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3 years later - Gathering for Revenge

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

3 years later - Gathering for Revenge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:26 pm

Liao, Quan, and Lady Rong landed their Mobile suits in the overgrown jungle. A small section had been cleared out for a hanger hatch to open and close. All the pilots moved their Mobile suits into the underground hanger. Once they were docked, all three rode the zip lines down and headed for an office the over looked the hanger. In the window a man stood, looking down at the three pilots. He was glad that they were back, but it didn't look like they had what they had been sent for, which wasn't good news. A few minuets later, there was a knock on the office door. The man took a seat in the chair and buzzed them in.

Liao"Sir, I'm sorry, but the underground area had been completely demolished and there was no way for me to get in. It does, however, look like it will be possible to dir the area out with a little man power. I'm sure the information is still in there."

There was a silence, then the man waved the three pilots out, and each returned to their respective bunk. A few minuets later, there was a beep on the message machine. The man leaned forward and played the video message. Edward Hoffman's face appear on the screen.

Hoffman"I know you will be reluctant to accept an offers of help, seeing as what happened in the past. But I am here to offer my services and my men. You can do a background check to verify everything that I am going to tell you, and when you do, you will see that we share a common enemy."

A list of data appeared on the screen and the man went over it bit by bit, when he was done, he sent a short message back. Telling them to come at high noon tomorrow. When that was done he called security.

"This is Jyotika. We will have visitors at noon tomorrow, make sure that nothing goes wrong."
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Thu Jan 19, 2006 1:25 pm

Hoffman and John arrived at 11:45 the next day and by the time the check over was complete and they were off the shuttle it was exactly high noon, just like Lord Jyotika wanted. Hoffman and John were greeted by Liao, Quan, and Lady Rong in the otter most chamber of Jyotika's office.

Laio"As you are well aware, Lord Jyotika is very cautious when it comes to those offering their services to him. Though Val was just one man, his treachery set our Lord back quite a bit, so you'll understand if Lord Jyotika doesn't welcome you with open arms."

John nodded, feeling it was best to just keep quiet before things got out of hand, but Hoffman had a different idea.

Hoffman"I can assure you that I have no intention of turning on Jyotika as that..."

Hoffman was cut short when Lady Rong stepped forward and put a knife to his throat.

Lady Rong"That's Lord Jyotika you maggot. And none of us give a damn about you, the only reason you're here is because our Lord wants to meant with you, so talk to him, not to us."

Hoffman swallowed hand and nodded slightly. John took half a step backwards and caught a sharp glare from Quan.

Quan"Don't worry. If we wanted you dead, you wouldn't have made it this far."

John nodded in response and resumed his original place just as the doors to Jyotika's office opened. Both Hoffman and John looked into the office, it was almost completely black, the only light came from the window behind the desk that looked over the hanger that Hoffman and John had landed in. Quan and Lady Rong moved to either side of the open doors and Laio stood exactly where he was.

Liao"Lord Jyotika will see you now. And I'd watch how you speak if I were you. Our Lord isn't as forgiving as we are."

Hoffman straightened himself up and took a deep breath then walked on into the office. John made a move to follow but stopped when he saw Lady Rong slide a hand back to the knife and Quan shake his head.

Laio"Lord Jyotika prefers to have one on one meetings. I hope you understand."

John bowed to Liao.

John"Of course. Whatever the lord wishes, the lord shall get."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Fri Feb 03, 2006 4:38 pm

Hoffman"Very well. I understand, and though I wish to do the job myself, and order is and order. Now, if you’ll excuse me Lord Jyotika, I have a few arrangements to make about getting the rest of my men and equipment here to be readied at your disposal."

Jyotika nodded and motioned to the office door.

Jyotika"Contact my shipping officer in the hanger, he will make preparations and help with the arrangements. Once they are made, feel free to make yourselves at home, for now, this is your home."

Edward Hoffman saluted to Lord Jyotika and turned on his heel to leave the office as John bowed to Jyotika.

Jyotika"Wait a second John. I’d like to have a word with you if you don’t mind."

John"As you wish my lord."

Hoffman glared over his shoulder at John’s back. He didn’t like the idea of John answering to anyone besides him, but that was a sacrifice he’d have to make to get his revenge on Val. And despite what he let Jyotika believe, Hoffman had already began to plan on how he was going to kill Val himself.

John"What do you wish of me my lord?"

Jyotika"You can stop with the false modesty, I can see directly through your scheme. Tell me the truth."

John"I, don’t understand my lord."

Jyotika leaned forward in his chair and looked into John’s eyes. There was a silence for a few seconds.

Jyotika"I see, you really don’t know what Edward is up to do you?"

John"Up to, my lord? You believe he plans to cross you like Mr. Thrall did?"

Jyotika"No, over the last few years I’ve learned to tell when people are sincere, and though Val was he turned on me after sacrificing one of my own for being weak."

John"You’re referring to Miss Takimi, aren’t you my lord?"

Normally Jyotika would have cut down that kind of out burst, but there was something different. John knew about the death of Takimi, but Edward didn’t. John was clearly more on top of things than he let anyone believe.

Jyotika"Yes, I am talking about Miss Takimi. Now, let me pose a few questions to you John. First, how did you know about Takimi, and second, what else do you know that Hoffman doesn’t?"

John"Well, my position under Mr. Hoffman is to keep him informed of everything that he needs to know about to keep him safe and out of harms way. I do my job thorough, I make sure I know absolutely everything about everyone that I can know before Mr. Hoffman even makes a move. I tell him what he needs to know to make a decision on a certain matter."

Jyotika"You mean you tell him what he needs to know to make the move you want him to make."

John"Was that a statement or a question my lord?"

Jyotika"A little bit of both. You’re the son of Blace Lowe aren’t you? Hoffman is the figurehead that you chose to take the fall is anything happens. And while he gets blamed, you slip off and try and find another group to manipulate into doing your dirty work."

John"Please my lord you must understand. Though I may be the child of Blace Lowe, I had nothing to do with his intrusion into your territory."

Jyotika"Don’t worry my friend, I also do my homework, and I know that you were in the Americas during that time, studying as to become a military officer, a strategist I believe."

John"That’s correct my lord. I was to serve under my father, but Kaden took my father away from me. Though we were never that close, it is my duty to honor my father and avenge his death, but since the ma responsible, Kaden, is dead, I shifted my view to another man, Kiyoshi. But now, he too is dead. So I’ve turned my eye on the entire Trinity Alliance."

Jyotika"Well, I may have a fairly large force at my disposal, but I have no means to form a well versed strategy. What do you say? Together you and I can bring an end to the troublesome Trinity Alliance. Leave Hoffman behind and step into a new position, second only to my command in this army."

John"Two things, if I may. One, I’m not a fighter, at all, whether it be with guns, weapons or Mobile Suits. Second, what is it that you know about Mr. Hoffman that I don’t?"

Jyotika smiled slyly and folded his hands together, leaning back into his high back chair.

Jyotika"I take it that you have accepted my offer, General Lowe?"

John smiled then saluted Jyotika.

Jyotika"Very well then, what I know is that Hoffman means to betray me, not by turning against me as Val did. Mr. Hoffman wishes to see them all dead as much as any of us and would not do something that stupid, but he does mean to kill Val himself, and that, which you know, I cannot and will not allow. So, your top priority, as of right now, is to make sure, no matter what, that Mr. Hoffman does not follow though with whatever clever plan he comes up with. You are dismissed."

John saluted, turned on his heal and headed for the door. Jyotika smiled, things were looking to work out better than he had ever hoped they could. Jyotika spoke just as John reached for the door.

Jyotika"And General, I know of absolutely everything that goes on in my base. Don’t do something that you will end up regretting. Because I’d hate to lose you, you’ll end up being a major factor in my coming plans."

John"You have nothing to worry about sir. When I pledge my allegiance, that’s where it stays, until either myself or the one I swore to is dead. Until that times comes, I’m yours."

With those words John opened to the door and left the office. Once John was out of the outer office Liao, Quan and Lady Rong entered Jyotika’s office.

Liao"You were correct from what I can see my lord."

Jyotika"Was there ever a doubt?"

Liao"Not on your part, it just seemed that everything was too convenient, but from the look on your face, this is working to our advantage?"

Jyotika"Indeed. Mr. Hoffman is a pawn."

Quan"You mean to just throw him away my lord?"

Jyotika"No Quan, not my pawn, John’s. John is the real man running the show of the Blace Faction. In fact, he is none other than the child of Blace himself."

The three pilots were all stunned at this news. They had suspected from their lords actions that John had been in some way connected to Blace Lowe, but then would have never guessed that the two were related.

Lady Rong"My Lord, are you sure it is wise to get him involved? I mean, he is the son of the man that tried to take Asia away from you."

Jyotika"I’m sure. Blace Lowe wanted Asia. John Lowe wants revenge against the Trinity Alliance. And you’re the last person that should question family matter my dear Lady Rong."

Lady Rong bit her lip and lowered her head. It was true, the only reason she was here is because Jyotika informed her of how Val had murdered her cousin, Takimi when Jyotika had sent her over as a show of good faith. Jyotika smiled again, she would never find out that is was actually his fault, and not Val’s that Takimi was dead, Jyotika had ordered that Ka kill Takimi and make it look like Val’s fault. Takimi had gotten a taste of how women on the outside world were treated and had become a risk and a liability, so she had to be disposed of, simple as that.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:44 am

Jyotika waved his hand motioning for Liao, Quan, and Lady Rong to leave him. All three pilots bowed then turned and closed the doors to the inner and outer office as they left. Jyotika waited until he heard the outer doors close before he stood up. Jyotika walked to the corner of his office, where a picture of Mao, a great Chinese leader from the 1990's, hung. Slowly glancing around his office, Jyotika lifted the picture and set it on the floor, and turned to face the safe that was hidden behind it. Sure it was an outdated hiding place, but that also meant that not many people would think about looking there. He quickly entered the combination and opened the door. Inside the safe there was a stack of bills, a manila folder and a computer disk. Jyotika grabbed the folder and the disk then shut and locked the safe then hung the picture of Mao back up and walked back to his desk. Jyotika opened the folder and dumped the contents onto his desk. There was a file on Val and a file on Eota. Jyotika had dug up every little bit of information that he could find on Val and scrapped the surface with Eota. After looking though the files, Jyotika popped the disk into his computer and opened the first file. A complete set of data on the Hyperion. Data that Takimi had transmitted before her demise. The next file was data that had been collected on the other various mobile suits that made of the army of the Trinity Alliance, but they were nowhere near as detailed as the Hyperion file.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:11 pm

Jyotika"There is nothing special about this suit. So why is it that you are able to keep knocking me down? Was it the addition of that other kid, this, Eota that allowed you to break through Hoffman's army? That's the way he sees it. But no, that's not why. If Hoffman got down off his high horse and actually looked at the battle data, he'd see that himself. Eota didn't do much fighting. With a suit equipped like the Hyperion, it wouldn't be hard for even a slightly skilled pilot to take out all the rookie Mobile Suit pilots that Hoffman had. They weren't even equipped with technology to detect a hidden Mobile Suit."

Jyotika continued to look over the Hyperion file for the next hour or so, until he had gone over it eight times. Jyotika sighed and put the files away. There was no way he could beat the Trinity Alliance with small hit a run battles. They all had to be taken out at once, in one battle. FRE was the key to defeating the alliance, but they weren't going to ally with anyone, especially not with Hoffman tagging around. He had failed them once already, and Jyotika was willing to bet that it would be his head if Hoffman even approached FRE again.

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