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Workers Delays.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Workers Delays.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:56 pm

Many of L03's commercial factories had finally finished the conversion to produce mobile suits. The war effort had grown because of the powerful speech Kiyoshi had given. It was much like the efforts long in the past during the second World War. Output was increased because of the many citizens that stepped up and took on new jobs within the factories. Training for pilots had also began. One young factory worker named Stacy Matta, sits back daydreaming from earlier.

~Day Dream~
Kiyoshi sits in a mobile suit simulator. He had removed his sunglasses before beginning the simulation and his eyes had gone from cold to determined. His movements were sharp and precise taking out the enemies with as little effort as he could, while also evading or blocking their attacks. After several minutes the simulation ended and the new leader hadn't even broken a sweat. He let out a sigh and stepped out from the simulator and removed his sunglasses from a pocket on his pilot suit and put them on over his eyes and looked at the crowd.

Stacy knew why he did this. Kiyoshi's eyes and the smile that graced his face just didn't seem to go together. Stacy wondered what events in Kiyoshi's previous years of life could have led to being like that.

Kiyoshi - Sorry to show off...

Kiyoshi looked at the screen as it displayed that he had made the high score on the simulator.

Kiyoshi - Right now these simulators are set to a low difficulty to help orient new pilots. As you begin your training the difficulty will increase. I've had years of experience, but I did not start off this well. Train each and everyday, our fight will not be an easy one, but I have faith that all of you will grow to be skilled pilots.

The young pilots smiled back at Kiyoshi as he saluted them and walked off. Kiyoshi walked up to Stacy who quickly saluted. Stacy wore a simple jump suit since she was not a pilot. Her mother was against her fighting in the war, but Stacy did find work in one of the MS Factories.

Kiyoshi - I'm guessing your the one sent here to be my guide in the factories?

Stacy - Yes...yes I am, sir.

Stacy did not mean to stammer, but standing beside this man was like standing by a celebrity. In truth, Kiyoshi had grown into somewhat of a celebrity. Making a powerful speech and becoming a leader tends to do that. Even though his eyes were so close, Stacy notices how hansome Kiyoshi was. She wonderd if someone could thaw his cold exterior, how different would he be? Kiyoshi then nodded and the two of them walked off.

~End Day Dream~

Stacy quickly awoke to the sound of one of the Factory Foreman's yelling.

Foreman - What the hell is wrong with the L3ISS! I can't get any new information on the other colonies output. Stacy!

The foreman came to Ryan's tiny cubicle. Stacy was seen as a bit young to actually work in the factory. At 16 she thought she was strong and able, but she didn't mind his cushy secretary job.

Stacy - Right here sir!

Stacy stood up and whiped the sleep from her eyes.

Foreman - I want you to try and figure out whats wrong with the L3ISS. Hurry! Chop chop!

The Foreman ran off to go yell at more people. Stacy wondered if the foreman got that job if that was all he was good at. Sighing she shrugged and sat down behind the computer on her desk and began to get to work.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Sep 26, 2005 12:11 am

Stacy continued to sit at her computer. One of the other workers had brought her a print out of the information the foreman had wanted to recieve and also upload onto the L3ISS. She had become quite frustrated with the constant message she would recieve.

Stacy - "The Information you requested is currently unavailable, please log off, and try again"! Uhg! I hate computers!

Stacy sat frustrated and stared at the wall. Then her mind began to day dream like it was known to do.

~Day Dream~
Stacy led Kiyoshi through one of the Mobile Suit Factories. During hte tour she had come to respect this man even more. At each of the different stations, Kiyoshi would stop and have a conversation with the workers that were around. Sometimes it would be questions about the difficulty of the work, but most often, it was more of a friendly banter. It was obvious to her that Kiyoshi could lead, but he also had a personal side, one that she could tell he was not faking.

Finally the tour came to the end where they stood infront of some Leo mobile suits.

Kiyoshi - It is hard to believe these are still being produced...even now.

Stacy - They have once again become essential to the battles.

Kiyoshi nodded and turned to look at her.

Kiyoshi - It is good to see even young women, like yourself, are getting involved.

Kiyoshi's smile made Stacy blush slightly.

Stacy - Thank you sir.

Kiyoshi then turned and looked back up at the mobile suits.

Kiyoshi - I only hope that things are going as well on Auxillary Prime, as they are here. I'm heading there next.

Stacy focused on Kiyoshi wanting to ask the question on her mind.

Kiyoshi - Go ahead, ask whatever you want.

Stacy became shocked. Her expression must have shown that she wanted to know more.

Stacy - Um, sir...I...I don't want to ask something that may not be appropriate to ask.

Kiyoshi looked at her again.

Kiyoshi - I can't be sure of what you're talking about until you ask, but I assure you, whatever it is, I will not attack you for asking a simple question. I am a leader, not a dictator.

Stacy smiled and then nodded, but the smile faded quickly as she began to speak her question.

Stacy - You hide your eyes behind your sunglasses because you know your gaze bothers others, don't you?

Kiyoshi - After fighting at a very young age, part of me died. It made these eyes become cold and fierce.

Kiyoshi shakes his head and laughs.

Kiyoshi - It's silly really. I use my sunglasses to try and hide the fact that I've been hurt, that I've seen too much death, and it's dampened my spirit. I admit, I'm bitter about it.

Kiyoshi looked back up at the mobile suits going silent again. Stacy watched him for a moment. If she had been older or if he was younger, she would have probably tried to hit on him. For that breif moment when he spoke, she felt the child that was no more come out of him. Stacy decided to try and lighten the moment.

Stacy - Plus, it's become your trademark!

Stacy smiled and Kiyoshi smiled back and then his watched beep. Kiyoshi looked at the time and then saluted her.

Kiyoshi - Unfortunatly, I must be heading to Auxillary Prime. It was good to meet you, Stacy Matta.

Stacy continued to smile and saluted back. She felt honored that her colonies leader had remembered her name that she must have told hours ago. She watched Kiyoshi walk off until he disappeared out of the factory.

~End Day Dream~

Foreman -
Any progress Stacy!

The Foreman's loud voice snapped Stacy out of another day dream and made her jump. The foreman stood right behind her and his loud voice was ringing in her ears.

Stacy - No sir, but I'm working on it.

Foreman - Uhg! Well there's very few of us still working this late, I'm heading home. Oh! and Stacy! I saw you day dreaming again...

Stacy - Sorry, sir.

Foreman - No excuses. I want you to stay here until you get this problem straightened out, and you will not recieve any pay for your over time!

The Foreman stormed off and Stacy sighed as she looked at her watch. It was indeed late and most places would be either closed or near empty by now. For a moment she let her mind think back to Kiyoshi. He must have been there for hours by now. Stacy then shooked her head and tried logging in once more and tried to pull up the information on other outputs from the other colonies. Her face turned read in anger.

Stacy - "The Information you requested is currently unavailable, please log off, and try again." Oh! This is getting so annoying!

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