Wymarc Imelda Nacht (new)

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Wymarc Imelda Nacht (new)

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Wymarc Imelda Nacht

Name: Wymarc Imelda Nacht (Imelda Nacht meaning Warrior Night)

Age: 18

Height: 6'

Weight: 140 lbs

Haircolor: Dark mahogany red (died to perfect, but somewhat natural)
Eyecolor: Pure green

Accessories: A black chocker around her neck with a skull of diamonds attached, given to her by her deceased father.

Abilities: Lieing, stealing, living independent outdoors. Highly intelligent.

Background/History: Wymarc is an only child german girl, that moved to Canada at 13. Her family died a couple years after in a house fire when she was 15. Wymarc decided to run, from the government and everybody else.

She has been living in the woods, travelling every day since then. Stealing food and neccesity items, and lieing about her self. She has many persona's but keeps track of them all with her intelligence.

Occupation: She has no job, the government doesn't even know she exists. She lives off the land and from other people when they sleep at night.

Nickname: None, because she doens't have anybody to call her something else.

Skin tone: Very light, she lives mostly in the forest after all.

Dislikes: Wymarc hates to be seen by other people.

Likes: She loves to eat blackberries.

Interesting Fact: Wymarc once came upon a mushroom. She was hungry so she took a bite. It turned out to be a local hippies shroom garden. Boy..she ran, she didn't like that at all!


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