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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LordSaladin on Mon Jul 09, 2007 1:03 pm

So, this RP started in chat at about 0700 this morning, BST. Initially only a random RP with the purpose of only dissolving a little boredom between a few users who had been up far too long, and craved some RPing action, it turned into a rather involved RP with a fair number of participants.

Here is a basic premise of the RP:

Set in an alternate timeline, WWIII started in the year 2002. Russia and China allied, and brought with them the whole of the eastern nations, ie: Iraq, Palestine, Japan etc etc, and decided to wage war on the west, ie: Europe and America.

At the beginning of this RP, it is the year 2007, and with the Western Union Alliance's main base in London, England, the Chinese hold a large proportion of England in siege. Most of the major Northern cities are taken, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Hull. All major ports are held by the Chinese as well, including Dover and Portsmouth.

Russia has installed several units in disguise, as a means to ambush the WUA's troops and kill them without warning. However, there is a large air raid on the City, and the soldiers stationed in the head quarters of the GUA's European Division must deal with it.

In the base, military-wise, is the WUA, and also the Medici militia who has allied themselves with the more 'legit' forces of the GUA for this war, so they work together to solve the problem.


In regards to the rest of the world, and how the different countries fare, that has yet to be determined as was not discussed in the chat, so we can play that as and when we come to it, and allow other people to contribute.

Weaponry and technology is all based on the present day; boundaries and territories have not, as yet, been decided, so once again, we have flexibility there.

As the RP was initially started in the chat, the logs ((Coming in the next post)) are in a more 'chat' style. But I ask that all participants submit literate posts. I am not going to expect 100 word posts or whatever, nor set a minimum wor/paragraph count, but some detail is expected.

Profiles are to be posted in the appropriate thread, at which point you can feel free to join in. In fact, join in anyway, a profile can be posted by up to a week after you join. :)

Most importantly, have fun!


((As mentioned, the logs are to come next))
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LordSaladin on Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:01 pm

<Jason> *Jason walked crouched through the shattered streets of London, his rifle held close against his body, his palms slightly sweaty and his pupils highly dialated. He tried to calm his breathing as he peered around a corner*

<Jason> *He brought his rifle to bear on a target sillhouetted in the shadows against a bright streetlamp, one of the few that still worked, and squeezed the trigger, sending a spray of three bullets speeding towards its head*

<General`Cordiva> -=Sat in the central Headquarters of the UN alliance's country of operations, elgium, Julius Cordiva looked through various reports and papers, assessing the situation=-

<Jason> *Jason felt more than saw the shells impact the man's skull and the figure dropped instantly. He smile in satisfaction at the kill and stalked down the now empty alleyway, his rifle hard against his shoulder. His carapace armor jingling slightly as he walked.*

* Isis-Reign -=Long crimson locks swayed gently against her shoulders as she walked throughout the battered streets of London. Each step she took, Isis glanced around in order to make sure she was safe. Emerald orbs took in every inch of the streets and the buildings and her fists were clenched loosely at her side. Her black dress clung tightly to her exotic form, showing off all of her perfect curves. ...
* Isis-Reign -- Matching boots stopped halfway up her thigh and their heals barely made any noises on the sidewalk.=- ...
* Isis-Reign -- <end>

<General`Cordiva> -=With a groan, he stood up, walking across to the window overlooking the city. Things were not going overly well. China and Russia's alliance had brought together many other people who had grievances with the west. Peace talks in Israel had stopped, the Islamic extremists had also sided with them. And, in sheer numbers, the WUA of western Europe and America, was slowly losing the war, a
<General`Cordiva> t least, that was what the reports were saying=-

* Isis-Reign -=It didn't take a genius to realize that people were following her and after glancing at a window she counted five men. They weren't holding weapons that she could tell and with a slight sigh, Isis prepared to fight. Tightening her fist, she stepped around a bum, heading toward an abandonded building. Leaning against it, she waited until they were in front of her, staring at her luscious ...
* Isis-Reign -- body.=- Hey boys, can I help you? ...
* Isis-Reign -- <end>

<Jason> *Jason saw the small counter on his wrist tick up one number to 57, and the smaller number ticked up with to hit 1259. He smiled at that fact that the Kill Count processign centers were still online. Funny how that data was actually important to the biwigs. He crept up to the body and examined it. Russian... the Russians weren't supposed to have forces in London.*

<Blade> Being on gaurd at every turn did strange things to a man, especially when on gaurd from both allies and enemies alike. He looked down at his watch with a sigh, "time to go."

<General`Cordiva> -=Sighing gently, Julius considered going out on the field, the troops would be motivated by the appearance of the person who was acting as Field Commander here. HOwever, it was the first time that England had been invaded since Hastings; and in general, the country was on a low, people were being killed every day, more and more territory lost by the Chinese who had been in the country for almost four years now. HOwever,
<General`Cordiva> going outside would endanger all who he was near; he had been marked a prime target by the enemy.=-
<Blade> He stepped around the corner and walked to the end of the block, back straight and stiff as a board, his pace nearly a run.

* Isis-Reign -=She knew it was dangerous for women to walk around the city alone, but that never stopped her before. In fact, she lived on the thrill and would often time send more men to the morgue than the other renegades. Smiling softly, she reached out a hand, rubbing the nearest man's face with fake love. Once she had them all eating out of her hand, she moved in like lightning. A flick of her ...
* Isis-Reign -- wrists produced two daggers and before the bastards knew what was happening, she gutted two of them, slicing the last three across the throat. Stepping back as the five dropped to the ground, a sly grin crossed her face.=- Oh, sleepy? Alright... Sleep away. ...
* Isis-Reign -- <end>

<Blade> He stepped around the next corner without slowing his pace in the least and nearly tripped over a body left to decompose in the street.

<Jason> *Jason grabbed that amn's sidearm and tucked it into his empty pistol holster and slid hsi rifle onto his back, tying the carry strap tight, then he proceeded to loot the ammunition. He stood and continued on, his senses sharp for mroe contacts.*

<Blade> Stopping to catch his breath, he once again set off down the walkway, needing to be on time for this appointment.

<General`Cordiva> -=Looking outside the window for a few moments more, Julius noticed a small flash of light, a reflection from the sun. A sniper. In a flash of movement, he removed the pistol from his holster, flicked the saftety off and pulled the trigger. In the distance a figure was seen falling from the top of a building, hurtling towards the ground, the ody limp nad dead. Cordiva knew taht he had hit his mark, he had not got to this
<General`Cordiva> rank for no reason, and being considered the best marksman in the whole alliance, he had quickly gained rank=-

* Isis-Reign -=Sighing heavily, she made her way down the street. Pausing halfway down the block, she turned back around to head back to the men. Sifting through their clothes, she stole anything that she could find on them, throwing the rest away. Sliding back to her feet, Isis wandered down the street, turning the corner. She heard gunshot, but that wasn't uncommon where she was at. Running a few ...
* Isis-Reign -- fingers through her hair, she found herself peering around for anymore danger.=- ...
* Isis-Reign -- <end>

<Jason> *Jason moved out onto a main street and was almost surprised by the few bystanders there, then again people had to make a living... He Stood to his full height and attempted to keep his Western Union Army identification patch, stitched to his right shoulder, in sight."

<General`Cordiva> -=It seemed that things were getting more and more dangerous for him, and he would certainly have t be more careful. Howeever, he felt as though he should be on the field, in the midst of the fighting. Walking back to his desk, he sat down upon the soft leather swivel chair, and glancing at the papers once more, he decided he would soon go out into the city=-

* Isis-Reign -=A loud grumbling sound erupted from her stomach and it was then that she realized she hadn't eaten in a few days. Shaking her head, she turned another corner, stepping behind a few bystanders. Her emerald orbs gazed upon a male with a Western Union Army patch, who was showing the damn thing off. Rolling her eyes, she pushed past the ground, sauntering towards the man. Part of her ...
* Isis-Reign -- was curious what the penalty would be if she struck him, but maybe if she was in prison, she would get food. Sliding her bottom lip in between her perfectly white teeth, she pondered on that for a few minutes, ignoring the cat-calls she was receiving from some of the men nearby.=- ...
* Isis-Reign -- <end>

<General`Cordiva> -=Taking a few moments to don his bullet proof vest and more standard looking uniform, he picked up two pistols, and a few magazines of ammo. 9mm pistols, standard issue for the Western Union, but in the hands of Cordiva, they were just as deadly as an AK-47 or SA-80 sub machine guns. He walked out of his office then, holstering the extra guns on shoulder holsters.=-

<Jason> *Jason saw an incredibly beautiful woman walking the street towards him and a slight smile struck his face, he winked at her. Too bad kill counters didn't get you laid, he ahd the highest one in the damn European Division.*

<Isis-Reign> Hmmm... mighty nice gun you have.

<Jason> *He smiled at the woman again. "Why thank you, mighty nice... well Y'know." Jason chuckled to himself. "Why are you out on the streets ma'am, don't you know there's a war on?"

<Isis-Reign> Everyone knows there is a war going on.

<General`Cordiva> -=Reaching the streets in just a few minutes, Julius had ignored the process of various guardeven pushing one against a wall as he stood in obstruction of him. Julius was a soldier, and despite his position, he could not just stay behind a desk whilst he knew that comrades were being killed by the Chinese army that had taken all of the west side of Londaon, and a few more sities, mainly it was the more northern cities th
<General`Cordiva> at had been beseiged, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Hull had been taken as well, and was being used as the main port for the Chinese, but no Western Union troops could get within fifty miles of the city. Wandering along, his eyes were alert, and he temptation filled him to go and remove a few Chinese from the West End. He had known that area as a younger man, watching several shows, Lloyd-Webber being his favourite=-

<Isis-Reign> -=A slight snarl slipped from her lips as a male grabbed a hold of her ass, squeezing it slightly. Snapping her elbow hard against the man's nose, Isis flipped him over her shoulder, slamming him hard into the ground. Snapping a foot down hard on his throat, she crushed it easily. Snapping out her right wrist to produce the dagger once again, she slammed it into the man's eye, killing him instantly. Shrugging, she replaced the dagger ba
<Isis-Reign> dagger back, stepping back away from the now dead corpse.=-

<Jason> *Jason's eyebrow raised slightly as he watched the exotic vixen in front of him butcher one of the hooligans that so often got themselves shot on the streets. "You know, legally I can execute you for that." He raised his rifle slightly.*

<Isis-Reign> I'll kill you before you can pull the trigger.

<Jason> "Is that so? You have some fancy knifework but you're not the only one with fast reactions." He snapped his rifle up, flicked the setting to signle shot, and pulled the trigger once, sendign a bullet zipping past the womans head, grazing her hair and burying itself in the forehead of a Chinese soldier standing five meters behind her.*

<Isis-Reign> My dagger's aren't my own defense.

<General`Cordiva> -=Wandering the streets, Julius saw the body of a Chinese soldier fall to the ground. The shot was a clean one, almost perfection, grinning, he was sure that was Jason. An old friend. Walking a it faster now, he appraoched the man and woman. The leader of the European Division looking slightly happy=-

<Jason> "I don't doubt it, what els-" Jasons eyes snapped to the General's figure and he immediately resisted the urge to salute, instead sending a hard glance at Julius.*

<Isis-Reign> Wonderful, more stupid army douches. -=Glancing over her shoulders at the apparent leader, Isis flicked a tongue against her teeth.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=Watching Jason's hard glance towards him and hearing the words of the woman, Julius trned his attention to the female=- You know, us 'army douches' keep this country from being completely over run by the Chinks. -=His voice was thickly laced with a Southern English accent, and was tenor=-

<Jason> *Jason stifled a grin and smiled at the General. "Good to see you sir, I'd stay back if I were you, she's a fiesty one."

<Isis-Reign> I really don't care. I think war is senseless.

<General`Cordiva> -=Nodding, Julius smirked=- Aren't they all. -=With a wink to his friend, he turned back to the woman=- Don't we all, eh?

<Jason> "Coming from the woman who just gutted a man and didn't even give him a chance to apologize? I think YOU're senseless." Jason turned hsi attention to the now stinking corpse, he was sure it had released its bowels.

<Isis-Reign> Perhaps I am. I don't like to be touched and he's touched me before.

<Isis-Reign> Well, it's been great, but I'm going to find some food. Later, boys.

<General`Cordiva> -=Looking at the woman, he nodded=- You aren't military, so where did you get that skill?

<Jason> "Good luck, we distribute food, one phoen call and you can be off the list for rations." Jason turned to Julius, "Who cares? She can't go around killing Union citizens!"

<Isis-Reign> I learned it on the streets and via past boyfriends/lovers/whatever.

<Isis-Reign> You take away my food and I will torture you before cutting you into little pieces and spreading it throughout the city.

<General`Cordiva> Indeed. -=Turning to her, Julius' face was a little stern. He had momentarily been amazed at her skill=- And I wouldn't do that. I will let you free today, because of your skill. Next time, I will imprison you.

<Isis-Reign> Try it. I do what I have to in order to keep myself safe. That's it.

<General`Cordiva> we all do that. However, we have enough chinks killing our peple, without our own doing so as well.

<Isis-Reign> Then perhaps they shouldn't act like sexist dickwads.

<Jason> "Goddamn you are lucky, lucky theres a fuckin' war to fight and we can't be dealing with psychos from our own country." Jason shook his head, how had everything degenerated so much... "Sir, we need to move, the Russians have started inserting Sleeper Teams, and you are a prime target, this bitch can find her own way."

<Isis-Reign> I'm not a psycho nor am I a bitch.

<Isis-Reign> Is this how all the officers treat civilians?

<Isis-Reign> And you guys don't do a good job rationing food anyways. I haven't had any for almost a week now.

<General`Cordiva> -=It was then, behind Jason, that Julius saw eight men come rushing from an alley, Chinese troops. Within a few seconds, all men were on the floor, dead, and Julius waas replacing his gun into the holster=- YOu wanna be safe lady, then we all move.

<Isis-Reign> I wasn't indicating that I need protection. I just want food... you men are starving your people. It's time you realize that.

<Jason> "You're not seriosuly bringing her with us? She'll stab us in the back, literally, no way, I didn;t sign up for THIS shit." Jason turned a sent a cursory glance at the corpses of the Chinese soldiers. "We don't have a choice, enough food for the regular people and we all die, enough food for the soldiers and a few die."

<General`Cordiva> We have daily food rations being handed out. We change the place each day to ensure they don't attack it.

<Isis-Reign> Look around... people ARE starving and dying.

<Isis-Reign> My whole apartment building hasn't had food. We're not the only ones. I don't kill soldiers... not unless they attack me first.

<Jason> "Yeah well your knife wielding isn't helping, unless you fancy yourself population control. Sir, we have to move, now. Us two in any one place for too long is a VERY bad idea, if the Chinese or Russians found out they'd carpet bomb the place."

<General`Cordiva> And Jason -=He looked at his friend sternly=- if I say she can come with us, she can. -=Looking to the woman once more, he snarled=- Look around you woman! This. Is. A. War. You go to where we offer food. If not, then we don't come searching for you. Or would you prefer the rest of this fucking city gets swallowed up whilst we deliver you a steak dinner?

<General`Cordiva> _=Julius nods=- Indeed. Come with me. -=Looking at the woman, he scoffs=- Yu do what you want. You can come with us or not. -=He then turns and heads back towards the office=-

<Isis-Reign> Steak would be good.

<Isis-Reign> -=Blinks, immediately wandering after the soldier dude. She was hungry and if they had food, she would get some and take it back to her apartment to feed the starving people.=-

<Jason> *Jason glanced at the woman and shook his head again, taking up a stride next to Julius, he leaned in and whispered, "Eyes in the back of your head, sir, eyes in the back of your hed..."

<General`Cordiva> You know, Jason, you worry too much. She is just a hungry woman who is pissed we don't deliver. Walking a few minutes, she would get food. -=He also shook his head, his pace staying a quick march=-

<Isis-Reign> Meh... I can hear you two, ya know.

<General`Cordiva> -=He was ignoring the woman for now, and continued to talk to Jason=- So, what is the situation on the field, how are the soldiers' morale?

<Jason> "Weak at best, I saw Epsilon Squa yesterday, they looked okay, but Omega's had it rough. Delta's holed up in an apartment building, Gamma's wiped out and I haven't talked to anyone from Black Battalion. I've reassigned my unit to others to help keep reinforcements even."

<General`Cordiva> -=Walking past a rather small, barren building, Julius turned his head to the woman=- You know, love, that is where the food is today. -=He nodded in the direction of the building, his face showing disgust, then looked back to
Jason=- Hmmm... As axpected. But you know, the NOrth is much worse.

* Isis-Reign -=Pausing a moment, she found herself staring face to face with a soldier. It was obvious the man was a Chinese man, but for the life of her, she couldn't do a thing. She didn't need protection, but there were times that life seemed to sneak up on her, like now. She found herself staring directly at a gun barrel, a choked groan slipping from her lips seconds before he moved around behind her, ...
* Isis-Reign -- using her as a shield, the gun now pressed against her back.=- Eh.... keep going... I'll be fine, no worries. -=Flicking her right wrist outward, the dagger flipping into her hand, she slammed it deep into the man's gut, shifting a little to the right so that when he fired, and he did... the bullet to hit her ribs and not anything vital or at least that was her hope. Sure, it would proabably break a rib ...
* Isis-Reign -- or two, but it was better than shooting through her heart or lung.=- ...
* Isis-Reign -- <end>

<General`Cordiva> -=As the Chinese soldier pulled the trigger, it was the final thing he did, as he fell to the ground, dead. More appeared=- Jason, get her out of here! -=About twenty or so Chinese soldiers emerged. To which, Julius drew a second pistol, and started firing=-

<Isis-Reign> No..! He needs to stay with you. I'll be fine on my own... for cripes sake... just kill them. -=Holding a hand against her side, she stumbled to the side, leaning against the building before moving away from the fighting.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=As he fired, the soldiers fell. Cordiva was the best in the army, and six fell before pulling the trigger. As the Chinese fired, he moved in a strafe, and firing three more times, three moore fell. He rolled to a corner, taking cover=- JASON! Get her the fuck out and to a Med unit! NOW!

<Jason> "Shit." Jason sprung into action, snatching up the woman and snapping off a shot from his rifle one-handed, taking a soldier in the chest, he skidded to a stop in a small alleway and set her on teh ground gently, "Fuck.. it's bad..." He ripped a piece of her dress off and pressed it against the wound, attempting to stop the bleeding.

<General`Cordiva> -=He rolled out for a second, firing four more bullets, four more Chinese fell to the ground=- You fuckers! -=He noticed Jason had follwed orders. Good.=-

<Isis-Reign> I'll be fine... go help your friend... he's worth more than me.

<General`Cordiva> -=Running across the street now, he knew that he could remove them. Firing only a few more bullets, the remaining Chinese fell down. Entering the alley, he looked at Jason=- Fucking chinks messed her up, eh?

<Jason> "UIgh, fuck you! Why am I in this shit! You know what they've fucking made me?" He pulled out a small med-pack and run a roll of gauze around her body, covering both sides of the wound. He ripped it at the end and took out a needle, "This is pain-killer." Without another word he jammed the needle into her arm and pushed the injector.

<Isis-Reign> AH!

<Jason> *he looked up at Julius, "Bullet went through, she's lucky it didn't bounce around on her ribs."
<Isis-Reign> It wasn't my fault...

<General`Cordiva> -=Julius kept guard on the alley, but doubted any more enemy soldiers would appear=- Good. -=He looked at the two momentarily=- Can you walk lady?

<Isis-Reign> ...yeah... my legs aren't broken. -=Sliding to her feet, she winced a little before straightening herself up.=- Damn it... he ruined my dress...

<General`Cordiva> -=He nodded, his voice stern as he spoke=- Who give a shit about your dress. Folow me. Jason, keep with her.

<Jason> "Fuck lady, it wasn't alotta fabric anyway. C'mon I'll help you, where we headed sir?"

<Isis-Reign> I give a shit, it's all I have...

<General`Cordiva> -=With that, he walked off, a pistol in each hand, headed back towards HQ=- Don't ask questions Seargeant, just fucking follow.

<Isis-Reign> -=Follows behind the general, still gripping her dagger tightly in her right hand.=-

<Jason> *Jason put the woman's arm around him and held her up with one of his, the other holding onto his rifle tightly, "You know they field promoted me to Captain..." Jason laughed a little.

<Isis-Reign> I can walk... and you're hurting me in this position...

<General`Cordiva> -=Julius didn't hear, he was too busy watching the area. He fired a few shots, five figures falling from the tops of building=- SHIT!! You take her a different way to HQ. It seems they've IDed me. -=With that, Cordiva ran off into alleyways, knowing that the enemy would ignore them for the most part. He was a much more important target=-

<General`Cordiva> -=As he ducked into the first alley, he ejected his current, empty magazines, and replaced them with frsh ones, recocking the pistols, he conmtinued to run=-

<Isis-Reign> ....ugh...

<Jason> "Shit, no tiem for you to walk." Jason scooped the woman up in his arms and set off at a dead sprint towards HQ, "What's your name anyway?"

<Isis-Reign> Isis... Isis Reign...

<General`Cordiva> -=A familiar sound would be heard overhead, just as Julius ired three shots, taking out a team of Chinese elite=- SHOT! -=He pressed the button on his ear, the comm unit=- All troops head to underground. -=Another press of the button and he was on Jasonn's personal channel=- Get underground, section 13 quadrant 4 has an entryway. I'll be there in three.

<Jason> "Nice to fucking meet you Isis." He kept running and rounded a corner, ending up face to face with four Russians... Sleeper Team. He whipped up hsi rifle and dispatched them as fast as he could then sped off with Isis into the HQ defense perimeter.

<Isis-Reign> You are...?

<General`Cordiva> -=The sound was that of Chinese bombers, it had been a week since the last air raid, he had wondered what they were waiting for=-

<Jason> "Jason, Jason Hellan, Captain if you care, which you probably don't." He kicked out a sewage grate and jumped down, about 15 feet and landed in a crouch, cradlign Isis, the muscle enhancers on his armro making up for the weight.

<Isis-Reign> Captain... wow.. I'm sorry for being so rude to you earlier. -=Slipping the dagger back into its holster, she winced in pain, the painkillers not working on her highly-adrenaline enduced form.=-

<Jason> "I get it all the time, the shoulder patch doesn't garner much respect anymore, but the Kill Counter always gives people a shock." He sat down, still holding Isis and moved into a dry area, mostly shadowed.

<General`Cordiva> -=As he turned the corner to the entrance, he saw the four Russions, four shots fired, blood splattered the walls and Julius jumped dow the grate, landing heavily, he continued to run, wondering where Jason was=-

<Isis-Reign> Do you think your boss is okay?

<General`Cordiva> -=Then he heard the voice of the woman, and stopped=- I am fine.

<Isis-Reign> ....Oh...

<Isis-Reign> ... -=Blinking as she realized she was still in Jason's lap, Isis slid to the ground. Holding a hand against her ribs, she couldn't help but wince in pain again.=- Ugh...

<Jason> "She needs real medics, I only have cursory field medic skills." He looked up at Julius with worry.

<General`Cordiva> I know. this will lead us straight to HQ. Move out. -=He then started jogging towards the HQ, the sewers dark.=- Catch me up, I will prepare the team for her.

<Jason> "Got it. Do you want me to carry you or do you want to walk?" He said to Isis.

<Isis-Reign> Can't we just... wait a second....

<Jason> "Yeah that's fine, but not too long, you're bleeding pretty badly."

<Isis-Reign> I know... it hurts... I haven't been shot in a long time.

<General`Cordiva> -=Looking back, Julius groaned, and shouted back=- I said move out Hellan!

<Jason> "That is a good thing. Let's move."

<Isis-Reign> Give me a second.

<Jason> "We don't have a second," Jason grabbed Isis and held her up again and began to walk after the General, "Isn't he a pain in the ass."

<General`Cordiva> -=Large explosions could be heard overhead as dust fell from above Julius, the air raid had begun.=- Shit, they need to move on. -=He then began to sprint, getting ever closer to the HQ=-

<Isis-Reign> Yeah...

<Jason> "Fuck this..." Jason sprinted now trying to catch up to Julius, "Fucking bombers."

<Isis-Reign> Son of a fucking bitch! That hurts you know!

<General`Cordiva> -=Finally reaching the entrance to the HQ, Cordiva barged through the door shoulder first=- Get me a med team now! we have an injured civvy coming in witin a few minutes. -=The bombers were relentless now, And all personnel would have ben moved to underground=-

<Jason> "Well sorry but I don't really have much fo a choice!" All the same he shifted Isis so that the sprinting woudln't jar her as much, but it was taxing his arms.

<Giovanni_Medici> -=Medici was running back and forth between various turrets and gunnery stations back at HQ trying to shoot down the Chinese bombers. A hailstorm of gunfire was ripping into the air trying to take down whatever they could. It was as if it was beginning to rain mud. Water mixed with the dust filling the air from the bombings made it seem like they were back in the old war era. Communications had been knocked out and the wired line had bee
<Giovanni_Medici> n cut somewhere to the North East, presumably from a random bomb. Medici was manually giving orders to each of the gunnery turrets as he made his way through the filth and muddy rain.=-

<Isis-Reign> .....too bad you can't fly....

<Jason> They skidded through the entrance to HQ and Jason saw with relief the Rhino Med Squad ready to take Isis, "She's got sever internal bleeding, double pentration through central abdomen, no discernable organ injury."

<Giovanni_Medici> -=Planes were falling down like fireballs, but another Chinese bomber took every downed plane's spot almost instantly. The swarm was massive, and the 50 cal gunners weren't even trying to aim anymore. Smoke littered the air as shells began bursting in the skies. The carnage of planes falling from the sky like flies was bad enough, let alone the bombs that were falling on top of them. It didn't take long before headquarters had a plane cr
<Giovanni_Medici> ash explode into the east side. The ground trembled with the falling of bombs left and right. General Medici kept ordering the gunners to fire to the south where it seemed their bombing runs were coming from.=-

<Isis-Reign> Wait a sec! Where are you taking me?! I don't know you people! How do I know I can trust you?!

<Jason> "You can trust them Isis, they're the Med team, if you can trust anyone in this god-forsaken place it's them. Here take her, better give her a sedative she's a little.. rowdy." Jason handed Isis carefully to a group of orderlies.

<Isis-Reign> I'm not rowdy! I'm Isis Reign! What kind of name is Rowdy anyways.

<General`Cordiva> -=As he ran through the building that was HQ, Cordiva headed towards the turrets where he knew Medici would be. The underground was as a nest of disturbed ants, but Julius ran through deftly, reaching the turret towers quickly. Seeing Medici, he stopped=- Sit rep.

<Jason> "Ugh I better stay with you, you're out of your head, hey, Surgeon, let's get a move on." The Med staff nodded and they set Isis on a strtcher and hurried her to the Hospital wing, which was half undergroudn to protect the injured from shelling and bombs.

<Isis-Reign> Wait... I have to take food back to my apartment... I swore to them I would. Just give me some food and I'll take it... I'll fly...

<Giovanni_Medici> -=The roar of war waging on outside of the headquarters drowned out even his own thoughts. It was quite clear by now that the Chinese had pinpointed the exact location of this headquarters and were concentrating fire. Medici's main concern was to divert the bombers away from the central headquarters building. As a result, casualties from his own Italian militia that manned the outter perimeter were beginning to take high casualties. Pool
<Giovanni_Medici> s of blood were beginning to form around many of the gunnery stations - they were prime targets and virtually deathzones. He peered through his binoculars into the distance trying to determine the formations of the Chinese airforce to help deal the most effective blow. When he saw another squad of Chinese bombers prepping to make another run, he quickly radioed the surface to air missile controllers to prepare to fire at the given coordi
<Giovanni_Medici> nates. He lifted a rifle up over his shoulder, and a green laser emitted from a fixture resting on the bottom of his barrel. The green laser dotted across the bottom hull of the leading airplane of the bombing run. When he gave the order to fire, the surface to air missiles immediately went straight for the target of his laser. Moments later, 12 missiles managed to annihilate a fleet of 15 bombers in what looked like one massive fireball
<Giovanni_Medici> . The fireball hurdeled toward the ground sending shrapnel in all directions. He ducked down to the floor as bits and pieces of plane shattered through the bulletproof windows of the turret tower.=-

<Giovanni_Medici> -=While he lay virtually flat on the ground, he glanced back towards General Cordiva with a smirk on his face that boasted a confidence that didn't match his true feelings about the tides of this war.=- General Julius Cordiva! I trust your expedition was a bit more successful than this defense?

<General`Cordiva> -=Julius nodded=- I was forced to kill a fair few of the bastards. Tell me the situation with the air strike. And where the fuck areour fighters?!

<Isis-Reign> Jason! You have to let me take food to them! Please...! Without me, they'll die! It's my duty to and it's why I came here in the first place! I wanted to save the people and find... him again. I just have to... please!

<Giovanni_Medici> -=Medici was dressed in a black military uniform draped with golden embroideries and shoulderpads to mark his status. A black cape with the Medici Coat of Arms emblem stitched in gold through the center wrapped around much of his body. Normally this was not the form of attire he would wear in a real combat situation, but this bombing strike had caught him off guard in his formal wear, and now his clothing had been heavily marred in mud a
<Giovanni_Medici> nd gore. He ducked once again as a bomb crashed into the ground only 20 yards from the turret tower and shaked the very foundation of the structure. His ears were ringing and he began screaming towards the General, not entirely aware of his volume at the moment.=- They started hitting us out of nowhere, took out our communications tower. The air base is 40 miles to the north and our low frequency radios don't go more than 18 miles, I cou
<Giovanni_Medici> ldn't send word to them for backup. Our landlines to the outposts around here have been cut, either by bombs or by some sort of sabotage. We're on our own, Sir!

<Jason> "Just calm down, the Doc'll have you right as rain then you can try and find all the food you want." Isis was wheeled into a small operating room and a doctor undid the impromptu bandage and cut out a large hole in Isis' dress where the wound was, peeling it away slwoly. He grabbed a bottle of soem liquid and began to por it around the wound.

<Isis-Reign> My fucking dress!

<Jason> "Sorry, but it was necessary." The liquid seeped into the wound and began to stitch together damaged tissue faster than was humany possibly by any means, arteries sealed and veins reconnected, the skin began to close slowly on both sides of Issi' body.

<General`Cordiva> -=With a grimace and a growl, Cordiva nodded=- There is little we can do. Get your arse downstairs Medici. They just sent like a few squaddrons of foot at me. -=With that, Cordiva turned and returned into the building. Reaching the dor, he turned his head back to Medici=- That's an order.

<Isis-Reign> It wasn't ncessary! This dress was expensive and now I have nothing else to change into!

<Giovanni_Medici> -=Medici had almost begun his protest, wanting to stick with his men to defend against the air raid just as Cordiva made it an order. He made his protest obvious in his tone of voice, but mustered out a "SIR!" before slowly lifting his body up to survey the air and surroundings. In the distance he could already see a ground force approaching the headquarters. In the back of his mind he thought, "Dear God, don't let London fall like this.
<Giovanni_Medici> .." A quick note was made of the position of the approaching infantry force. He waited for a brief pause between bombing runs, then made a dash for the door to the main headquarters building. Through his low-range radio, he ordered artillary to begin firing on the coordinates he had last seen the approaching wave of infantry.=- Hopefully that'll buy us some time...

<General`Cordiva> -=He had only stepped inside, and as Medici spoke to himself, he gave an inquisitive look=- Hope what buys us some time?

<Jason> "Yeah well I'll buy you a new dress okay? Sorry your life is more important." Jason sat back and watched the wounds heal almost completely.

<Moonwolf> A lone man in a military uniform, the shirt ripped open by shrapnel of explosions caused by the bombers, was seated next to a large, clumsy, metal AA Missle Turret, stationary at the spot. One man lay dead, his innards and intestines turned to meat, despite efforts to save him. The two other surviving soldiers sat there, dazed by the repeated bombings. All they had shot down was about two or three bombers, and already, they were

<Giovanni_Medici> -=Massive 155mm hsells and mortars flooded the target area in a wide radius. Due to the massive scattershots from the Howitzers, the killzone was spread wide enough to give the appearance of numerous grey and white domes filling the target area. A loud boom rocked the ground once again as the artillery cannons continued their bombardment. It was clear that this was going to be a difficult stand to make, and so they did not worry about wa
<Giovanni_Medici> sting ammunition. As soon as 60 pound rockets began to take off to completely decimate the surrounding areas to increase the damage radius even further, Medici passed through the doorway and looked over towards Cordiva.=- Hopefully all THAT will buy us some time.

<General`Cordiva> -=Nodding slightly, Julius nodded. He started walking back towards the underground part of the base, heading towards his office=- Come with me, Medici.

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He looked back towards his men who were valliantly trying to defend against the raid... And dying. He heard one of the M270 mobile rocket launchers erupt into flames from bomb-strike, and the screams of his own men that he led as they burned alive. He shut the door behind him and followed Cordiva in grim silence.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=Walking, Julius knew how Medici felt=- We need to talk strategy.

<Moonwolf> The man looked up, his emerald green eyes, usually sparkling with jokes, were now narrowed and serious. Soot scatterd all over his face, the petty sergeant struggled to his feet and squinted, glancing around. His men had a death grip on their M16's, the sergeant had a UMP clutched in one hand, falling back down in relief shortly after.

<Isis-Reign> Where are you going to get me a new dress?

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He nodded, even though he hated to admit the reality of the situation.=- Yes, Sir.

<Jason> "You should be pretty much fully healed by now, and Hell if I know, but I guess I just promised to get you one, for now we can give you combat fatigues or something." Jason stood and checked the clip on his modified PS3-Stychon assault rifle, it was half-full.

<General`Cordiva> -=He walked in silence through corridors and dwon stairs, reaching the third level of the basement, he reached his office. Opening the door he walked in, leaving the door open for Medici=- We are getting screwed out there.

<Isis-Reign> No way! I'm not wearing that drabby stuff!

<Jason> "What do you want me to do? Find you some slinky underwear and a miniskirt? You get what you can, and fatigues and med staff clothes is what we got."

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He walked through the doorway and glanced around the office. It had been a long while since he had last been in here before. Even three floors down he could hear the explosions happening above, and his mind played out the screams of his men.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=He moved to behind his desk, and sat himself down upon the highback, black leather swivel chair, and leaning forwards, his elbows on the table, he placed his head in his hands=- At this rate, we are going to lose London.

<Isis-Reign> Tch... fine.

<Moonwolf> Bradley winced as he heard the droning of incoming planes, he glanced up, a weak prayer in his heart hoping it was an English one. It wasn't. He scrambled to the turret, "Basic drill! Lock and load!" He ordered. The men stumbled forward clumsily, one quickly gripped the barrel and turned the safety lock, then begun to turn it to position. The other slipped in a belt of large bullets and held the base still, the sergeant gripped h
<Moonwolf> the sergeant gripped hold of the AA launcher and lurched his arms back, the large turret begun to repeatedly move back and forth, pounding out blasts of repeated shells, causing the AA crew to shudder and shake.

<Jason> "Orderly! Get this woman some basic combat fatigues... and some slinky underwear!" The orderly laughed and walked out of the room to find the laundry section.

<Giovanni_Medici> We need to get air support, we're getting annihilated out there and the goddamn flyboys don't even know it. They're nailing the powergrid everywhere we go, nothing goes in and nothing gets out of here. I sent a man in a jeep to get to the base to the north, but we lost communication with him over half an hour ago and still no air support. He's either lost or dead. Nightfall will hit within a couple hours, our artillary can hold them off
<Giovanni_Medici> till then, but when night falls we won't be able to target their land forces very well.

<Isis-Reign> I want to help fight too.

<Giovanni_Medici> I suggest we hold this position for at least two more hours. Give me two hours, and I'll take a squad with me to travel north and send for air support.

<Jason> The orderly came back carrying gery combat fatigues and a utility harness, "Her you go sir, she's set to leave, just has to wash off and change." Jason nodded then turned to Isis, "There's a shower behind the curtain and a shelf to keep teh clothes dry, you can go ahead and change."

<General`Cordiva> -=With a grin, he looked up at Medici=- We COULd do that. I will have Jason take temp command here. He is a good man. -=He thought for a moment=- We should go now. No point in wasting time. The quicker I am in the air, the better, no?

<Isis-Reign> Thanks... -=Sliding to her feet, Isis headed behind the curtain. Setting the clothing on the shelf, she stripped out of her ruined dress and undergarments with slight remorse. Doing a quick wash, Isis then dressed in he the fatigues and stepped back out, sliding her boots on last.=- Now what?

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He raised his right eyebrow.=- If you're going to come along, we'll need to take a platoon with us. We cannot afford to have the leader of all the European forces get jumped by a goddamn Chinese insurgent. Please, let me go with a squad and send a helicopter for you.

<General`Cordiva> And have the chopper shot down? NO. I will come with you. Time is of the essence here. I will pack a few guns for the journey. No foot will get near us. -=He winked, and stood from his chair=- Get your team, I will find Jason. -=With that he walked out of the office towards the area Jason should be=-

<Moonwolf> "Fire in the hole!" Bradley roared, the destroyed AA gun toppled down on the ground with a crash, chinese soldiers hid behind the greenery and bushes, randomly firing outbursts of bullets, Bradley hoisted his UMP over the sandbags and fired random shots, pleased to hear the scream of a chinese soldier, he ducked back down, panting heavily. Another man had fallen dead, killed by a lucky shot to his temple as he stood up, just his
<Moonwolf> up, just his luck to be posted to an AA station near the border of invasion. His only remaining squad member was shaking with fright, he doubted the man could squeeze the trigger.

<General`Cordiva> -=Reaching the hospital wing, Julius found Jason=- Jason, can we speak? -=His voice was serious, and as soon as he had spoken, he left again, coming to the outer corridor of the wing, just outside the door=-

<Jason> He turned to Isis, "Wait." His attention moved back to Julius, "Yes, what's the problem?"

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He nods and quickly exits the room, almost glad to be able to get back up onto the surface to find out how the chaos is going. He weilded a standard issue XM29 OICW rifle in his right hand. As he traveled up the floors, he ejected the existing clip and replaced it with a new clip. He practically kicked open the door and charged outside, immediately finding cover behind a toppled AA gun and a few sandbags. He found himself next to Lieut
<Giovanni_Medici> enant Bradley.=- Bradley! Where's your squad?

<General`Cordiva> -=Looking at Jason, Julius placed a hand on his shoulder=- I am giving you tetmporary command here. I need to get to the air base and in the skies again.

<Jason> Jason looked uneasy, "I'm a field boy, Sir, I'm no good in command... I should be out there right now takin' it to em. But If that's your order then fine."

<General`Cordiva> -=Julius nods=- It isn't an order, only a request. You are the most experienced here. Both me and Medici are leaving, or I would have given it to him. You're smart, and know what you're doing.

<Jason> "Where are you going? This base can't hold forever, and night's going to be a bitch to defend an assault from."

<Bai> The lieutenant cast his eyes to the man to his side. "Greetings sir." He nodded gravely, then in reply to the question, he merely pointed to where the man sat- Upon a dead body, the second dead body leaning beside him on the sandbag. He then hoisted himself up and began firing a few well aimed rounds at a bush where they were taking covered, he heard moans and the dropping of a gun, and ducked back down as a hail of fire erupted. "We'
<Bai> gun, and ducked back down as a hail of fire erupted. "We're doing fine as you can see." He stated bluntly.

<General`Cordiva> I am aware of this, which is why we are going to the air base. We will get a couple of squadrons out here. And I am jumping in the cockpit, so it will be okay. -=He stroked his chin=- Soon they will have to return to refuel, but there seems to be a constant stream.

<Isis-Reign> -=Moving in hopes of catching what was being said, Isis' eyes widened at the muffled name, Medici. Of all the bloody places, he was here and she never knew. Frowning heavily, she glanced around, trying to figure out a way to get to him without being shot.=-

<General`Cordiva> I 'll leave the rest to you. -=With that, Julius walked away, headed towards the armoury, hoping to pick up some decent weapons=-

<Jason> "Check for aerial refueling jets, and there might be a forward base near here we don't know about, I'll try and coordinate a defense but we won't be able to hold for more than a day or two." Jason sighed and glanced at Isis our of the corner of his eye.

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He looked at Bradley with a mournful gaze. He peered quickly over the fallen AA gun to get a quick idea of where the nearby hostiles were. He quickly ducked down just as a barrage of fire slammed into the side of the AA gun. He switched his rifle over to the 20mm explosive rounds and said a quick prayer to himself, holding the gun vertically in front of his nose. He had six explosive rounds left in his clip, but it only took one bullet
<Giovanni_Medici> for him to die. He quickly lept to his feet and spun around to face the bush. He launched a 20mm round into the bush, then shifted his aim to the right 10 degrees and launched another. He then caught movement out of the right side of his eyes and quickly swung his his aim to the right another 60 degrees to fling a third explosive round. The three explosions erupted in the brush, and a flying severed leg accompanied by a scream was proof
<Giovanni_Medici> enough to him for a successful hit. He quickly ducked back down behind the AA gun and looked over to Bradley once again.=- Well, then I guess your squad of corpses is going to defend the General and I through a 40 mile sprint to the north.

<General`Cordiva> -=Reaching the armoury, Julius picked up two desert eaglles, and ten full magazines for the wepons. It would be all he w ould need. Place an assault rifle in his hand, and he was adequate at best but with a pistol, he never missed his mark, and could switch targets in a blink of an eye. These would be enough. He walked out, all packed up, his bullet proof vest still under his camo gear. He walked towards the turrets, kow
<General`Cordiva> ing Medici had gone that way=-

<Bai> The sergeant shrugged. "Anywhere is better than this hell hole I'm at righ-" His last private was now practically screaming, a frag grenade clutched tightly in his grasp, Bradley scowled and tackled the man, letting the grenade drop aside. "Are you insane Peters?!" He bellowed. The man stammered, mouthing the words 'Sorry', which never came out, he fell limp, out cold. The sergeant frowned as he reloaded his UMP. "Whats the rush, sir?

<Isis-Reign> -=Shaking her head, she moved past Jason until she was out of the med wing. She wanted to do more than just sit around and more importantly, she wanted to know if what she heard was correct or not. The only way to find out for sure would be to find the general and that was what she was going to do.=-

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He looked over to the private in his last moments of life. His men were dying everywhere, this wasn't a war... This was a slaughter. He then saw General Cordiva approaching.=- Get down! The Chinese have scouts up here already!

<General`Cordiva> -=Julius dropped, and then looked up at Medici=- We gotta go NOW! Come on! -=With that, he went back inside and started towards where he would be able to get an APC=-

<Isis-Reign> -=Following the scent of the General, it wasn't long before Isis ran smack into the man. Stumbling back in shock, it took her a few minutes to realize that it was him, for real.=-

<Bai> Bradley's eyes darted left, a grenade hurtled towards him, his eyes widened, on impulse he fired at the grenade, which detonated in mid-air, avoiding most of the harm, but still, he roared, "Christ!!!" Bradley was sent flying across the air and collapsed onto the ground, about one metre away, his left arm badly slashed with shrapnel, and the sleeve cut to bits, blood leaking out everywhere. He raised his head weakly, "Man oh man..." H
<Bai> weakly, "Man oh man..." He managed a grin before he fell back into the ground.

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He paused for a moment waiting for the initial gunfire that trailed behind Julius to gain some distance. He was then rocked by the sound of an explosion tearing through the air nearby. He fell to the ground on impulse, but it wasn't long till he realized that Bradley's left arm had saved him from the shrapnel of the blast. He screamed out towards the Lieutenant in a mad dash and scooped the guy off the ground and onto his right shoulde
<Giovanni_Medici> r. He darted for the APC after Julius all the meanwhile screaming "GO GO GO." =-

<General`Cordiva> -=Stumbling a step backwards, Julius looked at the woman from earlier, he was near the ACP, but the woman had momentarily stopped him=- What the FUCK are you doing woman? I am not running for my health. -=With that he stepped over the grounded woman and continued to run towards the ACP=-

<Bai> Bradley opened one eye, "S'okay, sir. Shrapnel never killed anyone." He blinked then continued his cold joke, "Of my rank anyway." He managed his own weak chuckle, he appeared to flex his right hand several times before realizing his UMP was on the ground away from him, only a Raging Bull left now huh? He placed a hand on the revolver's holster, then slipped into unconciousness.

<Isis-Reign> -=Taking off after the General, Isis knew things were getting heavy outside. It was easy to catch up with him and she was definitely glad she hadn't worn heels today.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=Noticing the woman running alongside him, Cordiva was getting annoyed at her=- What the hell do you want woman?! You should still be in the med wing!

<Isis-Reign> I want to fight!

<Giovanni_Medici> -=As soon as General Cordiva cleared the view, he noticed who the woman was that he had stepped over. His first reaction was extreme shock, but in this situation he had no time to think about such things. He piled himself into the APC and almost immediately slammed the armored door shut behind him. A wave of small arms bullets slammed into the door, but it held for now. He slowly lowered Bradley to the floor of the vehicle as he examined
<Giovanni_Medici> the wounds.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=With irritance, he tsked=- Get the hell in that APC, and be quick about it, I have no desire to leave youhere to die. -=He ducked under a few ricohets, and turned, a desert eagle in each hand, he popped off a few shots, killing a couple of Chinese=- Get in! -=He walked backwards, firing at the oncmoming enemy troops=-

<Isis-Reign> -=Wasting no time to leap inside of the APC, Isis moved to the far wall. Ducking down at of habit, she didn't stand back up until the door was closed. It was about that time that her gaze fell upon Giovanni holding an injured man. Staring at him, she blinked, trying to snap herself out of the shock.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=Following her in, Julius looked at Medici, noticing the connection between the two=-= Drive! And forget the woman. We have more important things to do. -=He then looked at the woman=- You wanna fight? We are going to the air base.

<Isis-Reign> I don't know how to fly...

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He closed the door behind the General and took a quick look at Isis. He then turned his attention back to Bradley as he began to work on the wound.=- It's just his arm, the shrapnel doesn't seem to have cut his main artery. We can save him. Someone give me some water.

<General`Cordiva> -=Julius nodded=- I will deal with him, drive the vehicle Colonel. -=He then looked at the arm of the man, and reached up for some bandgaes=-

<Isis-Reign> -=Snatching a canteen of water, Isis leaned forward in order to hand it to the General. Leaning back, she frowned a moment before leaning forward again, taking a moment... albeit it a quick one, to kiss Giovanni on the lips before returning to where she had been sitting moments before.=-

<General`Cordiva> Lady, I do not fully know what you can do in the fight right now. -=He looked at her with a serious expression, uncoiling the bandage for Bradley=-

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He began working on the larger bits of shrapnel trying to nudge them out of the smaller wounds. He toor pieces of cloth off from his own cape to immediately wrap the wound on the arm. He didn't want to leave his wounded soldier, having lost so many already, but after he had bandaged that one wound he knew that duty came as first priority.=-

<Bai> The eyes of Bradley shot open as he winced upon awakening in such a moment, then begun to murmur, "Ahh, hot, hot, hot." As he bandages and water were applied, he reached about wildly then gripped the handle of his Raging Bull revolver and hoisted it up. "So where are we?" He sleepily asked, keeping the gun in his grip.

<General`Cordiva> -=Looking at the soldier, Cordiva tied off the final part of the bandage=- We are in an APC, going to the air base. We need support up there.

<General`Cordiva> -=He once more looked up at the woman=- What was with the kiss? This is a fucking battlefield not a god damned Mills and Boon novel. Do ot distract my men. Understood? -=His voice was very garsh as he spoke to the woman=-

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He quickly moved toward the front of the APC and lifted himself into the drivers seat. He immediately shifted the vehicle into gear and slammed on the accelerator. He tore out of the north entrance to what was left of the pathetic looking London Military Headquarters.=- General, he's all that's left of Bravo company, maybe a few lost stragglers at the most.

<Bai> Bradley blinked once, then shrugged, only wincing as his left shoulder moved. "Well, obviously." He replied shortly, remembering his fallen AA turret post and his men dying either from mental breakdown or being barraged by wave after wave of bullets.

<Giovanni_Medici> What's left of Alpha, Charlie, and Delta are scattered all over the place back there. I don't think we even have two hours left before the base falls.

<Isis-Reign> Uh huh... I can fight... I eh... I'm good with most any type of weapons.

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He didn't say anything to Cordiva's tongue lashing at Isis, it obviously wasn't his place nor did he have any ground to argue against it.=-

<Isis-Reign> You name it, I'll do it... pretty much. -=She was not necessarily ignoring what he said, just displacing what he said for the moment.=-

<General`Cordiva> -=He looked at the woman=- I know you are good with knives. For now, sit back and relax the best you can, that's what I'm going to do. Things will heat up again pretty soon. -=He leant back in his seat, and let loose a heavy sigh=- And you too Bradley. Don't know what you can do in that state, so just rest.

<Giovanni_Medici> -=He tore down the streets of London weaving around piles of rubble. The occasional bullet dinked off of the hull or door to the APC.=-

<General`Cordiva> Medici get this thing on the M25 as quick as you can. Take the A87 next left. The M25 will get us there twuce as quick despite being open.

<Isis-Reign> I hate sitting and not doing anything... -=Frowning, she flipped one of her daggers into her right hand, playing with it a little in order to keep herself amused and out of the rage of the General.=-

<Giovanni_Medici> Yes, Sir. -=He immediately veared to the left onto the A87, and shortly after boarded onto M25 highway. He mumbled to himself as he grew concerned about being in the wide open. He pushed the pedal down as hard as it would go, hoping ot make it difficult for an RPG to lock on.=-

These are the logs, edited to the best of my ability without spending hours on them.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Moonwolf on Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:34 am

NRAF (New Royal Air Force) #89 "Metal Falcon" Apache-FX5.
First Lieutenant, Officer In Charge of #89. NRAF Petty Officer.
Conscription Date: 9/5/(Classified), Luke H. Walter
<file/open; Encryption Code Identified>
<Mission Detail; Scout over east perimeter toward 18-45 coordinates. Identify and neutralize enemy infantry. Recon>
<retreat upon hostile Anti-Aircraft Stations, note coordinates. closed/file>

The distant whirring of the large overhead steel gray helicopter bristled in the weather, the blades of the rotating aircraft spun swiftly as the hulking metal Apache moved forward. In white paint sprayed across the left side were the words, "NRAF A89", and on the right side of the metal plating, in spray painted dulling red paint were the words, "Metal Falc", the last two of the bearing "o-n" were obscured. The aircraft slowly lowered itself,the front was distinctly marked with shark-jaw-designs. Three rockets in revolver style balance on launchers attached on either wing.
The sliding metal doors were open, and giant chainguns with rolls of ammunition stocked in ammunition boxes were clearly visible, at this point, that kind of firepower was enough to blow out a tank or two, or, preferably, hose fire upon rows and rows of invading chinese. The Apache tilted precariously as it's pilot, hard bitten Sergeant Luke, fought to keep the Apache Helicopter airborne.

The crack of assault rifle fire rained upon the skies, and dull 'Thunks" were quite easily heard against the dull gray metal plates of the Apache. There was an outburst of flames as one wing caught fire, "Shit!" Luke roraed as a marine ran forward and dumped a bucket of water over it, droplets pelted the screen of the Apache. The marine drew back warily as the chaingunners opened fire once again at the crags and bushes, the satisfying screams and sickening impact sounds as the reward. There was a another crack, distinctively louder, then a whine of a speedy bullet.
A chaingunner fell back as a 'Ping!" Noise identified itself, and fell back, dead, a bloody spot in the middle of his head. "Sniper!" A marine yelled, everyone lowered their helmets and kept firing or filling ammo, in the sheer hopes the bullet, in luck, would ricochet off the helmets.
The pilot beside him clicked a few buttons and turned to Luke. "Fast moving vehicle identified. Unclear status of siding. Orders?" Luke hastened, if he fired at this new vehicle, he's be wasting precious ammo. "Negative on fire. Standby to survey, open rockets at the pillbox."

A man made metal construct had been harrasing the Apache with it's make-up for lack of Anti-Air. the dual machine gun barrels pelted noisily against the Apache's hull and threatened to pelt it with so many bullets that it went out of balance. The rockets made impact, and there was a huge explosion and furling flames accompanied by smoke as the rockets took down it's targets. A dozen more soldiers were sent flying out of the pillbox and the machine gunners in guaranteed doom. Luke bit his lip, four missles left, and god knows, less than a thousand perhaps, of chaingun ammunition.

"Five more minutes, before self ETA." The co-pilot quipped. Luke nodded gravely and kept swinging the Apache wildly around, the return journey was going to be albeit easier after bulldozing through the enemy ranks, but still not easy. Luckily, the enemy troops hadn't gotten reports of the Airbase, and they were able to catch them off guard with bombings and helicopter raids. But for how long? "Damn. Where's the ammo refill supply when you need it?" He cursed.

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