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Wonderland 2033 [WIP]

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Wonderland 2033 [WIP]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby zody on Mon May 06, 2013 5:57 am



21 years after the world was supposed to end.
2033 is yet another year where World Peace reigns over all.
Corrupt Government is a thing of the past.
All those things are gone thanks to the
~ United Federation of National Security ~

After hundreds and thousands of years of fighting, killing and murdering, the United Nations had finally had enough. Pooling all of their resources into one massive project known as 'Project Clean-Slate', they created something that not even the Russian 'Father of all Bombs' could compare to. It was simply called 'Amaterasu', the most potent nuclear bomb ever created by the hands of mankind. The name Amaterasu is found in Japanese Shinto faith, and she is the Goddess of the Sun. The reason behind naming the bomb Amatarasu was simple. Japan had dug far into the earth, deep underneath the sea, and found a precious gemstone. It beamed with the light of the sun, and crackled with energy. They called this gem 'Amaterasium', and began mass-drilling to find more, but that is not the point.

The United Nations stood with a stalemate, nobody would dare venture to attack for fear that they would unleash Amaterasu upon their enemies. They broadcasted just what they could do with even a small explosive. Ever heard of Greenway Hills? Of course not, they erased that place from the map with their little 'demonstration'. Civilians were devastated, soldiers were shocked and an entire town was reduced to ashes for some 'shits and giggles', as some people say, by the United Nations. Unfortunately, when someone goes on the offensive, there is certain to be retaliation. After a few years of 'peace' enforced by the United Nations, a video was sent to the President of America.

- - - - - - - - - -

( // File - Open - Video -

|| Buffering...
|| Buffering Complete
|| Video Playing...

A man stands in front of a camera in a dimly lit room, a hood and bandanna covering his features aside from his ice-blue eyes. Behind him is an American flag, and beside him stand two men armed with what seem to be flamethrowers. The man nods once as if he were given a signal that he was on air, and he spoke. His voice was metallic and mechanical, obviously the work of a device that disguised his voice. Nothing was recognisable, not even his accent. "Hello there, Mister President of the Americas. This video is just a little demonstration of what we have in store. If we do not get what we want, well, you will see... Men, turn the camera around". Suddenly, the camera pivoted around in a circle, and two men could be seen pulling open two massive steel doors. Outside the doors was a man tied to a chair, bound and gagged with another man standing behind him holding a syringe in his hand. The voice of the man from before could be heard again. "In a few seconds you will see something that will show you our intentions. I hope you enjoy it". The man standing quickly jabs the needle into the bound man's throat, and a few moments after he pulled it out again. Silence fed through the speakers aside from the bound man's sobbing, before it suddenly stopped. The camera zoomed in on the man as he began to writhe in agony, twisting and turning and screaming through the gag as his flesh seemed to crack apart like puzzle pieces, revealing the muscle and blood underneath. Blood gushed through the openings and flooded the floor around him, and the scene went on for much longer than it should have. Suddenly, the man exploded into a mush of blood and entrails, splattering onto the floor and walls and the men around him, even the camera was splattered with the stuff.

The camera pivoted yet again, turning back to the man with the flag behind him. "That was our newest weapon, made in response to your Amaterasu Missile. We call it 'Susanoo', in accordance with your 'Amaterasu' weapon. Here's the catch; See what happened to that man? It's airborne, so one little missile shot could wipe out the entire American population. We demand one thing, and one thing only. We demand freedom from your United Nations, we demand our own lives, we demand the world". The man turned, and gestured to the men with the flamethrowers, who promptly lit the flag up on fire. The man spun back to the camera, eyes alight with dark intent. "And if you do not give us what we want... Well, that flag will say more than any words will". He moved out of the way, allowing the burning flag to go on without any interruptions. Suddenly the room is thrown into darkness as the sound of metal slamming together can be heard. All that can be seen is the flag burning, burning more. Eventually, it fades into black as the fire finally dies out.

( // Ended - Exit? Y/N
|| Y
|| Closing Program...
( // Shut down? Y/N
|| Y
( // Shutting down...

- - - - - - - - - -

It's been a few years since the United Nations traced the location of that video and shot Amaterasu straight into the location where the rebels seemed to be. Everything quietened down after that. The United Nations formed a pact with almost every other country that wanted to, and crushed every country that opposed. They grew into a powerhouse military that patrolled the entire planet, changing from the UN to the UFNS, or the United Federation of National Security. Every building is monitored, every person's name and information stored on the UFNS' database. Chips in people's hands and mobile security cameras following people around. Hovercars and giant battleships. You name it, the UFNS has it. The world is a better place, or so the human populace has been told. What they didn't know, however, was that everything was about to change. The 'peace' that the UFNS has created would be shattered forevermore, and it only took one group of people to do it.

- - - - - - - - - -

Alrighty then, everyone! Welcome to Wonderland 2033! As you may have noticed, this rp will be set in the year 2033 in a world where every country has been fused into one because of a massive war. The story follows a group of criminals in a world where everything and everyone is monitored, and crime is a near non-existent concept. The gang of criminals are then hunted down by a group of Elite Soldiers with an entire army behind them, but here's the catch. The Criminals all have special abilities. Taadaa!~

Pretty much, we have the Criminals, the 'Wonderland' Gang, lead by Codename Alice. Here're the members;

Codename ALICE
Codename RED QUEEN
Codename RED KING

Then we have the UFNS' squad, Magicka Squad. Magicka is tasked with hunting down any abnormal entities, and supernatural beings. Funnily enough, in the modern world, all of said 'magical beings' are set up by the Government to keep the Magicka Team's -other- tasks kept under wraps.

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Re: Wonderland 2033 [WIP]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Rulke on Mon May 06, 2013 6:36 am

Oh how I am tempted, I would even be willing to play Political figure too. Damn so tempted!
We help the multi-nationals
when they cry out protect us.
The locals scream and shout a bit,
but we don’t let that affect us.
We’re here to lend a helping hand
in case they don’t elect us.
How dare they buy our products
yet still they don’t respect us.

Billy Bragg - The Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions

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