mattering where it was shot, so long as it exited the mouth it's plan would work perfectly.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 5:19 pm

[ooc]I will wrap it up soon[ooc]

[00:39:02] <Donny> -His left leg bends, allowing his knee to take the slam in from his foe's oncoming hand, the blades deteriorating, his arms pulling back to a curled position at his sides. He then kneels on the hand, allowing his body to flow around with it as he is swiped to the side.- Eruf! -He then claps his hands and places his palms in front of Alutrosity’s hand. A ball of ki appears out in front of the hands, now floating in the air between his hand
[00:39:02] <Donny> s and alutrosity's. At any time, Donny could move and launch it towards Alutrosity's body, or yet, even the hand, and blow it clear away--but he waits.-
5[00:40:15] <Ryand-Smith> ::The Final generator boosted to 96%, and Ryand slammed on the drive function, jumping to faster than light speed, he would see several of the gates light up, ad form wormholes, each one sucking on Alucroas forgein matter that had been pulled onto this plain of existence. Ryand would see non of this, as he himself was in a void between reality, and the warp, but the Dark Dimension was being ->
5[00:40:15] <Ryand-Smith> <- pulled in by each of the 6 gates, slowly, but their apparent hunger was growing almost per second:: <>
12[00:41:53] * Alutrosity it's mouth then immediately opened up and dispersed the beam onto the now deteriorating street ways, causing the pipelines to get a full on burst of electrical energy and explode, sending charged shards of metal into the air which would act as a means of increasing the power of the vapor in the air by tenfold, the sheer shockwave pushing the vapor forwards through the air and towards the ship, while ...
[00:41:57] <Alutrosity> -- simultaneously countering the meson beams that had been shot down in order to destroy Alutrosity, deteriorating Donny's barrier in the process due to the sheer potency of the now extremely deadly vapor.
12[00:42:12] * Alutrosity along with the energy circulating around his hand.
5[00:43:46] <Ryand-Smith> ::The gates started to grow, as Ryand's ship slowly expanded, but it was phasing in and out of space. Mesons were growing around it, each one condensing the vapor, and somehow making more, as the gates started to almost vacuum the vapor, as well as bits of the dimension. To an observer it would seem that most of the laws of space itself went off, as The ship started to curve in odd ways::
5[23:12:13] <Ryand-Smith> ::Rand was warping in and out of timespace, as the crashed hulls of the ships produced a pull. their FTL drives hastily converted to wormhole generators produced a suction which was attracted to the dark universe matter, they pulled in bits and glob of the matter, sort of like greedy pigs at a slop through::
[23:12:40] <Donny> -After helping Zhelir get to a safe place, Rain quickly moves away, glancing over towards Donny for a few moments, trying to move as quickly as possible. He then turns his head straight ahead, eyeing the portal that is pouring everything around which is consuming Wing City.- <--- (Zhelir's Post)
[23:13:43] <Donny> -Drops down to the ground, snapping as explosions of water erupt from around him, dispersing away some of the poison that was attempting to cloud around him. He moves in on Alucroas, weaving around chunks of broken street to get closer.-
12[23:15:23] * Alutrosity gave a brief grunt from it's maw, letting out a rather stoic yawn as the tendrils rose up and jabbed themselves into the ground, pumping a rather large portion of their acidic fluids into the street pipes, aiming to dig down and ignite the various substances that ran through them.
5[23:15:25] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand's ship reappeared several meters upward, near the center of a black hole like object which had formed above the city. It was the end result of his plans, a portal to the empty core regions of this galaxy. As it ate more of the viscous, tar like substance, it appeared to slow down, as its ground partners tried to make up for the slack::
12[23:19:18] * Grifter feels the lit cigarette begin to droop in his lips. The black goop got closer and closer to his face. With his eyes wide he couldn't really think of what to do. The first thing that came to mind was, leave town.
[23:21:20] <Donny> -Donny then forces himself into a leap of amazing sorts, his right leg only landing on a suspended piece of metal, allowing him to battle charge brutally through the air towards Alucroas, attempting to take him down onto what seemed to be his back. Donny aims himself for the upper chest, extremely close to the monstrosity's neck. Zhelir slides to a stop, swinging his arm to the side to wash some goo away from his path, managing to come u
[23:21:20] <Donny> p near a portal.- "Here it goes..." -Zhelir mumbles.-
12[23:23:15] * Alutrosity the tendrils alas pierced the pipes and ignited their various gases by means of electrical discharge, causing a rather large explosion to envelop the general area around them, acting as a shield for the beast while simultaneously knocking it back a good distance from Donny and would most likely do the same to the opposition.
5[23:26:47] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand's ship noticed the disturbance, so the man fired a short burst of railguns, attempting to blast at the beast with the projectiles of steel::
[23:27:14] <Donny> -Donny does rebound off of it, unable to stop himself in time to avoid the shield, but he grabs onto a pipe suspended in the air as he flies back from the monster, swinging around it and back towards his foe once again. The alchemic marks on his body seem to activate, a large rubber ball sort of appearing to circle around his body and enclose. Upon entering and passing the shield, Donny leaves the ball, closing in on the beast once again
[23:27:14] <Donny> . Zhelir raises his arms into the air, the clouds around beginning to swirl, and force a storm to come into existence. Rain begins to pour down from the portal, and onto the portal, then down over the city and all of the goo, and Zhelir. He then readies to absorb the energy from this rainstorm, and give it away as a gift.-
12[23:28:36] * Grifter let the smoke drop from his bottom lip as he turned and almost immediately pulled the keys out of his pocket. It was time to go. He pulled down his goggles and leapfrogged over the back of the bike in one motion before jamming the keys into the ignition. The bike rocketed off the second he dropped the break.
2[23:37:24] * Alutrosity didn't have time to mess around any more along with either one of those annoying men who were trying to stop it from catching up to Ryand. The tendrils immediately pulled up and shot out a rather horrid acidic fluid out in a wave form, concurrently flapping wings and forcing it into the air, dispersing electrical energy from a separate set of tendrils as a means of boosting it's speed, continuing to pour ...
[23:37:25] <Alutrosity> -- down those fluids so it'd be more difficult for Donny to follow.
5[23:43:44] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand fired several bursts of the rockets at the Beast, as they headed towards the creature, exploding with the force of several hundred pounds of concussive force. the railguns and light laser cannons headed towards the blast, as Ryand switched the meson canon to active mode::
[23:44:19] <Donny> -And it was then that Zhelir opened it to Donny, welcomed him. Donny swings his arms out to his sides, drawing in the energy in almost no time, somehow able to pull most of it in in a quick moment. A ball of energy leaves his chest before slamming his arms forward, his wrists clapping together, his hands ending with the ball between both hands cupped.- CORE REFRACTION! -What leaves Donny's hand is nearly immeasurable in terms of things this city has seen, even possibly being more devastating than that of what Chain Beast had caused back when he invaded the city. This blast almost instantly stretches outward and upward, able to consume every building in front of Donny, facing north. The attack is violently unleashed, Donny hardly able to hold himself in the air once core refraction was activated.-
12[23:48:21] * Alutrosity the electrical energy being dispersed along with the rain and even the giant heap of metal in the sky acted as one massive conductor for the monster to use at it's own discretion, charging a powerful beam of electrical energy, raising the voltage. The sounds of it rubbing together and buzzing, cracking and all the what nots could be heard smashing into one another as they prepared themselves for not one, ...
[23:48:23] <Alutrosity> -- not two, but three targets and all of it was thanks to the rain and metal.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 5:25 pm

OOC: One more post which should sum it all up

5[23:51:03] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand smiled, as he saw the energy charge:: "Sarah, full receivers online, prepare to charge up the core!" ::the ship released several large metal rods and other devices which would attract the electrical energy towards the Fractal::
[23:53:32] <Donny> -Swings his arms into the air, a rather massive ball appearing in the air above the Gwing Skyline, pulling energy from Donny and all the other charges around, seeing as Donny has permission to access Zhelir's energy reservoir. It's growing fast, extremely quickly with the amount of energy at Donny's disposal. Soon it will be ready.-
12[23:56:05] * Alutrosity the attack was meant as something preferably different, however the energy would be unleashed regardless, entering the portal and hitting the massive ship with an extreme force, the energy had been manipulated into a different type of electrical energy. Acting more as a way to over-heat the power generators and short circuit them along with the seeping water from the rain in a matter of seconds, ...
[23:56:06] <Alutrosity> -- effectively eliminating the meson bomb threat if it were to hit.
5[23:58:13] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand was inside, as the energy tried to change its voltages, he smiled, being used to flying through various gas giants, the radiators simply took the hit, and directed the power into the core, which started to charge surprisingly rapidly. The ship, meant to survive in short disaster in about 30ATMs of ocean was not affected by the salt-energy combo, but several of the external electro-optical cameras went ->
5[23:58:13] <Ryand-Smith> <- down, leaving Ryand with radar and minimal sensors::
[23:59:46] <Donny> -As Donny launches the bomb down towards the monster, his arms fly up into the air, sending two massive ki waves up towards him, to pincer him in between the spirit bomb and the waves. Donny then braces himself, prepared to leap in towards the monstrosity if this doesn't do the job. All attacks seem to be moving quite quickly, would seem to be dodge to difficult.-
5[00:04:53] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand switched to the radar view, as it showed the blast heading towards the Beast. He retracted the receivers, and started to shunt power from the core to the Device, as he pointed the Fractal towards the larger radar contact::
12[00:07:04] * Alutrosity Upon contact with the portal the charges began going to work, manipulating it's structure tearing massive cracks within the realm itself, amplifying the portal and expanding it's structure. The thick viscous fluids pouring down onto of the monstrosity, acting as a mere shield for defensive purposes if the beam were to be fired straight down upon the creature's large body. Cracks within the thick ...
2[00:07:04] * Alutrosity -- liquid itself began to open up from the charges, and allow the creature access to the fluid around the ground, preferably away from the point where it originated but still nonetheless within the rapidly increasing fluids on the ground, matching the same rate of absorption that Ryand had used to suck in the thick material, simultaneously the one on the ground would act as a means of ensnaring the ...
12[00:07:05] * Alutrosity -- beam and transporting it into the realm that contained the central basis for which all of the substance came from. As a result of the massive explosion inside the massive wave of tarish substance enveloped the ship, containing it with near astronomical strength. If he were to fire the ray inside he'd be greeted by a massive explosive force of billions of realms collapsing on him due to the meson's ...
12[00:07:17] * Alutrosity -- ability to collapse and destroy matter. <end>
5[00:11:20] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand's ship surrounded by the tar, he simply flew towards one of the gates, making sure to simply escape the battlefield. As he flew closer, the ship pushed, making it harder for him to barley reach the event horizon of the wormhole. when he flew through, he would see the strange star, falling into a sort of black hole, near the center of Known Space. Ryand sighed, as he saw the stream of ->
5[00:11:20] <Ryand-Smith> <- mater fall towards the black hole, as the other 7 gates pulled in matter towards the dark edge of space-time:: <>
2[00:12:20] <Donny> -Swinging his right arm to the right, he shouts out.- RYAND, YOU IDIOT! DO NOT ADVANCE!
[00:12:44] <Donny> YOU'LL KILL US ALL! -He then turns down towards the ground, mumbling a few words himself.-
[00:15:23] <Donny> -He swings his arms down towards the ground, launching masses of ki balls down towards the surface of Terra. As he does this, he snaps multiple times, causing radical explosions of fire to occur coming from beneath the ground's surface, blowing upwards into the air. Zhelir stops the rain, managing to pull quite a bit in towards himself to store up for energy.-
5[00:27:50] <Ryand-Smith> ::Ryand was about to fly through, when Sarah overrode his controls, and flew him, and the matter around the Fractal, back to Wing. She stopped the ship in a medium LEO orbit above wing city, as she told him what she had just realized:: "Ryand, if this matter's power levels are anywhere close to what I scanned" ::she said gravely:: "then you must stay here, and hope some high level person can remove ->
5[00:27:50] <Ryand-Smith> <- it" ::Ryand looked angrily at the AI :: "Why must we leave it here and not save the Planet" ::She responded quickly:: "because you nearly caused this space to explode, now Land this ship!" ::Ryand complied as he landed, watching the fractal's tar combine with the rest of the mess:: <>
5[00:37:57] <Ryand-Smith> ::Hovering the ship, Ryand then diverted 98% of power towards the meson array. Hoping to blast off the substance, he watched as the particles started to appear under the clogged up weapons emitter. Each it of the tar was combined with the energy of the mesons, and it was crushed, slightly enough for a bit of the ship's forward cannon to be free. A minor victory, but it was a victory nonetheless, as ->
5[00:37:57] <Ryand-Smith> <- he saw the much start to move slightly away:: <>

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu May 10, 2007 5:29 pm

Summary for those who thought this was tl;dr

.5 Ryand shows some people around the city
.7Alucroas tracks Ryand down in Wing
1Ryand fires his lasers at Alucroas
2Fight breaks out
3aRyand fires a tactical Nuclear Weapon at Alucroas, littering the sky with radioactive particles.
3bRyand fires Meson weapon at Alucroas, destroying him
4Serini_Chrono Time Travels, and prevents the nuke from going off
5Alucroas Rises from the afterlife/realm, and using his power brings with him his own home dimenson, which starts to swallow up Wing City
6Dony Ryand and Alucroas fight
7Fight contunies, and well thats what happned.

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