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3 Years - Coming Full Circle

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

3 Years - Coming Full Circle

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:10 pm

Zhelir pressed his back to the slowly disintegrating column. It was made out of a study enough material -- marble, polished concrete, Zhelir didn't really know. It'd been three years since he last found himself in this place, and the change between then and now wasn't all that different. Bullets then, bullets now. The objectives, however, had. Last time it'd been about saving a life, this time it was about taking one.

A loud rock tune blared out through the speakers -- one of Zhelir's favorites. It was a classic, and it was the work of Day. Kid was a damned genius when it came to computers. Either the colony's security wasn't good enough to override what he'd done, or they didn't have enough spare personel to do it. Either way, Zhelir was glad; the music boosted his sense of combat.

The music and the bullets seemed to both slow nearly simultaneously. He heard voices echo down the corridor.

"Who the hell is it?" One asked. Young, confident, not a trace of worry. Cocky little bastard.

"It's Zhelir Darkfall, dumbshit!" Another replied. Much older, yet still no worry.

"What the hell is he doing here!?" Called the first. Yet, even knowing who he was against, there was no worry. Had his own reputation fallen so far in three years? It was time to remedy that.

He didn't lean out and take a few pot shots. He threw himself bodily from the depths of the column. Through bits of falling plaster and whatever the damned thing was made off, Zhelir aimed the two Casulls he carried -- one blue, one black. He let off the full run of the two clips. Eighteen shots of thundering death punched through the air. The dust from the fallen bits of wall and column was thick enough to allow Zhelir to actually spot the bullet trails from his gun for a moment, before they were replaced by vague red mists. Screams of agony intemingled with death rattles as Zhelir completed his dive, slipping behind a second, far less damaged column.

It didn't particularly bother him to kill these men. They weren't his men. All his men had been laid off shortly after he left, for fear of loyalists such as Tersan. Zhelir rose to his feet. The music, having regained its former speed somewhere through the dive, was playing solo, now; no gunshots were being made. Aparently, they hadn't sent many after him, yet.

Zhelir slipped out from behind the column and calmly walked straight into the midst of the bodies he'd so recently laid to rest. A few still stirred feebly. He decided to oblige the men with an answer to the younger one's question. An answer he doubted any would understand.

"I've come full circle, mother fuckers." He whispered into the red mist that hung around him.

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Zhelir Darkfall
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:52 pm

Lord Raphael Winson sat in his office on L4. The man had aged badly in the last three years. His skin was wrinkled, his head bald. The scar he had received from Kaden, now long embedded on his face, seemed deeper and more defined.

The FRE Faction had made the L4 Colony Cluster one of it's more primary bases of operations. After dropping the damaged L3 Prime Colony, most of the citizens had been relocated to L4, and construction of a new colony L3 Beta Prime, had begun about two years ago. However, do to several setbacks, it had not been finished. The near constant persistence of the space pirate group, the Vanguard Prime, had sabotaged or attacked many of the FRE Faction's ships. Only some of these actually held supplies for the Colony project though. Winson was preparing his forces for the next objective. L5 was slowly coming under his control, which left L2 and L1. The L1 Colony Cluster would be the most difficult to take over, seeing as a majority of the former military forces under the control of Sin were located there.

Winson's seductive secretary of Asian decent, Oshia walked into his office

Oshia - Lord Winson, we have reports of gunfire.

Winson - Could it be the Vanguard Prime, again?

Oshia - We do not know sir. We have not seen any indication of their two mobile suits.

Winson - Yes, Gundam's Cygnus X-1 and X-2...hmmm. have several fire teams deployed to that location. If it isn't the Vanguard Prime, this will give us an opportunity to launch or ships for L5. Have our "diplomatic" fleet ready to launch.

Oshia - Yes, my lord.

Oshia bowed and then walked out issuing the orders Winson had given her.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:48 pm

Zhelir slipped out of the hanger and into the artificial night of L4. His feet hammered hard and loud in the night air as he made a mad dash for the office building his own office used to reside at the top of. The smug bastard had probably moved right in.

He heard indistinct voices all around him, along with gunshots to the east. News of his attack in the hanger had spread quickly enough, and Day was certainly doing just fine with his pick-off job. The only shots he could hear were that of a very high powered rifle. The pitch seemed to vary a bit, but it was bound to do that when echoing through buildings.

Finally, the office came into view, along with a dozen more soldiers, all armed to the teeth. Zhelir caught the briefest glimpse of a squad of men, all carrying assault rifles that he guessed had extremely high rates of fire, all wearing heavy body armor, and all raising their guns for him, as he flung himself into an alley, and none too soon. The defeaning staccato of bulletfire could be heard all through the section of the city they stood in, and the ground where Zhelir had been moments before had been reduced to chalky dust.

Zhelir, already having temporarily dropped his black Casull, pulled a flashbang from the depths of his trenchcoat. With a quick jerk of the pin, he hurled it out around the corner of the alley, narrowly avoiding having his hand shot off. He quickly averted his eyes to the opposite wall, as a bright flash of light obscured his periphrial vision. Confused shouts came back, though there weren't many -- one, maybe two tops.

He whirled out, collecting his fallen Casull as he went, and for one brief moment, thought it was all over. His eyes focused on two soldiers, seeming to have been completely uneffected by the blast -- probably shielded from it by the faceplates of the helmets they wore. Both of their weapons were levelled at him, and he knew, once his vision cleared, if he had the time, the rest would be in the same nature. But he wasn't going down without a fight.

He squeezed off seven shots. Four of them punched into the two before him, three into nothingness. He waited for the inevitable feel and sound of a thousand bullets tearing in and out of him. He waited to feel that briefest feeling of failure before his life was drowned out with lead. But the feeling never came. Nor did the end. As his vision cleared, he saw that the two he'd levelled had, in fact, been the only ones left. The rest lay almost in a perfect line, just as they'd been standing when he'd leapt behind the building.

Confused, Zhelir glanced around, before his eyes fell upon a lone, shadowy figure perched atop the roof of the building just behind where the squad had been. The figure took a step forward to reveal a young man. Long, shaggy blonde hair fell across a set of calm blue eyes, which sat within a rough, carved face. The man had a powerful build to him -- he stood at 6'2, had muscle to spare at all points visible, and standing out in the night was a bright gold-and-black tatoo.

"You bastard!" Zhelir called out to Day, "You could've popped the other two, stopped me from damn near shittin' myself!"

Day grinned and responded,
"Hey, thought I'd leave you some fun. I ran out of playmates over on the east end of town."

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Zhelir Darkfall
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:22 pm

Oshia came back into Lord Winson's office. He turned in his chair and smiled at the beauty that stood before him.

Oshia - I believe it is time that we moved to a more secure area, my lord.

Winson - Why is that?

Oshia - Whoever is attacking us has taken out several of our men. They are proving to be ineffective.

Winson steepled his fingers and narrowed his eyes.

Winson - Whoever it is, they are highly trained.

Winson smiled evilly.

Winson - Have the Commander blow a hole into the colony.

Oshia looked surprised.

Oshia - Sir!?

Winson - If there is an attack going on, the news of it will spread quickly through out the news channels. We can easily write it off as another attack made by the Vanguard Prime.

Oshia - All we have are some Serpent units that can be deployed. Most of our military might is loaded on the "Diplomatic" Fleet, which is ready to launch.

Winson - Excellent. Have the Commander launch in one of the Serpents. Have him blow a hole in the colony near where the attackers are. It will give us a reason to evacuate. We'll leave Captain Anthony Gallows to control L4. Have my shuttle prepared for launch. We will be launching with the fleet.

Oshia - Yes, sir.


Commander Harrison Mitchells had survived The Battle of Heaven's Light, 3 years ago. He had crawled back to Winson, and had to beg for him not to have him executed. It was something he hated more than anything he had ever done before. He hated everyone who had made him lose his pride. That meant anyone connected to the Trinity Alliance. The only thing he was proud of was that the FRE Faction had credited him for killing Kiyoshi Kazami, even if no one believed that he was really dead.

Harrison - Commander Mitchells, Serpent, let's go!

The Serpent launched out of the hangar at a high speed. It was his own custom unit, painted red and black. It was armed with a beam cannon and saber. It didn't take him long to get to the coordinates he had been given. The Serpent flew outside the colony, trying to be sure that he wasn't seen. He aimed up at the target location and smirked.

Harrison - Heh...I just love blowing holes into colonies!

Harrison pulled the trigger and a large blast fired from the cannon and ripped through the colonies armor. The beam cannon he used was similar to that of the Vayaette's, and specifically given to him for this mission. A single blast from a regular issue Serpent beam cannon wouldn't have ripped a hole into the colony. It would have made some damage, and a few more shots would have, but that wasn't the plan for this mission. The cannon Harrison used had only one shot and so now it was useless, and he threw it out into space.

Harrison - Mission accomplished. Commander Mitchell's heading back.

Officer over Comm. Link - New orders, Commander. Rendezvou with Lord Winson's shuttle and head to L5.

Harrison - Protecting the old fart again? Uhg...Roger that.

Harrison flew off back towards one of the ports in the colony as air and debris was being pulled out into space.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:35 pm

Zhelir's blood thinned considerably when he heard the sound of a beam cannon powering up. He knew the sound of the gun on Mercurius anywhere. I was time to get the hell out.

He turned to Daedalus, but he was already on the street, sprinting flat-foot toward the hanger. It amazed him how intelligent the kid had grown in the last three years. Zhelir found he rarely had to give him instructions nowadays; It was like having a partner, not an apprentice.

Zhelir whirled around and began to lay into the concrete of the road, as well. He made it about 50 yards when three things simultaneously occured. A violent shake, like a very brief earthquake, an extremely loud explosion, and a sudden powerful blast of wind pushing him away from the hanger.

"Mother fucker!" Zhelir roared, leaning into the wind. Daedalus seemed to have little trouble, for the moment, making his way to the hanger. Zhelir, however, was bent into the wind, latching on to everything he possibly could as he went. Inexplicable joy came to him when his feet set down upon an artificial lawn that ran almost directly toward the hanger; he had some purchase, now.

He dug his fingers into the soft dirt and slowly dragged himslef forward, against the powerful torrent of the air rushing through the hole. It was lightening up, though that might be a bad thing. Zhelir was unsure as to whether the colonies had any way of patching a hole before all the air in the colony escaped.

It felt likes ages before he reached the hanger once more. Inside, he found the wind resistance was almost nil. He breathed a sigh of relief as he made his way to the shuttle they had come in on -- Day, of course, had faked the registation codes.

Zhelir pressed a hand to the cold steel shell around him as he went into a violent coughing fit. He felt a gentle jerk as the shuttle rocketed out of the bay.

"Gotta quit smokin', man, or you're gunna cough out a lung." Came Daedalus' reply, as the last of the coughs escaped from Zhelir's blackened lungs.

Zhelir, too winded at the moment for a voiced reply, instead replied with a common finger gesture. It wasn't a peace sign.
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Zhelir Darkfall
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Dec 06, 2005 11:05 pm

A team of three orange Leo's converted for construction work landed near the gaping hole in the colony. Holding out their hands a sticky residue shot from it creating a sealant over the whole. This image was played through out the L4 Colony Cluster, just as Anthony Gallows appeared on screens everywhere.

Gallows - As you can see we were once again attacked by the Vanguard Prime space pirates. Do to this fact, Lord Winson has launched with or Diplomatic Fleet for the L5 Colony Cluster. It is in our hopes that the FRE Faction can open it's arms to the citizen's of the L5, and with their added forces, we can stop this band of space pirates, that the Trinity Alliance let's run free. It is in our hopes that we can one day stamp out the existence of these rebels and bring peace to the Colonies, and then bring about our dreams of purifying the Earth.
Thank you.

Gallows disappeared as teams began to work on a more permanent fix to the hole in the colony. Lord Winson watched this from the comfort of his seat on his personal shuttle. He was surrounded by his fleet of ten ships. Due to L5's economy being bad for the last few years, many were suffering from the economic depression. Winson had promised to bring supplies and, out of the kindness of his heart, offer them for free. He hoped that this would gain him even more support in L5. By making promises of fixing the L5 economy by bringing it under the control of the FRE Faction. Soon, Winson would have a majority of the colonies under his control. This thought brought his familiar evil smile to his face as the ships launched into the starry blackness.

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