XXXGWC-F188 Falcon

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XXXGWC-F188 Falcon

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Teh Andy on Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:31 pm

Okay, this was made with a mix of UC and AC technology, but it should work fine, I think. I just need to have it checked out. Any suggestions would be appreciated, that's mostly why I'm doing this, to have it critqued and tweaked by someone who knows what they're doing.

Basically, the suit is made for speed and melee combat in the air. The weapons it has are designed to be specifically high output. As such I suggested two generators, one for the weapons systems and one for the machine itself. However, I'm not sure how practical or applicable half of these things are, SO i'm submitting it for approval.

Madan, let me know what you think and what changes would be best. >.o I think this is gonna get a li'l expensive.

Code Name: Falcon
Model Number: XXXGWC-F188
Model Type: High Output Aerial Combat Suit
Maximum Height: 15.6 meters
Maximum Weight: 18.5 tons
Color Scheme: White w/ Black
Armor: Gundanium alloy w/ ceramic composite

2x Ultra compact fusion reactors: power output, unknown
One Generator is used to power the gundam’s powerful weapon systems, the other is used to power the gundam itself. Both generators are housed inside a thick layer of ceramics.

Full Thruster Output: 860,000 kg
Maximum Acceleration: 5.4 g
Vernier Type: AAA
12 verniers in all
2 maneuverable verniers in front of the waist
2 maneuverable verniers behind the waist
2 maneuverable verniers in the middle of the back
2 maneuverable verniers under the feet
2 maneuverable verniers just below the back of the knee
2 maneuverable verniers in the shoulders.
180 degree turn-time: .1 seconds

2x Twin beam katanas linked directly to the weapons generator.
1x Beam Naginata with extra power stores in the long haft.
2x 150 Double Barrel Automatic shotguns. One barrel is fed 10 flechette rounds. The other is fed 10 depleted uranium slug rounds. Extra ammo is kept inside a hidden compartment in each leg.
2x 120 mm handguns loaded with armor piercing rounds. 15 round clips. Extra ammo kept in hidden compartments in the gundam’s lower back.
2x arm mounted pop-up beam rifle.
4x head mounted 60mm beam vulcans

Features: Able to quickly accelerate to and maintain extremely high speeds; very, very agile. Wings on back aid with stability and direction during flight. Auto-tinting cams. Waist and chest mounted flashlights. Designed to be completely aerodynamic with reinforced armor to withstand the high acceleration.
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