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Yashamaru versus Katana_Ashigaru & Bennosuke`Miyamoto

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Yashamaru versus Katana_Ashigaru & Bennosuke`Miyamoto

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Marten on Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:40 pm

(09:11:41\pm) † Yashamaru † Yashamaru stood high atop the mist-ridden earth, the soles of his tabi resting comfortably upon several stalks of bamboo. His strikingly long yet lithe silhouette oscillated due to the heavy winds which blew at this height but did little to disperse the thin veil of vapor that clung to what many would consider to be the "trunks" of the bamboo stalks. Although he had been trained through the years to become accustomed to extreme cold, it was not what Yashamaru considered to be comfortable, the wind's intangible fingers slipping through the openings of his indigo yukata, caressing his lissome limbs in a way which would have made him shiver if he were not focused on the upcoming battle. The length of Yashamaru's kesa, or scarf, that had not been wrapped about the lower half of his face as well as his shoulders flowed freely in the night's breeze, the cloth of the kesa giving off a faint crack every time the strength of the wind picked up. The custom tekkos he had prepared for his various encounters only differed slightly from the more traditional version, featuring a thin sheet of durable cloth which was meant to be worn on the fighter's hands, holes having been cut for both Yashamaru's knuckles and fingers while the sleeves of his yukata, from the forearm down, were tucked into the tekko, bound by cloth and protected by a light plate of steel. In similar fashion, his complementing indigo hakamas had also been tucked into the kyahans he wore upon his shins, so that the pants clung to his legs from below the knee to the ankle, while his thighs were unbound by any constricting material. Situated snugly within the folds of his obsidian obi was the Ukigumo, Yashamaru's tanto, which when coupled with his use of senbon and kunai, along with other weapons, gave Yashamaru the ability to fight from a fair distance away or within melee range of his opponent. Smiling beneath the shroud his scarf provided, the argent radiance of the moon shone down upon his form, filtering through the stray strands of ebon hair that came loose from the incessant winds as well as brightening the faint amber hue of his eyes. "It's a beautiful night. It seems sad it shall be sullied with the death of others."

(09:22:47\pm) .: Katana_Ashigaru :. seen within the bamboo forest was a figure, standing silently; waiting and watching. The metallic bottom of his right zori was placed against the top of the cut-off bamboo stalk; his left leg seeming to hover right over the top of his foot. If one were to gaze upon him from a distance they would see the full moon shining behind him. Katana Ashigaru had his eyes shut from underneathe of his sun hat; he seemed to be in a trance perhaps mu. The same guts of wind that had loosed yashamaru's hair blew the tattered edges of katana's haori. On his back a rather large gourd was strapped to him, whether something was held in it or not was indeterminable at the current distance katana stood at. He let out a long, yet controlled, a thin wire seen from his right hand connecting to one of his swords, although its destination was also undetermined. At the samurai's left side there was a katana: the rather long, elegant blade rested gently at his side. He hopped down from the tall bamboo stalk and landed softly upon the terra firma. His eyes opened, the piercing gaze of his yellow irises seemed as startling as shattering glass. He lowered his left hand to the hilt of sodom, his katana, and drew the blade. He also shifted his right foot forwards; his body juxtaposed to the other stalk that seemed to be very similar to his own. Once drawing sodom he raised his right hand outwards, stancing himself in the gatotsu stance; his movements seemed to be in phases, and simultanious with his counter part. His eyes glaring from underneathe the abysmal shadow that his sun hat had casted over his face; his footing spread, his form ready.

(09:54:30\pm) -Bennosuke`Miyamoto- Bennosuke`Miyamoto stepped forward sluggishly, his body's lethargic movements were comprable to that of a vagabond. The gi he wore with both sleeves torn off jaggedly. His tall thin figure slumped over as he brought his right hand across his chest, pulling the achromic. Those azure optics fixated to the man before him, as the plait he wore down his back, that rested at nearly halfway down his frame blew haphazardly with a meager wind. His right hand coming down now, to his left side, grasping the bandage wrapped hilt of Jigoku, drawing it foreward with a sudden fluidity to his movements. His left foot extended forward, the zori sandals he wore bent the bent a acuminously spiked length of bamboo. Stepping over it, the metal plated zori, matted the lush growth. His back was now to his brother, as the haori he wore fluttered at ends. The waving image of the kanji for Sun seemed to be projected forth in a crimson color. His left hand pushed foreward, as the kisaski of of jigoku rested in the 'tigers mouth' the area between his index and thumb. The moon resided at an apical place in the sky, the bright glow was enough to break through the mist about them, Bennosuke's body seeming to effluviate an ethereal aphotic light.

(10:10:48\pm) † Yashamaru † As he was situated high above the ground, Yashamaru's vantage point was the best in the entire weald, allowing him to take immediate notice of both men as soon as they had entered his vicinity. So, it was these two that Yashamaru was given the task of destroying. Bending his knees, he was now perched atop the bamboo with the toes of his tabis bearing his weight. His position reminiscent to that of a bird of prey prepared to strike, the similarity was re-enforced with the coloration of his oculi. Yashamaru caught the unbridled cloth of his kesa and wrapped it about his figure, further concealing him even though he was in plain sight, high above the men. Catching sight of the familiar glint of moonlight against the cold steel of a weapon, Yashamaru's muscles tensed in excitement as opposed to dread. The reputation of the men he would face preceded them, giving him no shadow of a doubt that the night, although beautiful, would give him an interesting tale to recount to his superiors. The air seemed to grow chiller for an instant before Yashamaru had realized he had begun to perspire from his state of exhilaration. His balance was exceptional as he held himself in place atop swaying stalks of bamboo with only the use of his toes while he slipped his right hand into the left breast of his yukata, taking hold of two modified kunai, slipping both his fore and ring fingers comfortably into the holes that were mounted upon the weapon's pommel. Yashamaru leaned forward, intentionally allowing himself to plummet towards the earth at an incredible rate, his legs straightening as his rapid descent began. Once he was nearly halfway towards the ground, he pressed the sole of his left tabi against the breadth of a spire of bamboo. This fleeting form of contact was all that he required to explode forth towards his opponent with the swift speed of the Shuku-Chi, having decided to use its full potential, something very few had ever been able to achieve. His visage now became nothing more than an intermittent irregularity against the faint sage of the thicket. As Yashamaru made his way nimbly towards the two men, he caught sight of a metallic strand faintly shining in the moon's radiant smile, making sure to work his way around the strand as well as to be on guard for any other such devices. The vast distance that had formerly been between Yashamaru and his adversaries had been crossed almost instantaneously, the earth between them appearing to have been reduced, which is how the technique "Shuku-Chi" received its name. Abruptly coming to a halt behind both "brothers" as they had finished forming their pattern, the tips of both kunai dipped into the supple flesh of the back of their necks (which was possible due to the fingers he had placed the kunai on as well as the fact they were back to back) while strands of hair and cloth came loose from his clothing, not having given them the proper treatment of gradually working into the Shuku-Chi's full power. They danced to and fro in the moonlight, casting the scene in a surreal light before having been blown away or landed on the three of them. "Ashigaru Katana, Miyamoto Bennosuke, I have been charged with the task of killing the both of you. I apologize, but you must pay for your previous indiscretions."

(03:11:59\pm) .: Katana_Ashigaru Suprisingly enough the dagger had swiped through mere air; katana had, from the moment he started his stance, initiated a footing to start the water flow technique and had already started moving his slender form fowards while he had dropped from the stalk, now he was moving at an incredible rate. The celerity and timing of The Blood Moons motion was close to simultanious with the moment that Yashamaru had landed them; his speed not a moment later increasing a hundred fold. This sort of speed and the way he applied it particularly effected the water particles in the mist allowing him to much more easily perform the Ryuusui no Ugoki Jissen Kenbu . Different images of the samurai made him appear as if he were stationary, deceitful as this was he was actually moving at a speed to create that image, thus making an illusionary technique. Within seconds of the images that had faded were replaced with twice as many in a smooth liquidated effect thus why it was dubbed the nickname "The Waterflow Technique." Most of the images were half-behind the bamboo trees making it even more difficult to detect where he actually was. The smooth velvety tone of his voice rang out in a low mocking laugh, the voice seemed produce from every direction - a tribute to his speed and illusionary effects. "May the promised Elysian Fields be your solace..." He spoke, however what he said seemed to be incomplete; the winds whisping along the bamboo stalks, his blade drawn however he had dropped his gatotsu stance.

(03:58:11\pm) -Bennosuke`Miyamoto- His right hand fell along his side, catching hold of the wrapped bottom of jigoku. Allowing his left hand to draw, Fukushu from over his shoulder, pointing the kisaski skyward, moonlight streaking across the smooth steel. The kisaski of Jigoku was now extended to the right hand side, parallel to the gaia. Crouching down against the ground as Yashamaru's form blurred from physicallity, the tip of Kunai merely clipped a thin strand of hair from atop his cranium. Taking on the stance for the Ni-Ten Ichi Ryu; Two Heavens As one. There was a building of moonlight along the mune of Fukushu, the immaculate light seemed to be ethereal in apperance. Employing the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu; Rai Ryu Sen, manipulating the massing of light, he shot the beams into the eyes of Yashamaru; This serving to blind him for the time being. A pooling of liquids were now along his heel as he brought the mass of his weight onto the heel of his left foot.

(04:19:30\pm) † Yashamaru † The corner of Yashamaru's lips curled upwards in a slight grin beneath the shroud of his kesa, the dissipation of one foe coupled with the crouching movements of the other did nothing more than amuse him. A bead of sweat trailed down along his forehead until it became a dampened spot atop his scarf, its caliginous chroma contrasting critically against the sepia oculus that was visible beneath a large amount of his livid locks now hung before his face, blocking his other eye from sight. It seemed as if both men were skilled in more than mere swordsmanship, which he found to be quite intriguing. But, their knowledge of the occult did not matter, for their fates were sealed. Upon his landing as Miyamoto and Ashigaru went about their means of defense, the rate at which the impulses in Yashamaru's form were sent was transmundane, causing his ability of perception to be more than capable of keeping track of Ashigaru as he traversed the forest's labyrinth of bamboo. At the speed his eyes discerned the movements of Ashigaru, it seemed as if the man were moving at what one would equate to a mare's trot as opposed to a destrier's gallop in which he was truly moving. With each apparition that was formed, the technique became clearer to Yashamaru, granting him the knowledge of its weakness and how exactly to use it against his adversary instead of simply using the speed of the Shuku-Chi to overtake him like the hounds overtake the hare. Having been able to ascertain the full extent of speed through means of calculations, Yashamaru turned his attention to the form of Miyamoto as he had finished stooping towards the ground, keeping Ashigaru within the peripheral vision of his unveiled eye. The nature of Miyamoto's swordplay seemed oddly familiar to him, but he dispelled the notion as quickly as it came, studiously scrutinizing his motions while moving his left hand in a circular fashion as if it were revolving upon an axis. Once the moonlight had begun to emanate from the length of Miyamoto's blade, the purpose of the kesa wrapped about the lower half of his face, as well as the locks of hair that shielded his left eye became apparent. The extent in which the flash of light affected Yashamaru was minuscule, although it did cost him to lose track of Ashigaru momentarily. Coming to a conclusion in mere seconds as to what course of action he should take, Yashamaru pirouetted gracefully as he dug the sole of his right foot into the ground; this provided a fair amount of upturned earth to be sent towards both the face of the crouched Miyamoto as well as to smother the liquids that had gathered at his foe's feet. While completing his pirouette, Yashamaru let fly one of the kunai that had been so snugly held in his hand, the circle upon the pommel sliding off of his finger alacritously, poised to strike at the very spot Ashigaru was about to run into, having kept the thought of leading his prey in mind.

(04:41:55\pm) .: Katana`Ashigaru The myriad of constant images increased explosively the particles of water in the mist an attribute to the prolific amounts of images. Each one of the images an apparent vantage point for the samurai; able to at any time ambush from one of the images. He kept his yellow irises fixated on the shukuchi user, each image facing where Yashamaru was standing: each one of the images similar to a gateway for him. From ing within the thick bamboo brush: katana's weapon, sodom, came soaring through and aimed to stab right through the head of Yashamaru, taking in mind the motion of his pirhouette and calculating the path of the blade to stab right through his temple as he soon finished his spinning motion. It was obvious why he hid his images half way behind the bamboo trees, to allow the kunai's motion to become hindered; he continued moving, whether the kunai had an edge to it or not was irrelevant. The image that the kunai was thrown at had used the bamboo stalks to catch the dagger-like blade. Simultaniously with the kunai landing the image that was standing next to the tree faded from sight, the plethora of other images increasing in numbers, rather than dwindling. :.

(04:56:47\pm) -Bennosuke`Miyamoto- Bennosuke's right foot was drenched within the crimson liquid that seemed to be nostalgic of blood. Bringing himself, to the right hand side of Yashamaru. Juxtaposed to the beings body, the debris merely connected against his shoulder, and the last pooling of the liquid. His movement's took on a certain autonomy, The Okuri-Ashi he performed brought him into a broad sweeping motion. Propelling himself toward the form of Yashamaru as he finished his risquè movement, spiraling. The extention of Fukushu in his left hand, brought the radiant rays of moonlight into a palpable mass, giving his blade the projection to be of a much longer shape; Possibly a masamune. With the expanse that the blade covered between the back of Yashamaru and the body of Bennosuke, he lunged foreward, his right foot riding along the serriform edge of his blade. A spark manifested itself, along the blade's edge. The spark brought the entierty of his appendage into a burning flame. The liquid continued to be expelled from the bottom of his zori-sandal. The liquid was discharged in the close space, the rest of the pressurized sack, bursting forth onto the back of Yashamaru. The conglomeration of the flamming liquids to the back of Yashamaru provied a terrace for attack. His foot closed the avenue between them rapidly; there wasn't enough space for a speedy movement on the opposing parties side. His foot flaming wildly seemed to explore the rage within his eyes. The mass of flames palpated along the bottom of his hakama but to no avail, the oddly colored fabric that was sewn into the material there, wouldn't hold rapidly oxidize, as the dried matting of his zori did. The ascension of his foot was aimed to thrust Yashamaru into the air, his mouth spoke quietly, perhaps finishing the speech of Katana, as were there nature. " ....For the path of death.." His words, were underbreath and poorly spoken. They served their purpose, as those glinting iris' flashed violently, serving to only make his rage even more tangible.

(05:24:55\pm) † Yashamaru † Unable to contain himself any longer, Yashamaru parted the thin rose-petals that were his lips and began to chuckle at the very moment both Ashigaru's blade was poised to impale his skull as well as Miyamoto's dabbling in chemistry in order to ignite Yashamaru's form in a torrent of flames. The sound of his derisive laughter began to reverberate through the hollow stalks of bamboo that encircled them, carrying it to distances farther than it would normally have traveled. It was obvious that his trap had not only been set surreptitiously before their eyes, but that it was about to be put into fruition. Having been taught to use Shuku-Chi to its fullest extent, Yashamaru was not only capable of moving his legs at speeds which surpassed even the most light-footed of mortals, he was imbued with the ability to move the rest of his body at the same speed, needing only a previous movement to transcend his normal speed and move into that of the Shuku-Chi. As Ashigaru had attempted to strike at him as he had finished his revolution, Yashamaru used the impetus from his pirouette to immediately move himself from harm's way, which in turn caused the liquid which had been released from the bladder Miyamoto had used to fill the gap he had previously filled. Coming to a halt between two spires of bamboo, Yashamaru pressed the full length of his back against the bole directly behind him while the knee of his right leg was bent, allowing him to place the flat of his foot against that of the stalk before him. He still wore the kunai upon his right hand as if it were a piece of jewelry while his left arm strangely came to a sudden snap, as if a wire had come to the end of its spool, which is exactly what had happened. In the initial moments of the fight, Yashamaru had deviously strewn thin steel wires which were coated in a special, nonflammable oil that gave them the strength to slice through layers of steel, about both of his adversaries, using the strands of cloth from his yukata along with some of his hair to conceal the placement of said wires. Ashigaru's weaving in and out of trees had provided Yashamaru with more than enough leverage to give the "spool" which was nothing more than the tekko upon his left hand a forceful tug which would leave his opponents in several slabs of freshly charred flesh. This would explain why he had allowed Ashigaru to continue his movements rather than moving at a rate he would be unable to keep up with. It would also explain why Yashamaru had not, in fact, made an attempt to finish Miyamoto while he was so close; opting to lengthen the "thread" by moving his hand in a circular motion. By leaving Miyamoto to his own devices, he gave Miyamoto the task of digging his own grave. By simply crouching, the wires that would have normally wound their way about the limbs were given the opportunity to wrap about his neck, which they did, while maintaining their almost insignificant weight which would not have alerted either fighter. "May you find peace in death."

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