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Yamazaki Ryuji vs Jago

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Yamazaki Ryuji vs Jago

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yamazaki Ryuji on Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:34 pm

[23:29:50] * Yamazaki_Ryuji he then kept his body in it's stance rather low to the ground, but he variated the way his arms were in his stance. Typically one hand was in his pocket, his left, but he brought the arm down hanging loosely. His spine was turned so that his right shoulder faced jago. The man was originally about six four, but he was lower to the ground so it didn't seem like he was. His right arm was bent at a right angle, yamazaki grinning while watching the other fighter.
[23:31:32] * Guest44739 Jago stood still on the large battlefield which was just a simple open space with a cement ground. He stood at full height, about 6 feet; on his legs were a simple pair of white sweatpants, on his feet were a pair of sneakers, he didn't wear a shirt, revealing his scarred torso. Jago slid his left foot foreward some infront of
[23:31:34] * Guest44739 his right, at the same time, he brought up his fists, is left about 7 inches infront of his right, which was placed just under his chin. He took on a boxer's fighting stance in expectance of his unknown opponent.
[23:34:15] * Guest44739 Seeing that his opponent was ready, Jago began walking towards him. His walk quickly turned into a sprint, which died down and came to a quick and abrupt stop as he came to within striking range of his opponent. When Jago reached striking range, he brought both his hands up in a typical boxer's defense with his fists just above his forehead<cont>
[23:34:34] * Guest44739 and his fore arms covering the side of his face. Simultaneously with this action, he ducked down slightl and sidestepped to the right, his opponent's left, and swiftly sent his right knee to the back of his opponent's left knee.
[23:37:50] * Yamazaki_Ryuji a grin spread his face widely. As he eyed his boxing opponent move to the left his left arm which was plainly hung by his side twitched a little bit. Yamazaki was hungry for bloodshed, it seemed he was about to get it, with his low stance and his long arms he snapped his left arm around the back of guest's knee, pulling up. So instead of guest kneeing the back of Yamazaki's knee, yamazaki had a tight grip on his leg. Holding the leg of jago tightly by the shin he pivoted, this pivot was powered by his legs and unless jago fell to the ground it would snap his shin in half from the raw power of yamizaki's torso.
[00:09:48] <Guest44739> Wow, I don't even know what to do
[00:09:52] <Guest44739> I'm just gonna say you win

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