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DB Xenoverse Lone Survivor

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:28 am

A battered red haired, crimson eyed female Saiyan breathed heavily through clinched teeth. The sounds of death, crying, and battle rang out constantly through the city as she neared the burnt out Time Patrolers' headquarters. Pausing, she popped one of her few remaining Senzu beans in her mouth. 'Just a patch up to hold me till I find a safe place.' she thought. Stumbling through the open wall, she made her way into the inner sanctum. Taking a moment to search for a scroll she read before the war, she moved to rear.

Finding it among the rumble she took it and her own and placed in a small bag. Setting the bag over her shoulder, she touched the Scroll of Eternity and vanished. Drifting through the cosmic temporal muck, the Saiyan wondered if she would ever find peace. Shutting tired eyes she felt her mind gradually shut down.

Waking when she slammed into the ground, she slowly rose to her feet. Pain radiated from every injury that wasn't healed by the Senzu bean and she wanted to strangle the Kai of her time for letting the war happen. Once on a vertical base she looked around to find when the heck she landed. But there wasn't any distinguishing figures that gave her a sense of date. She took several minutes to hide both scrolls, she rockets skyward. Slowly rotating in place, the Saiyan saw a city off in the distance. 'Get there, find an abandoned house, and rest for the night.' she mused.

After what seemed like hours, she found a suitably abandoned house that was far enough away to not get noticed. Hoping through a smashed window, the Saiyan grabbed a worn coat and sat down in a corner. Curling up, she never realized that she drifted off to sleep.

A weird sensation brought the Saiyan to full battle readiness. Letting her gaze go searching, she rolled into a low crouch with her ki glowing around her hand. 'What woke me?' she wondered. Coming out of the crouch she decided that it was time to enter the city. Leaving the house, she about a hour to train. Even though she wasn't planning on getting into any fights. The lessons of her past rearing their ugly head. Pausing mid elbow strike, she glanced skyward and sighed inwardly. "Just want to be loved. Is that to frelling much to ask?" she said. Once the training was out of the way, she popped up to tree top level. Rolling her shoulders, she bolted forward. Staying just above the tops she weaved to and fro.

Avoiding swaying branches that danced in the wind's embrace. But her forward progress was abruptly halted minutes into her flight an overcharged ki blast. That pushed her above five thousand feet before dissipating to nothing. Partially knocked silly from it, she ragdolled while pummeting to earth. 'Wha??' she thought sluggishly as started to right her. Only to get body slammed into her at full speed. Grunting from the impact she managed to separate from who was tossed at her.

Shaking off the blows finally, she noticed more ki coming at her and dazed fighter. Opting to drop, the Saiyan lowered her power till it couldn't sustain her weight in flight. Searching for the cause of dazed body she only then saw the group of fighters rushing in. 'SSHHIITT!!' she thought, hoping to hit the ground before they felt her. But she didn't see the second high powered ki blast that came from below. Hearing and feeling the bones in her arm and break, she screamed out shortly before passing out.


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