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3 Years Later - To Find Peace, One Must Die.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

3 Years Later - To Find Peace, One Must Die.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Dec 05, 2005 8:47 pm

The hot sun beat down on the Nevada Desert. Hidden in the North American desert lies a base where advanced development of new Mobile Suit technology is tested. Here at Base 03 of the Einhardt Research and Development Labs, a man walks towards a hangar. His dog tags cling and clanged around his neck with each step, and he wears a simple flight suit. The name tag on the right of his chest says "Teir".

Crewman - Ethan!

The man stopped, his dark blue, almost black, hair blowing in the wind as he slowly turned around. He squinted as the sun pierced through his eyes.

Crewman - The Higher Up's say for you to not push the vernier output on the Flight Pack. It's not 100% complete yet and they don't want you breaking it before it's finished.

When have I not pushed any of the mobile suits to the max?

Ethan smiled at the crewman.

But, I'll try and take her easy.

The crewman smiled and shook his head as Ethan Teir turned around and continued his walk towards the hangar. Once he got inside a grey mobile suit stood up against the wall. Technicians ran around everywhere, many shouting orders at others. Ethan picked up his helmet and rode the lift up to the cockpit. Once inside, Ethan brought the mobile suit to life and went through a quick check list in his head. He checked all the switches and controls and then closed the cockpit. The panoramic screens came alive and show his surroundings as he opened a comm. link to the control room.

This is Lieutenant Ethan Teir. ERDMS-05-E all green and ready for launch.

Control Room - Roger, Lieutenant Teir. Opening the hangar doors now. You are clear to launch.

Roger that. Ethan Teir, Gundam Epsilon! Launching!

Ethan gripped the controls, his green eyes focusing on the skies above him as the doors opened. With little effort, the Gundam flew into the air at a high speed, the verniers on the back of the mobile suit glowing a bright blue. Ethan was pinned into the pilot seat, but he showed no discomfort. He was used to this. He had been used to this.

Ethan spun the Gundam in the air, then made it do a flip, aiming the mobile suit towards the ground. Flying at top speed, the ground came closer and closer.

Control Room - Lieutenant Teir! You're approaching the ground much too fast!

A smile came across the pilot's face, and just at the last second, he pulled the Gundam up to fly inches above the asphalt runway that lead to the hangars. In the control room, the technicians let out a huge sigh of relief. These types of aerial acrobatics were common for Ethan Teir, but they still had not got used to them.

Based on what the Einhardt Research and Development Labs had on file about Ethan Teir, he was an Ace Pilot from the OZ Organization, who had been missing in action up until about two years ago. What they didn't know was that Ethan Teir's past was much more complicated than what a simple background check would find. "Ethan Teir" had only seen combat up until AC 195, this man who carried that name, however, had seen much more combat than that.

Control Room - We're launching a team of five Mobile Dolls now.

Ethan smirked as the transmission came over the radio. He pulled the Gundam around facing the base, drawing the beam rifle from the skirt armor.

I thought you wanted me to test this Gundam.

Five Virgo Mobile Dolls ran out of the base, aiming their beam cannons into the distance. In a flash of blue, Ethan sped through the middle of two of the Virgo's. They turned around, almost in confusion, trying to follow the Gundam, but then the two units exploded from a slash across their chest. Ethan pulled the Gundam into the air, barrel rolling around and in between the blasts from beam cannons, the beam saber glowed a luminescent blue in the Gundam's left hand. The beam guns on the Flight Pack folded down over the shoulder, inside the cockpit Ethan marked three of the remaining Virgo's with the two weapons on his shoulders and the beam rifle in his right hand. Narrowing his eyes, Ethan pulled the trigger, the blast of energy raining down on the Virgo's, hitting vital area's and making them explode. Then with out warning, the last Virgo was stabbed through with the beam saber, as Ethan came down to the ground at top speed.

Ripping the saber through the suit as he flew backwards, the Epsilon landed far enough away to be safe from the explosion from the mobile dolls. Clapping could be heard over the comm. link, Ethan simply smiled. He hadn't even broken a sweat.

After bringing the Epsilon Gundam back to the hangar, Ethan made his way outside. He had removed his helmet and his blue-sih black hair was blowing in the wind again.

Crewman - Damn, Ethan, do you always have to try and put on some show?

That wasn't trying.

Slowly, he removed a pair of old sunglasses and slid them over his eyes to shield them from the powerful rays of the Nevada sun.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:14 am

Ethan walks into the rec room still wearing his sunglasses. He makes a nod to Karaudu before walking over to the drink machines to get himself a drink. Putting in a few quarters he makes his selection and takes his drink. Sitting on a couch Karaudu acknowledges the entering of fellow pilot Ethan with a wave, and presses play on a remote. the screen of a monitor flickers to life, and the image of a young politician comes up. He was watching an old broadcast of the "new Heero Yuy".

Ethan walks over to stand behind the couch and look at the broadcast. He smirks after taking a drink of his soda.

Idealists are all the same. They either want to bring us to arms, or make us be at some false peace.

Karaudu laughing slightly.

Karaudu - a pessimist are you? Well he does make one good point. If these wars are too long and fought too hard we'll have nothing left to fight for.

If war was so easy to stop, would we continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over?

Karaudu Strife - Maybe something so horrible no one would want to see a repeat. For there to be any real change that is.

Ethan narrowed his eyes at the broadcast, but Karaudu wouldn't have noticed because of the dark sunglasses.

I've seen a lot of horrible things in my time. Power and Greed are things we can never escape. It is these two things that usually lead us to disagreements, and eventually war. I don't think any kind of horrible event will change human nature.

Karaudu would stop the frame as Griffon would give the camera a deep solemn stare at the end of his broadcast. Karaudu thought for a moment if that was the intense look of peace, then dropped thinking about it.

Karaudu - I wonder if we can truly evolve beyond those concepts and find peace. Because when I think of it I don't even have a definition for such a concept. I think right now it's entirely beyond humans.

Karaudu unpaused the broadcast and let it finish and fade to black.

I will tell you from my own experience. The only way to find peace, one must die.

Ethan took another drink of his soda. Captain Sho of the advent Emblem entered the room as that statement left Ethan's lips.

Sho - Well then perhaps I should die soon.

Sho giggled, but Karaudu could only return a frown to her. HE couldn't bear the thought of losing her.

Karaudu - I don't like that kind of joking...

Ethan brought the can up one last time, finishing it off before throwing it into the trash.

As true as my words are, death isn't something to wish for, Captain Sho.

Karaudu now furious.

Karaudu - Exactly think of who you would leave behind!

Sho sighed.

Sho - Well I'm sorry merely a joke, though it seems to have had the opposite effect of one. But on a new note. Karaudu The Sagittarius is finished for you.

Ethan smiled looking over at Karaudu.

A mobile suit for you, huh? Perhaps you can go against me next time I test the new Gundam.

Karaudu stands, and laughs.

Karaudu - I doubt I can be of any good practice for a more experienced pilot as yourself, but to say I would be of no challenge would be a clear insult to Ms. Sho. She did train me after all.

Sho - Would you be interested in going over it now Karaudu?

Ethan looked over at Sho.

I haven't seen the Captain perform in a mobile suit myself, so I do not know of her abilities, but it is good to see that you have a level head on your shoulders, Karaudu.

Sho smiled.

Sho - Well I won't say much, but I believe myself to be able to handle my mobile suit at its limits.

Karaudu started heading for the door.

Karaudu - Well not to be the young over excited buck, but I really want to see my suit. Did they do anything special for it?

Sho - Well they are making a special order weapon for you that I put in a request for, but sadly it won't be ready for a while.

Ethan stood back waiting for Sho to follow Karaudu.

Well Einhardt R&D is a good place to be if you wanted a new mobile suit weapon.

Following Karaudu, Sho kept talking.

Sho - Yes, we've always been treated well here. My Crew and I that is. In fact the Sagittarius is an example of that.

Karaudu would walk down the corridor to the hangers quickly with the captain behind.

Ethan follows the two of them crossing his arms.

Einhardt R&D seems to be willing to open their arms to those that are skilled.

Entering the Hanger Karaudu grinned widely seeing the lightweight mobile suit with the two beam guns holstered at its side, it was made for his specialty, quick gun play. He was considered somewhat of a cowboy by the other pilots there. This only showed to prove that statement even more.

Karaudu - Wow...nice. I like it. Even the desert paint job fits well.

Sho: I knew you would like it. Well what do you think of it Mr. Ethan?

Ethan walks right up to the mobile suit and looks up at it.

Interesting design. Based mostly on an abandoned project of the Mariemeia Army?

Sho - Yes based on a design I had come across after that certain incident. It's made specifically for combat of a more agile nature.

Ethan runs his hand over the armor on the mobile suit.

Light weight Neo-Titanium construction and an impressive Vernier system.

Ethan looks over at Karaudu.

You'll have an advantage over the new Gun-Marine Mobile Suits.
The Gun-Marine, though based on the L3G-X-1, is heavier and not as agile. Nor does it have the vernier output of the Gundam unit it's based on. You'll be able to fly circles around them.

Karaudu - Gun-Marine? I've never heard of that design. But I do know, even without many verniers the Sagitarrius is quite light-footed, because of the aerodynamics that have been painfully encorportated.

The Gun-Marine is going to be the unit to replace the outdated mobile suits.

Ethan looked over at the Gun-Ace mobile suit, painted blue personally for him.

You might have some problem against the Gun-Ace.

Both Sho and Karaudu's gazes followed him to the mobile suit.

Sho - Hmm. In speed possibly, but the Sagittarius can perform some gymnastic moves thought never possible for a mobile suit. Speed isn't always the key to winning in battle as I've taught Karaudu.

Ethan makes a slight nod before stepping away from the Sagitarrius.

It is a fine, mobile suit Karaudu.

Karaudu - Thanks, I can't wait to see how well I perform with it. Hopefully I can bring out it's full potential.

Karaudu stared at the green visor of the mobile suit that was the main camera.

Karaudu - I'll do whatever I can to make you proud Captain.

Sho - Stop it Karaudu, you'll make a gal like me blush.

Sho laughed. Ethan smirks holding back a comment to what Sho said. He turned his head to Karaudu.

What are you doing just staring at it? It's your mobile suit. Get inside the cockpit. You can take a little run in it against the Gun-Ace.

Ethan slowly took off his sunglasses and hung them from his flight suit's pocket under his "Teir" name tag. His green eyes seemed somewhat cold and distant, even though he smiled.

Karaudu grinned.

Karaudu - Ok, we'll go ahead and test this baby out.

Stepping up to the mobile suit and turning as he grabbed the tow line, he looked at Ethan, He had seen that look in someone's eyes before, but he then shook that thought, and stepped into the cockpit of the Sagittarius as the towline stopped.

Sho - You boys have fun with your toys.

She had walked away, waving to Karaudu, and blowing him a kiss.

Ethan walked to the Gun-Ace and rode the zip line up to the cockpit, he jumped inside and strapped himself into the pilot seat before closing the cockpit door.

I'll have to go easy on the kid. Don't want to shoot him down or anything.

Karaudu strapped himself in, and closed the cockpit, turning on the systems he thought to himself. "how exactly would he fair against a pilot of this caliber?" with that thought the screens lit up, and on the outside the main camera would flash to life with a slight visor glow.

The blue Gun-Ace stepped forward, gripping it's beam rifle in it's right hand, the shield in the other. Ethan slowly made the mobile suit walk out of the hangar while opening up a comm. link to the Sagittarius.

Come on kid, get the lead out.

Karaudu - Ready to engage, all systems are green

The Sagittarius stepped forward and walked out of the hanger behind the the Gun-Ace, empty hands at its side. But once outside the hanger the Sagittarius went to a brisk jog, till it was in front of the Gun-Ace, then turning it stood facing it's opponent.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Karaudu on Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:23 am

Ethan smirked as he looked at the mobile suit infront of him. Stomping down on the pedals, the Gun-Ace lept into the air in a flash of power from the four verniers on it's back and the one's on the feet.

The Sagitarrius took a step back and with a quick snatch of the two guns at its side-skirts took overshot aim, firing two consecutive shots at the path of the mobile suit above

Ethan rolled the Gun-Ace in the air dodging the shots then landing on the ground began running towards the Sagitarrius bringing up its large shield to protect it

The vernier packs on the back of the Sagitarrius scooted up to the top of the shoulders, and ignited, as the mobile suit went running towards the Gun-Ace, but with variation of a zig zag pattern to prepare to avoid any shot fire coming his way

Making the Gun-Ace line up with the Sagitarrius, following it's zig zag pattern, Ethan turned a nob to lower the beam saber's power output. Firing the thrusters, Ethan made the Gun-Ace slam its shield into the Sagitarrius, knocking the light weight mobile suit to the side. Using the verniers, Ethan twisted the Gun-Ace, the metal joints groaned as he pushed it to their limits, and drew the beam saber.

Getting jolted Karaudu's eyes widened "Damn it!" The verniers about faced so that he could push off, and get a clear shot at the legs of the Gun-Ace, his guns firing for both, as the sagitarrius twisted in the air, appearing to do something no one has seen a mobile suit do a flip

The Neo-Titanium armor took the hit in the legs, sustaining minor damage. Ethan was surprised to see the Sagitarrius move in the air like that, but didn't show it on his face. Ethan replaced the beam saber on the recharge rack, before thrusting back with the verniers, aiming the beam rifle and firing at the flipping mobile suit. "Not bad kid."

The mobile suit's verniers would go to the back and aim downward for a quicker fall, but it not being quick enough the mobile suit would get clipped, taking shoulder damage "Perhaps you see what the Captain meant?" The verniers cut off and the mobile suit would land crouching, it's guns pointed straight ahead at the Gun-Ace.

Ethan dashed to the side using the verniers to move behind the mobile suit firing the vulcans the entire time."Perhaps, but there is a flaw to the design."

Performing a diving roll across the desert floor, he would scratch the paintjob of the Sagitarrius, but it would reduce vulcan fire damage. The Vernier packs untucking after the roll, and with a slight twist the sagitarrius would stand and turn firing a single quick shot from its left handed gun "And what is that?"

Ethan easilly blocked the beam gun shot with his shield, it leaving slight damage. Ethan brought the beam rifle up aiming at the Sagitarrius, firing three shots at the right ankle.

The Sagitarrius would hop back with the verniers switching positions to the shoulder and forward firing, giving more a boost to avoid the attack, but given that Karaudu was still a rookie the first shot hit, and he fell short back landing on a knee "....If you say the pilot is in-experienced i'd be given half a mind to agree."

Ethan smirked as he held his aim on Karaudu. "Everyone gains more experience with time, but that's not it. The Sagittarius has thin ankles. In an environment with gravity, that could cause you problems. In space you'll be fine."

With the Sagitarrius standing up, it would put away its guns to its side holstering them, the verniers turning back and firing, the Sagitarrius scooting across the desert floor kicking up a dust cloud, before releasing vernier function, and running towards the Gun-Ace

Ethan narrowed his eyes and brought it's shield up, drawing the beam saber and holding the saber out to the side readying to attack. "Clever."

Jumping from out of the dust cloud the Sagitarrius would land to the left of the Gun-Ace, and with already shifted vernier fire so that the Sagitarrius would slam shoulder first into the Gun-Ace as it drew it's Beam sabre

staggering back from the attack on the shoulder, Ethan opened up with vulcan fire before turning the Gun-Ace and thrusting in forward slashing across the Sagitarrius with the beam saber.

Taking vulcan fire Karaudu would lose focus for a second, but return to focus in time long enough to ignite the sabre of the Sagitarrius to engage the enemy sabre of the Gun-Ace "whew..."

Ethan brought his shield up and then slammed it into the Sagittarius's head as he pulled the beam saber back ready to attack again.

Taking the hit the Sagitarrius would fall back, then with the verniers would turn down on the back and fire, sliding the Sagitarrius, Forcing it into kicking the Gun-Ace

Ethan winced as the Gun-Ace took the hit. Using the verniers, he dashed towards the side as he replaced the beam saber drawing the rifle again.

The Sagitarrius' verniers slid up to the shoulders of the mobile suit again as it gained tract, and changed directions running for the Gun-ace, head on this time, the verniers firing giving extra speed

Ethan brought the shield up again, spreading the legs of the Gun-Ace slight to brace itself.

The Sagitarrius' verniers would cut off and the mobile suit leap into the air, performing a forward flip it's leg outstretched and headed down on the Gun-Ace

The kick lands into the upper chest of the Gun-Ace knocking it off balance, as Ethan falls back he aims towards the head of the the Sagitarrius with the beam rifle and fires one shot before hitting the ground with a heavy thud, sending up dust.

Taking a direct hit to it's main camera, the Sagitarrius loses main screen vision. the Camera having exploded "Wait what the hell?" The Sagitarrius stood there blind, as a female voice came over the communications line it was Sho "That's it! Stop fighting before the repair costs are more then what i'm willing to pay for you Karaudu. -mumbling- and this is how he treats my dear gifts..."

Ethan made the Gun-Ace stand back to it's feet. "That was my fault Captain Sho. I'll have the Sagitarrius repaired free of charge."

The two mobile suits returned to the hangar to be repaired.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:16 pm

Ethan brought the Gun-Ace back into the hangar and rode the zip line down to the ground. Placing his two feet on the ground, Ethan put back on his sunglasses. A group of female technicians had scrambled over to the pilot.

Einhardt R&D had all kinds of workers. However there was a main group of three female developers that had worked on the majority of mobile suits built or developed at Base 03. Akemi Toshiyo, was the head of this team, she was fairly athletic and had long auburn colored hair, she was usually calm, but provoked she would chew your head off. Chikaka Shiyara was an energetic blonde, who was usually ditzy. Then there was Mariko Orinaga, who short black hair and a stern appearance that usually masked her femininity. They each had one thing in common though, they had been after Ethan since he had first joined up with Einhardt R&D.

Ethan, however, had been friendly, but had kept himself distant from all of them emotionally.

Chikaka - ETHAN! You should be more careful out there!

It was just a little sparring.

Mariko - Exactly as I told you. The Lieutenant knows what he is doing.

Akemi - Yes, but he should be more careful. We don't really have a lot of mobile suits, that are combat ready, that we could use to defend this base if there was an attack. We will need him and the Gun-Ace.

Mariko - Hmph, us get attacked? We're in a secret location.

Nothing remains a secret for long, Mariko.

Ethan began to walk off from the girls, sliding his hands into his flight suit's pockets. All three of them followed him.

Akemi - This is true, Lieutenant Teir. What were your impressions of the Epsilon?

I think it should be painted blue. The grey isn't very appealing.

Chikaka - Yes! We should get to that right away, Ethan's favorite color is blue.

Mariko - We know that Chikaka.

Chikaka smiled and nodded.

Chikaka - All of his mobile suits are painted blue.

Mariko - We know!

Akemi - Yes, but we do not know if the Epsilon will be designated to you, Lieutenant. It might go out on order.

I thought the Epsilon was to test the Flight Pack system?

Akemi - Yes, a the Flight Pack will be an add on to the Gun-Marine. It will allow the Gun-Marine unit to operate for long periods in the air, as well as give improved mobility and speed. The Flight Pack for the Epsilon is a much more powerful though.

They didn't let me push it to it's full capacity.

Chikaka - We asked for that, Ethan!

The three entered the main building. Ethan held the door open for the three girls then walked in behind them.

In the next test I want to see how fast we can get the Epsilon to go. We've already tested the mobile suit several times.

Akemi - Actually, with the add on of a G-Core the Flight Pack can be used as a stand alone fighter.

Mariko - We plan to design the Gun-Marine II to incorporate that idea into it's cockpit system.

The Gun-Marine hasn't even been officially deployed and you're already planning a replacement unit?

Akemi - That's our job, Lieutenant Teir.

Ethan walked up to the door to his quarters. He turned to look at the three girls who seemed eager to continue to follow him.

If you're hoping that today will be the day I actually invite one of you in, you will be sadly disappointed.

Chikaka tried to give Ethan puppy eyes, though Akemi and Mariko both looked disappointed as well. Ethan just smiled.

You ladies know the rules on the base.

Chikaka - But everyone breaks them!

I'm not everyone. Good day, ladies.

Ethan turned and walked into his room, closing the door behind him.

Chikaka - Ethan is soooo dreamy.

Mariko - Lieutenant Teir is more dark and mysterious.

Chikaka - I KNOW! That's what makes him dreamy.

Akemi - I think he's just troubled by something. After all these years, he still won't let anyone get to close to him.

The three girls began walking down the hall continuing their conversation. Inside Ethan's room, Ethan had stripped out of his clothes and gone to his bathroom. Starting up the shower, steam began to fill the room. He stared at himself in the mirror and ran ins hand through his hair before taking off his sunglasses. He gazed into the distantly, cold green eyes in his reflection.

Ethan - You can never let go of the past, can you?

Ethan sighed before stepping into the shower.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Dec 07, 2005 1:04 pm

Ethan had showered and changed into some clean clothes. He zipped up his flight suit half way, then dried his hair with a towel. Plopping down into the near by chair in front of a desk. He opened up a drawer and took out two photographs. One was much older than the other, showing the members of the original }{ell's Gundams, the other was newer, but about three years old. Ethan looked at the girl with pink hair that was in the photograph standing beside a young man with long brown hair wearing the same sunglasses Ethan wore now.

Ethan unzipped one of the chest pockets and slide the photographs into it. He got up and started to walk for the door.

Intercom - Lieutenant Teir report to Hangar 2, Lieutenant Teir report to Hangar 2.

Ethan walked out of his room and made his way towards Hangar 2 on the base.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:04 pm

Ethan walked into Hangar 2 with his hands in the pockets of his flight suit. There was an incomplete mobile suit to the back of the hangar where Akemi, Chikaka, and Mariko were working, with Dr. Langston Myers looking over a checklist on a clipboard.

You wanted to see me, Dr. Myers?

Myers - Yes, Lieutenant Teir. We just got word that a conflict might be brewing.

Ethan walked over to the group and looked up at the mobile suit. He could tell that, eventually, it would be Gundam class. He had been around enough of them in his time to know this.

A conflict? That's nothing new. We've been on the edge of another full scale war for some time now.

Myers - Yes, and to our great delight, it might finally break into an all out war.

I know that you see that as a good thing from your position as a mobile suit designer, manufacturer, and seller, but war is not something to hope

Myers - I suppose you are right, Leutinant.

Might I ask why you have called me here?

Myers - It would seem that the old Followers of Lowe are amassing in Asia once more.

That sounds dangerous. It is still badly damaged from the colony drop three years ago.

Myers - Indeed. However, from the transmissions we have intercepted, the leader of the Caligo Umbra's sister has been kidnapped.

Ethan glared through his sunglasses, but no one could see it. Ethan removed his hands from his pockets and crossed his arms.

Yes, Val. He's a good I hear.

Myers - We are thinking of testing the Epsilon in combat conditions.

Combat conditions? Sir, I must remind you that I am not a combat pilot.

Myers - But you were. You fought during the OZ wars.

Yes, I did. I can not deny that fact. However, the OZ wars have long been over. I am no longer a combat pilot.

Myers - The decision isn't final yet, but you do have to follow's in your contract.

I have had a problem with following orders in the past, Doctor.

Myers - I will not have any form of insurrection within my team, Lieutenant. I can have you removed from this project.

If you feel that is necessary, it will be your decision.

Akemi ran over to the two argueing.

Akemi - I'm sure that won't be necessary. Let me remind you Dr. Myers, Lieutenant Teir is able to put the mobile suits through dangerous tests that most pilots would not be able to do. We need him to fully tests our projects.

Myers glared at Ethan.

Myers - A man like that should be on the front lines.

At one time I was. I gave my life to the battle. That war is over now. I am now trying to salvage what time I have left in this world. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some personal business to attend to.

Myers - Yes, but be ready to test the Epsilon and the Flight Pack again.

Yes, sir.

Ethan saluted before walking off out of the hangar. Myers turned to Akemi.

Myers - Continue work on this mobile suit. I want it completed soon. The client wants to have it operational when she gets her.

Akemi - Yes, doctor.

Myers left off in another direction from Ethan. Chikaka and Mariko came up to Akemi.

Chikaka - What do you think got Ethan so mad?

Mariko - Obviously when Dr. Myers' tried to make him test the Epsilon in combat.

Akemi - This isn't the first time he's talked like that though. I mean this is the first time he has taken an offensive like that, but anytime you bring up his past he dances around the issue.

Chikaka - I'd like to go on a dance with Ethan.

Mariko shook her head at Chikaka.

Mariko - You're hopeless.

Chikaka - I have plenty of hope!

Akemi - Anyway, let's continue work on this mobile suit girls.

The three went back to work on the mobile suit. Meanwhile, Ethan had slipped into a small communications room. Sitting down behind the large console, he began to tinker with the controls. Then he turned the chair to look at a small terminal screen. Quickly, he began to type on the keypad. He wasn't trying to access his normal account. No, he wanted to know what Dr. Myers new about the Followers of Lowe. Hacking into Myers' personal files he could see a map that laid out what was thought to be the current location of the Followers' forces.

So, trying to lure him into a trap, Edward?

Ethan smirked as he flipped a switch. This began to send an old radio style transmission to the Caligo Umbra base in Anitoch. Because this was an old method, it wouldn't be picked up on regular Comm. Link transmission. Also, Ethan would send the coordinates of the Follower's forces, but since it would be coming from Einhardt R&D no one, who may be watching for something suspicious, would notice. Ethan sent the file personally to Val, with the sender name being simply "A Friend". Then he began to speak into the reciever.

Hello. I am sending you this transmission to warn you of the trap that is being set up. I, unfortunately, cannot help you in any other way but this, for now. You should be receiving a map which shows where the Followers of Lowe have deployed their mobile suit troops. He's expecting you to come from Europe. His back up plan is most likely that you'll come from the opposite direction. I suggest you come up from the south. It'll take longer, but he should not be expecting it.

May the heroes of the Trinity Alliance bring about peace.

Ethan cut the transmission. He then turned to the terminal and erased any indication that the doctor's personal files had been hacked, then turned the terminal off. Switching the communications back to their previous frequency, Ethan stood to his feet. He couldn't help but wonder if he had masked his voice well enough. He and Val had been close during the War of AC 199. Ethan shrugged it off and walked out of the room.

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Ethan walked into the rec room and sat down on the couch. He flipped through the channels until he thought he found something interesting. It was a program he recognized as just another one of those shows that came on between morning and noon and had two hosts bickering about current affairs, but in a fun upbeat kind of way. Unlike at night when it was more of a full blown argument. The two hosts were arguing back and forth about the recent attacks on L4 and L5. Akemi walked in and poured herself a cup of coffee.

Akemi - Did you take care of your personal matters, Lieutenant?

Ethan didn't turn around he just made a slight nod. Akemi came around and sat down in a nearby chair watching the tv.

Akemi - It looks like the Trinity Alliance is causing more problems for the colonies.

The Trinity Alliance represent the only people I would trust.

Akemi looked confused.

Akemi - You talk like you know them personally, but you didn't fight in the War of AC 199.

I never said that.

Akemi - You're background check said that the last military action you saw was during AC 195.

The key words are "last military action". Just because it is not in some background check does not mean it didn't happen.

Akemi focused on Ethan Teir, he became more and more mysterious the more she got to know him. Which was very little.

Akemi - You don't like your past, do you, Lieutenant Teir?

There's parts I like. Most of it none of your business.

Akemi - So you finally flat out and say it? That it's none of my business!? You know it is my business, I'm the one that stood up and kept you from being fired by Myers!

Myers wouldn't have fired me. If he did he'd have the option of killing me. It was in the contract.

Akemi went wide eyed.

Akemi - What!?

I was joking.

Akemi - It wasn't funny.

He couldn't kill me.

Akemi sighed as the room went quiet other than the TV.

Akemi - Did you fight in the last war?

Ethan - I did not fight in the last war.

Akemi - But you just said...

Ethan stood to his feet and walked towards the door. He stopped and looked back at Akemi through his sunglasses.

Ethan - I, Ethan Teir, did not fight in the last war. Now if you excuse me, I believe I'm going to go run a few more tests on the Epsilon.

Akemi looked confused as Ethan walked out of the rec room. What had Ethan meant by that?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:33 am

Ethan was walking down the long stretch of asphalt towards the hangars. There were several hangars on this base, many containing different mobile suit development project. A small shuttle carrying a mobile suit container was just unloading, and Ethan stopped to see what had been brought to the base today. The container opened, and Ethan slid off his sunglasses and looked up in surprised.

Ethan - Deathscythe X?

Doctor Myers walked up to Ethan and smiled.

Myers - Yes, Lieutenant. As you may know the }{G's warship the Pegasus was scheduled to be decommissioned at the end of the war. We, however, purchased one of the mobile suits that was still on board. We believe the data from the Gundam might be valuable to developing further mobile suits. It is a beauty, isn't it.

Ethan narrowed his eyes, then slowly slid on his sunglasses again.

Ethan - The man who once piloted that mobile suit was a great man. I hope you do not intend to tarnish his memory, Doctor.

Myers - Memories only matter to those that knew the pilot.

Ethan - Perhaps that is why battles from three years ago continue? Only a few knew the lives of those that have passed on and carry those memories with them.

Myers - I would not know, Lieutenant. Anyway, have you rethought about testing the Epsilon in combat conditions.

Ethan - I still refuse. As I continue to tell you...I am a test pilot. If you want soldiers you should build yourself an army.

Myers - Leutinant...

Ethan - And that is something Einhardt R&D does not want to do. They want to supply both sides of the conflict, thereby gaining a profit no matter what. If they made their own force they could possibly lose to some degree. That is not a risk they would like to take. Am I right, Doctor?

Myers glared at Ethan.

Myers - You're very crafty, Lieutenant. You seem to have a wide range of knowledge of the inner workings of Einhardt R&D.

Ethan smiled. The smile was a mischievous one, and Myers could see it.

Ethan - I have a wide range of knowledge of lots of things, Doctor. Let's just say I've made it my job to have some concern in many fields.

Ethan made a slight nod to Dr. Myers, before he turned and walked off. Sliding his hands in his pockets his mind drifted to the past. "Did we die so others could tarnish the name of }{G, Kaden?" thought Ethan as he walked past the hangar that had his Gun-Ace stored in it. Suddenly, Chikaka ran out of the base and up to Ethan.


Ethan blinked with surprise.

Ethan - What would that be?

Chikaka - The new Gundam! It's so's all black and creepy.

Mariko walked out to join the other two.

Mariko - It was used in the last war, before the colony drop, right?

Ethan - Yes. The Deathscythe X was an advanced mobile suit used by Kaden, the third leader of the }{ell's Gundams. The mobile suit was recovered and repaired after the battle against Blace Lowe, but no one piloted it after that. It looks like that will change.

Mariko - You sure do know a lot about the }{G, Lieutenant Teir.

Ethan - I find the group interesting.

Mariko - Well, we have to get back to work, see you later Lieutenant Teir.

Chikaka - Work!? Oh!! Fine. Bye, Ethan!

Chikaka waved smiling big as she always does with Mariko leading her back to the hangar. Ethan started to walk off again, then suddenly he stopped. A familiar mental pressure began to press on his mind. Ethan removed his hands from his pockets as he turned in the direction that the pressure was coming from. He removed his sunglasses, his eyes narrowed as the wind blew through his hair.

Ethan - Cloud? No...someone else...

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Essentials on Wed Dec 14, 2005 2:09 am

A man was entering the base now dressed in a black and grey striped suit, well as much of a suit as you could wear without a shirt under your blazer and fidora looming over your brow. He didn't look like anyone that worked at the base. No one dressed that informal not even the clients while in the base. And having no identification he was a unchecked for variable in how things were to run at the base. He smirked as he entered the hanger of the DSX, a grin on his face. Whispers softly left his mouth, he talking to himself about the mobile suit.

Anubis- "So you are to become me? haha...that's rather entertaining..."

Walking up to the dark mobile suit, the man put a thin hand against the armor plating and smiled.

Anubis- "I can hear your blood song, but it's not yet finished is it. You need a new conductor to finish your masterpiece is that it? Heh...I'll be happy to oblige"

Doctor Myers turns his head and looks confused. He sees a man he doesn't recognize.

Myers - "Um...excuse me...who are you, and what are you blathering about?"

Without hesitation the suited man twists at his waist his arm moving in a fluid movement outward toward the Doctor, a knife releasing from his outstretched hand and into the forehead of the Doctor. Leaving him dead and hitting the floor with a thud. With the Doctor out of the way Anubis boarded the DSX, taking the tow-line to the cockpit. Engaging the systems of the machine it roared to life. the weapon of choice the dual sided scythe blazing to life its beams vibrant.

Anubis - "HAHAHA The stage is set. Let's see what this act in the opera has to offer."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:41 am

A group of technicians were making their way towards the hangar that stored the newly delivered Gundam Deathsycthe X, but as they got to the door, they saw a horrible site. A strange man, with great ease, had lodged a knife into the skull of their supervisor, Dr. Myers. Quickly, they ducked back, one of them slamming his hands through a small panel of glass. Hitting a red button, the base went into red alert. Alarms sounded and red lights flashed, as the base went into chaos. No one knew what was going on.

Lieutenant Ethan Teir had his glare focused on the direction of the hangar where the DSX had been moved since the time he had walked away from the obnoxious doctor. The loud alarm went off and Ethan could only assume that it was connected to the strong mental pressure he had felt only seconds before.

Suddenly, a large blast of energy ripped through the air from the direction Ethan was looking at. It slammed into the hangar behind him, destroying it. The explosion sent Ethan to the ground hard. Looking up at the damage, the Hangar was nothing but a pile of ruin. Ethan's eyes went wide remembering that Mariko and Chikaka had gone back into the hangar that had stored his Gun-Ace mobile suit. Quickly, he got to his feet and ran as fast as he could. He pried the wreckage from the ground.

Chikaka! Mariko!

He began to hear muffled cries for help, as he moved further into the wreckage. Pulling off a section of what used to be thin aluminum surface, Ethan found the two female technicians under it. They looked alright, just bruised and some cuts. They had been lucky. Ethan crouched down beside them, looking closer to see if they were okay.

Are you alright!?

Chikaka - E...Ethan...what...what happened.

We're under attack...

Mariko - What kind of blast was that it had to be a....

Wrist mounted buster gun.

Ethan's eyes grew cold as he stood to his feet, again looking in the direction of the attack.

Mariko - Are you saying someone's using the DSX!?

Ethan turned his head to where his Gun-Ace was. It's legs were now destroyed, it laid on the damaged ground on top of wreckage, with it's right arm out, as if it was reaching out for help.

Chikaka, Mariko...can you both walk.

Mariko helped Chikaka stand on her feet. Chikaka began to cry like a very young girl, while Mariko stayed strong

Mariko - Yes...probably not very fast.

Get to some place safe.

Chikaka - Ethan! You're not going to do what I think you are!?

Ethan looked at the two girls before turning again towards where the attack had come from. The mental pressure was getting stronger, pressing firmly against his mind. It had been a long time since he had felt something like this. The last time was when he was with Cloud. The look in his eyes was cold and determined, the attack had awakened something in side him, or was it that it made him hide part of himself. Push a part that he had had exposed, and now had to again protect.

Try to get to one of the underground shelters. The DSX still has 5 shots left. Who knows where he'll fire next.

Mariko - Where are you going, Lieutenant!?

Ethan looked at them again then began to run off. He didn't have much time. There was only one other mobile suit on the base that could probably go up against the DSX. He ran and ran, his heart pounding in his chest, but for some reason, he started to feel alive again. Running into another hangar, the Epsilon stood, waiting for it's pilot. Akemi ran out seeing Ethan.

Akemi - Ethan! What's going on!

Obviously, you know we're under attack.

Akemi - Yes, I felt the blast, had to be some kind of buster shot.

It was from one of the buster guns on the DSX.

Akemi looked surprised.

Akemi - It can't be!

Ethan ran to the zip line as Akemi ran after him.

Akemi - You're going to use the Epsilon!?

The Hangar with my Gun-Ace was destroyed. It's legs were damaged. Mariko and Chikaka were also hurt, but are alright. They should be on their way to one of the underground shelters now. You should head there too.

Akemi - But...if it's an attack...

Myers said he wanted to have the Epsilon tested in combat conditions...

Ethan looked at Akemi with his cold eyes. Akemi was shocked. She had noticed the distant look he often had when he didn't have his sunglasses on, but nothing like this. Ethan noticed this and put on his sunglasses, then began to ride the zip line up towards the cockpit.

He'll get what he wants.

Akemi watched as Ethan jumped into the cockpit and the hatch slide shut. Inside, Ethan was strapping himself in and powering the Gundam up to full power. The eyes flashed green as it came to life. Reaching into his pocket, Ethan took out one of the pictures and stuck it into one of the cracks of the different panels inside the cockpit, so he could easily look at it, as many pilots had done in the past. Ethan took off his sunglasses and put them into his pocket as he focused on a girl with pink hair, his hands went around the control sticks. Ethan let out a sigh, looking towards the central screen.

All I want is to rest...

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Karaudu on Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:12 am

Karaudu and Sho rush out a room together after hearing the sirens and explosions, they both pulling on their clothes from "personal" activities in their room.

Karaudu -"Always when it gets good...What the hell is going on around here? Are we under attack?"

Karaudu looked up at the blaring red lights of the alert quite annoyed

Sho -"I believe so. The explosion came from the hangers over there though. Get the Sagitarrius ready to launch i'm gonna find out what's going on."

Captain Sho started off for the hangers, leaving Karaudu behind.

Karaudu -"No, i'm not gonna let you go off by yourself, who knows what's out there."

Without stopping Sho went down the hall, giving Karaudu a direct order to follow.

Sho -"It's a direct order Karaudu. Disobey me and there will be hell to pay."

Sighing Karaudu, ran off to where the Sagitarrius would be. Sho going the opposite direction, Who would know at that moment that would be the last time they would meet again.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Essentials on Mon Jan 09, 2006 10:57 pm

The Deathscythe ignited it's scythe and drew up the mighty weapon, it's eyes glaring with light if from the magnificent weapon itself. Anubis at the controls he steadily walked forward through the wreckage and flames he had already caused. The small resistance he met he merely swung the blade through the small human bodies and watch them instantly cremate then their remains be blown away by the very swing of the blade that killed them. The mobile suit had become exactly what the makers had intended, death incarnate, a demon of the modern age.

Sho -"Damn it this corridor is closed I need to get to a mobile suit quickly.."

Sho was running through the corridors, trying to get to a hanger to find out the cause of the alarm and explosions. Passing down one of the hangers she noticed one of the prototype suits Ethan had mentioned to her. She immediately took the zipline to the cockpit and started it up. She was determined to face the enemy, even in an experimental suit such as the Gun Marine.

Anubis -"Where is the challenge is there no one here worth fighting. I suppose these simpletons will have to do..."

Making his way into the hanger of the prototype mobile suits Anubis grabbed a handful of technicians and guards up that were running away. Crushing their bodies till they burst from the pressure of the hands of the gundam, blood and flesh spilling from them. He then noticed a Mobile suit come to life in the hanger. It was the Gun Marine of Sho.

Sho -"I'm here to stop you! I'll show you what a real pilot can do!"

The Gun Marine burst forward from it's docking position, it's verniers firing at full flame, scorching the wall behind it. In a swift movement the Gun Marine would unsheathe its single beam saber and slice at the Gundam.

Anubis stood there, still and wall-like watching the other mobile suit nearing till the last moment with which he flicked his wrist moving the controls of the gundam. The Deathscythe repeating this movement, the beam scythe it carried blocking the single blade of saber well before coming close to its target. Then Swinging the massive two sided scythe he swept the small Gun Marine's saber away then with the other hand grabbed the head of the mobile suit and drew it up close. This was the end of the captain Sho.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Jan 10, 2006 3:12 am

OOC: This was done extensivly in AIM between Karaudu and I, I tried to fix as much as I could, but considering it ended up being 9 pages total in word, I might have missed some stuff. Enjoy.


Ethan heard Sho's voice over the comm. channel and his eyes went wide. Quickly, he tried to reach her, as he made the Epsilon burst out of the hangar it was stored in.

Ethan - Captain Sho! Sho!

Ethan narrowed his eyes as the Epsilon landed in front of the hangar that stored the Sagittarius. The comm. channel had gone dead, and Ethan could not get any response from Sho's end. Just at that moment, Karaudu came out of the hangar.

Karaudu - Wait, Sho? What’s this...?

Karaudu would watch in horror seeing an explosion from just around the corner. A buster gun had been shot, chunks of shrapnel spraying from the hall as if a beast had roared flames. The Deathscythe making its way around the corner dropping the dismembered head of the Gun Marine it had just destroyed. Its hand dry stained with the blood of the humans it had crushed

Karaudu - CAPTAIN!!!! NO!!!!

Karaudu drew out his beam saber. Ethan turned his head to look at Karaudu on the left hand screen, and then looked back forward. The mental pressure he felt before was growing more powerful as he got closer. That could only confirm his worst fears.

Ethan - Karaudu stay back, that enemy is much stronger than you think.

Karaudu - You don't understand...He...That...Monster...killed her...

Karaudu was tearing up inside, but the pilot of the Gundam had another idea for tearing up for him, rushing at him, with scythe drawn, stopping above him with scythe ready to strike down for a finishing blow, the torn up pilot of the Sagittarius had no time to react.

With simple reflexes, Ethan maneuvers the Epsilon quickly in between Karaudu and the DSX, raising its arm up to hold the scythe back from striking down the young pilot. He narrowed his eyes on the DSX.

Ethan - Karaudu, get out of here! I don't need to be worrying about you! Sho may have lost her life, but would she want you to die here today too!?

Karaudu shook his head. And realized the situation before him, his eyes widening in shock.

Karaudu - Yeah.....I'll move...

The Sagittarius fled from the scene, making its way to the Advent Emblem for escape.

Karaudu - Meet up at the Advent Emblem, Don't you die either! I'm the Captain now....

Karaudu said this with uncertainty.

Karaudu - That's an order! You're one of us now! Got that!

Ethan grumbled slightly to himself as he thought "Didn't he just follow one of my orders...” He then turned his attention back to the DSX, using the powerful verniers to move the Epsilon right in front of it, almost for the two Gundam's to stare each other down.

Ethan - I don't know who you are...but I can already guess what you are.

A secure private line of transmission was established between the two.

Anubis - Is that right elder brother...

Anubis grinned facing the screen, taking off his hat to reveal his wild white hair, and green devil eyes. Then laughing as if he has said the most genius thing known to man.

Ethan looked shocked for a second.

Ethan - Brother!?

His eyes then went back to a narrow glare on the man before him.

Ethan - I'm not Kiyoshi, but I am sure he has no brother.

Anubis - I can feel it....that lurking feeling clenching at you. I can feel it too...I know who you are. We know everything this dark space hides between its stars.

Ethan’s hands gripped tightly around the controls of the Epsilon.

Ethan - No! It's impossible.

The DSX drew back its scythe and swung at the offending mobile suit in its way merely to force it into action to move.

Anubis - Oh but it is true.

Drawing up its other arm the Buster gun on it ready for firing.

Anubis - And it is far from impossible in this world of deceit.

Ethan quickly drew the beam saber on its hip armor with his left hand, igniting the green energy blade, to hold back the scythe's own twin energy scythes. There were a lot of things he didn't want to admit to right now. His past for one, but also to further admit to the pressure he felt. It was like making the enemy real. As long as he believed that all of the super soldiers were destroyed, as long as he kept that true to himself, it kept the possibility as a figment of his imagination. But what stood before him now, he was sure it was the only explanation and finally, he again spoke after taking a deep calming breath, while making sure that the beam rifle was aimed at the DSX’s cockpit. At this distance, the chance of either of them surviving a direct shot from either of their weapons was slim.

Ethan - What do you want...?

Anubis - What any brother would want. I want you to return with me. Together we can do wonderful, amazing things in this world...Our father he has a vision for us! For all of us!

Ethan - Hmph...Another person who wants to use me as a puppet to fulfill some deluded vision. I've heard that plenty of times before.

Anubis - No we are not puppets we are the puppet masters of this world...We are the ones that pull strings. You don't know much about this world you thought you were protecting now do you...

Anubis - The very fact you are here is our doing as well. Join us or everyone here including you will die!

Ethan - Kiyoshi Kazami gave his life hoping that his ideals for a world out of the hands of evil men would go on. It didn't, and so he died with his dream! He protected the world that he cared about while he was alive! That world betrayed him, went their separate ways. I don't care who you, and whatever organization you belong to thinks otherwise, but he's gone.

Ethan looked this man who called him brother square in the eye.

Ethan - But if you are like me, you should know that killing me isn't going to be easy.

Ethan used the verniers on the flight pack to push the DSX forward as hard as it could, while bringing the beam saber back ready to slash. Pushing back, at his opponent Anubis made space between them to fire his verniers up to get away, turning around with scythe clenched in both hands. Ethan brought his saber up slicing through the staff section of the scythe in one clean motion as he used his own verniers to dodge the incoming attacking by moving backwards, the Epsilon then brought its beam rifle up again.

Ethan - I want you out of that Gundam now! It doesn't belong to you!

Anubis - Oh but it calls to me...I thought someone like you would understand that...that....feeling like you're the battlefield. Doesn't it make your mouth water, with hunger for death! Of course it does! Brother! You know all too well what I speak.

Drawing up both Buster guns Anubis grinned.

Anubis - Let's see what you can do in this wreck of a place!

Bursting back he fired both buster guns, into the surroundings of the hanger, mobile suit and building breaking and collapsing alike as on. Ethan felt incredible mental pressure, almost like his mind screaming "move!” just before the buster guns fired. He slammed his feet down on the pedals, as he put the Flight Pack's verniers to their max limit. Flying up into the air and aiming the beam rifle down at the DSX, Ethan didn’t want to have to result to destroying the mobile suit.

Ethan - You're a mad man!

Ethan closed his eyes for a second. "Looks like I'm going to have to destroy it," he thought, "Forgive me Kaden...” Opening his eyes again he fired three times before using the verniers to fly at top speed at him, his left hand still with the beam saber drawn.

Hopping backwards with extra boost from vernier fire, the DSX closed its wings around it, activating its active cloak, disappearing into the flames, the last thing heard over the communication line before it breaking was a fading devilish laugh from the pilot.

Ethan landed on the ground, his teeth clenched with anger. He could still feel the mental pressure, so he knew his enemy was still around. Slipping out from the shadows the DSX appeared behind his enemy, swiftly as the cloak revealed him, the wings broke open slamming the back of the vernier pack ripping into it. Then spreading to full length. Again that Devil's right hand of the DSX came rising, and grabbed the head of the Gundam before him. The Communication lines broke to life again.

Anubis - Brother this is where we say our farewells!

The Clenching of the fist shattered the frame of the head and bore into its camera. Then quickly releasing it, The DSX took off verniers flaring as the active cloak again hid the full frame and the wings closed up. Warnings ripped through the cockpit, seconds after Ethan felt that something was wrong, but it was too late to react. The Flight pack became damaged, and sent several explosions through the suit, soon after the head was destroyed. The mental pressure faded, and Ethan fell forward. Never before had he felt like he had failed so badly. Ethan slammed his hands into the controls, and the Epsilon fell to the ground.

Ethan - No...It’s not going to end won't end here!

Karaudu came up over the communications link.

Karaudu - Of course it's not gonna end yet, but you're gonna have to follow me the base is falling apart around you jettison that vernier pack, and I’ll guide you to the Advent Emblem we're pulling out of here!

Karaudu and the Sagittarius came into the room, carrying the experimental rifle by its side.

Ethan slammed his hand on a button near his right hand, and the flight pack disengaging from the main mobile suit. Ethan looked up at the small comm. window, his eyes cold as death. Whoever that pilot was, was right. There was something inside him, something that called out to him, and he could feel it.

Ethan - Don't talk to me like I'm a rookie.

Akemi appeared on both of their screens glaring.

Akemi - No offense to your orders, now senior member of the Advent Emblem, but the Epsilon is in no condition to go into any further battles. It needs to be repaired extensively!

Karaudu - Yes, well it won't be going into any further battles if this place falls down on us both. What exactly are your suggestions?

Akemi - We're scrambling the rest of the test pilots into Gun-Marines to secure, or support the hangars that are destroyed. The Epsilon's main hangar is still fully functional. They should be arriving in your area soon. I'm sure Lieutenant Teir can switch to an auxiliary camera to get the damaged mobile suit back to its hangar.

Karaudu - Fine, let's just get the hell out of this rubble.

The Sagittarius made its way out of the flaming remains of the hanger it was in. Ethan switched the main screen to the scope on the beam rifle, the image came in static and a bit blurry, but it would work. Soon a team of Gun-Marine's came into the area. Slowly, Ethan turned his Gundam and began to slowly walk back to his hangar.

Ethan - Roger that, Captain.

His voice had returned to its more normal reserved tone, as he began to calm himself. After returning to the Hangar, Ethan rode the zip line down from the cockpit with his sunglasses over his eyes. Akemi, Mariko, and Chikaka rushed over to him.

Akemi - Lieutenant...are you alright...

Ethan simply nodded, before walking past the three girls.

Ethan - I need the Gundam repaired as soon as possible.

Ethan made his way over to the Sagittarius. Karaudu was sitting in the cockpit of the mobile suit, staring at a picture taped to a screen at his right side.

Karaudu - I'll get my revenge for you...there will be no place they can hide...

He slammed his fist into the controls. Ethan looked up towards the cockpit of the mobile suit.

Ethan - Captain, if I may have a word with you.

Standing up Karaudu nodded, and took the photo of Sho from the Sagittarius and stuffed it in his pocket, then rode his zip-line down.

Karaudu - Yes, Ethan? And call me Karaudu...I rather like it that way.

Ethan - Tell me, Karaudu, what do you know of Super Soldiers?

Karaudu looked puzzled for a moment.

Karaudu - Well...I believe Sho mentioned of them maybe once or twice to me...They were in the war three years ago were they not? I mean...That }{ell's Gundam Hero...Kiyoshi. I think his name was he was one.

Ethan made a slight nod.

Ethan - Yes, Kiyoshi Kazami, the last leader of the }{ell's Gundams was part of the second...

Ethan paused for a second before going on.

Ethan – …known, Super Soldier program.

Karaudu thought for a moment.

Karaudu - Oh yes, about }{ell's Gundam someone told me from the Advent Emblem that there was a transmission from space...concerning them...

Ethan narrowed his eyes, but it was hidden by his dark sunglasses.

Ethan - I will have to look into that later, but for now, follow me.

Karaudu nodded.

Karaudu - I'll give you a copy of it later then.

Ethan led the way to his personal quarters with Karaudu following him.

Ethan - A good leader must have knowledge of his enemy, if he wants to seek revenge.

Once they were in his quarters, Ethan brought up information on the Super Soldier Programs that only he could access. The first image brought up was one of the Super Soldier known as Cloud Strife; next to his picture was one of a young Kiyoshi Kazami, before he received his sunglasses.

Ethan - These two are the most well known Super Soldiers.

Karaudu looked at the man known as Cloud.

Karaudu - for someone who has the same name as I we look nothing alike...

Ethan was confused for a moment, but then realized what Karaudu had meant, and smirked.

Ethan - You two are different in more ways than one. Not only was he genetically engineered to be the perfect killing machine, but now he's part of a church somewhere in Texas.

Karaudu nodded.

Karaudu - So what makes the super soldiers so far superior to normal humans that have trained to be soldiers instead of born to be them...?

Ethan - Super Soldiers were foolish plans to make a soldier that could act as an entire military unit on its own. Originally, OZ perfected the technique with Cloud, but after his own escape, the project was abandoned. Years later, the research was acquired by an organization known as the FRE Foundation; "Kiyoshi" was the code name to their own project. Both of these men represent experiments that were ultimately failures. Though, they were made with nearly every aspect of their genetic make up to be, theoretically, the very best, they both had free will.

Crossing his arms Karaudu thought for a moment coming to realize the situation at hand.

Karaudu - Are you saying that man...that killed Sho was one of them? That Kiyoshi and Cloud are not the only super soldiers?

Ethan made a slight nod before he clicked a button, and soon battles began to play out on the screen, showing both Cloud's and Kiyoshi's past battles. Their mobile suits moving, obviously, beyond their capabilities, and destroying multiple mobile suits at a time.

Ethan - The super soldiers are strong physically, as well as mentally. Some believe that because their minds were made to use more than the ten percent a regular human uses, that they have some low level extra-mental capabilities. They were supposed to be short cuts. After the process is ironed out completely, it would take much less time to churn out these soldiers than it would be to train regular humans to even perform near their abilities.

Ethan stopped the videos from playing with another click.

Ethan - That does not mean that a regular human cannot kill a Super Soldier. Normal human beings have the potential to do everything that they do. It's all a matter of training, and possibly their own genes.

Ethan crossed his arms as he leaned against a nearby wall.

Ethan - I do have reason to believe whoever that was is another Super Soldier, and he said there were more.

Karaudu sighed then stared cold at the screen with the frozen images of a battle.

Karaudu - I'll do whatever it takes to become better then a Super Soldier...They made a mistake in killing her...

His eyes seemed like fiery green orbs at that moment, much pain in them.

Ethan walked over to him and put his hand on Karaudu's shoulder.

Ethan - Revenge can be a superb emotion to take into battle, but a fool lets it consume him.

Karaudu blinked then laughed.

Karaudu - I don't think Sho would have liked me being that pent up in battle anyway.

Ethan smiled. He was glad to see that even now, Karaudu had a level head.

Ethan - Maybe so, but do not ever forget that emotion you felt when you lost the one you love, not until the moment when you beat your opponent. That will be the advantage you will have against them.

Karaudu - Do you think the mobile suits we have can even compare to that gundam? We may have that edge of will, but they have the better technology. Well for the most part. I haven't even tested the prototype cannon for the Sagittarius.

Ethan again crossed his arms.

Ethan - I am not sure about the output on the cannon myself. I did not see the specifications for it while it was being produced. Even so, if there are more of them, it will not be easy. I do not think we can beat them if we face them head on. What I am more worried about is who exactly is leading them. I also think that there is some deeper connection between stealing the DSX and the events to come.

Karaudu nodded.

Karaudu - Possibly, well we definitely have our work cut out for us. I'm the only pilot on the Advent Emblem now. And then we have you, but I don't believe there are any other pilots here that will fight knowing it's a Super Soldier they face.

Ethan turned to his terminal again and brought up two maps, one showing Earth. The Earth map showed the movements of the Caligo Umbra, as well as the Followers of Lowe, showing that they had escaped into space to L5. The other map showed space, the movements of the Vanguard Prime, and the FRE Faction, as well as GaiaZ. The Defenders are shown stationed in L1.

Ethan - Here are all those that remain possible allies, or future threats. I believe we should act independently for right now. Two lesser known pilots can easily stay hidden, than these groups. This will allow us to investigate this matter until we can find out the facts. I, unfortunately, am not in this because of Captain Sho's death. I have my own....personal...matters to deal with.

Karaudu - I have to admit I'm not too concerned about that. I'm afraid I'll be using your strength in this as well. Because I need you, so as long as your motives don't interfere with me, that's fine.

Ethan again typed on his terminal's keypad, and then a small disk ejected. Ethan took the disk and handed it to Karaudu.

Ethan - You must learn to rely on yourself. On this disk contains all known battle information regarding Cloud Strife and Kiyoshi Kazami, it will allow you to train in the Sagittarius against them via simulation, also all known bases or outposts of the current factions is also on there. Use it to form your own plans, Captain.

Karaudu - the Advent Emblem thanks you.

Looking over the disk, Karaudu smirked.

Karaudu - Let the race to the end begin.

Ethan saluted Karaudu.

Ethan - Now if you excuse me...I need some rest...the battle from earlier was quite exhausting.

Karaudu nodded and left Ethan’s quarters. Ethan slumped down in a nearby chair. He took off his sunglasses, and his cold eyes looked up towards the ceiling.

Ethan - "To find peace, one must die"...did you find your peace, Captian Sho?

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