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Would Anyone be Interested in a Faerie Role-play?

a topic in Interest Checks, a part of the RPG forum.

Thinking about starting a roleplay, but don't have the idea completely finished? Post it here, not in the main OOC forum!

Would Anyone be Interested in a Faerie Role-play?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Just Sayin' on Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:35 pm

Woo! If you're reading this it obviously means you are interested in a faerie role-play... Or you're just nosy. Either way, you're here and for that I thank you! :D

I've had this role-play idea in my head for awhile now and have pretty much everything typed up besides the character roles, character sheet and, of course, the dreaded rules.
The idea I have is, well, I'll just post the story, let you read it, then explain... Please read below. (:

Faeries are the oldest species created. They came into existence not too long after humans showed their ugly face on the earth. There have been many faulty descriptions of faeries for centuries. You see, faeries exist to serve humans. Yes, you read right: They exist solely to serve humans. However, not all humans. Each fey "brought into existence" has a certain human and has a certain purpose. Not every human gets a faerie, but every faerie gets a human; it is their purpose, after all. Every human that gets a faerie has went or is going through something in their life that they cannot get through/over alone. Therefore, a fey is sent to their aid.
Faeries are not born, they simply are. Each fey from the beginning of their existence is molded into what their human (or master, as some faeries call them) will need. Even before the human is born, the faerie is created in anticipation for said humans' birth; grant you, the faerie will not appear to the human until the time they are needed.
There are no male faeries, all are female since they are never born and do not need to reproduce. Whatever age their human is when the faerie is needed is the age the faerie will appear to be around. Each faerie has a true form which they usually are in, however, when sent to the human world for their "master" they don a "glamour," which is a "human skin" to blend in with that world, to not stand out. In other words, they have a form where they look human not to freak their human out. Alas, freaking them out is something you cannot really avoid, is it?
Each fey can decide whether they are only visible to their human or everyone in the human world; most fey let their masters decide this, though.
Faeries are emotionally attached and bound to their human from the beginning. They cannot help it, it is something they are born with. Remember: Faeries exist to serve humans (their human at that)! Once with the human they are quite literally bound to them until their "job" is done; until the humans problem(s) are solved. If they are left too long without their masters they become weak and sick. If their master was to deny them or tell them to leave the fey falls into a depression-like state and throw up many times (a lot like a mundane virus, but worse); they will eventually die unless their human accepts their help. Fey are real co-dependent creatures.
Once the humans' problem(s) are resolved the faerie is called back into the faerie realm where they will stay for the rest of their lives, which is eternity. By this time most fey have grown close to their human and the process of leaving is a painful one. However, there is one way the faerie can stay in the human world. That way is only if their human releases them. The human must know their faeries' full REAL name, and pronounce them unbound. BUT! The fey cannot tell the human about this unbound method, the human must ask. Most humans do not because the thought of there being a way is never, well, thought.

There is a faerie that is as old as the realm itself. She was the first faerie to be, the first fey to fulfill her "destiny." She is known in the faerie realm as "The Great Elder." Long, long ago she created The Book. "What is the book?" you may be asking..
The Great Elder decided there was no proper way to find the humans that needed faeries the most, so she came up with The Book. Each human that is born their name is written in the book. If their name glows golden, that is key that sometime in their life they will be needing a fey. That is when their faerie is.. brought into existence. The Book never stays in the faerie realm long. Every time the time comes for a human to receive their fey, the book vanishes someplace where the human will find it. The human is drawn to The Book, naturally. The human must open the book and once the book is open, it summons their fey to them. Immediately after the book is opened, a flood of golden light flows from it and then it vanishes. That is all. It is then sent back to the realm where it awaits another humans' "call." ©

Okay, so, I hope everything is sort of explained above. My plot is four guys (friends) in college each have a big problem of their own that they cannot face alone. They are each sent a fey and from there on it is mainly character-based, up to the role-players how it goes. I wanted to post the role-play tonight but then got to thinking... What if no one joins? I've worked my tush off on this and don't want it to be a flop. This role-play would be a LITERATE one and role-players would be expected to be able to post at least three paragraphs per post and be able to portray their role well.

So, would anyone be interested in joining this sort of role-play? Questions, Concerns, Interest, and so forth would be GREATLY appreciated below! (:

Thanks for your time!

- Just Sayin'

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Just Sayin'
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Re: Would Anyone be Interested in a Faerie Role-play?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby rdaydreamer on Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:38 pm

This sounds pretty interesting! I didn't think I would read the whole thing but I ended up doing so. I would probably join this, not sure as a male or fey yet (leaning towards the male).

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Re: Would Anyone be Interested in a Faerie Role-play?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Laseu on Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:29 pm

Ooh, definitely interested.
If you're taking early reservations, I'd like to reserve a fairy once you've got it up and running :P

One question :
I've participated in a few great roleplays before that always died within a couple of days due to inactivity.
That been said, how active would you require us to be?

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