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3 years later...Impossible Imposters! Vanguard Prime times 2

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

3 years later...Impossible Imposters! Vanguard Prime times 2

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Essentials on Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:44 am

A ship neared the L5 space, it was marked with the symbols and markers of a Vanguard Prime carrier. Everything seemed routine in this, a peaceful ship making it's way to L5 so everyone on the other side thought. Before reaching docking space the ship released 2 mobile suits, those being gundams. Both flashed to life with the lighting up of their main cameras. with their verniers engaged both made their way to the L5 colony. Before reaching there they opened up communications to each other.

"Ra..Make tears run down their cheeks."The pilot of the red and gold Solidus told his associate pilot.

"I'll make even the gods cry today Osiris."Following those words, the green and silver Solidus of Ra shot off at full vernier toward the colony.

The green Solidus entered into the colony first breaking through a docking hatch for ships ripping it open with a few slices of its heat Katana. Following behind, Osiris destroyed the control rooms in the docking area, and any ships stocked there. Ra had already made his way through one of the main populated areas slicing up any vehicles, buildings and landmarks he could find. Osiris over saw the operation from above flying above the city using the Solidus' flight pack. Soon the city was in ruins, and the people were evacuating or running scared. The artificial weather of the colony changed settings for the day, and rain fell on the burning corpse of the ruins of the city.

"What will no one challenge us? the Vanguard Prime! Where are your mighty defenses your armies!"Ra made the statement with the utmost of pride, laughing maniacly afterwards

"Looks like you did make the gods cry today."Osiris landed upon one of the last standing buildings his gundam looking into the darkened raining artificial sky.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:51 am

A warning alarm ripped through the silence of the bridge on the Rysen. Han narrowed his eyes as he turned to his tactical officer.

Han - What's going on!? Is it the FRE?

Tactical Officer - No, from what we can gather...wait this makes no sense...

Han - What is it, Ensign!

Tactical Officer - According to their reports...WE'RE...attacking them.

Han - That's impossible.

Han picked up the phone looking device on his captains chair to make a ship wide announcement.

Han - Ship wide Red alert! Everyone to battle stations! Leutinants Eota Mars and Base Rynolds scramble the X-1 and X-2 now!

Han put down the intercom phone as he stood.

Han - Bring us about towards L5. I want a full scan of the area, have all weapons powered up. I want a full barrage of fire if they exit the colony.

Weapons Officer - Yes, Captain.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Dec 07, 2005 2:00 am

Eota and Base launch out of the Rysen in the X-1 and X-2 and head towards the colony. Upon entering it they see the ruin and devastation of the colony. Base smirked as he made the white and red X-2 land inside the colony, the rain pouring down on the Gundam.

Base - Well looks like we can tear up a colony pretty good, huh?

Eota landed the black and gold X-1 next to the X-2 and looked around.

Eota - Yeah, but we didn't do it.

Osiris - We have Visitors.

Osiris noticed his screen light up and display the model and information of the two mobile suits from file. Ra turned his Solidus to face the enemies direction.

Ra - I suppose we do. They brought gifts it seems.

Eota narrowed his eyes on the radar and turned the X-1 in the direction of the enemies.

Eota - Looks like they're this way.

Base glared then put the X-2 in a run before jumping into the air and flying in the direction of the unknown enemy forces.

Base - Well let's go clear our name!

The silver and green Solidus of Ra, rose from the ground, with a burst of vernier fire. the mobile suit's firing soft, for hovering, the mobile suit standing position, its arms crossed.

RA - I will make their blood run as clear as the nile.

Osiris - No, don't kill them. Just give them a taste of what we are.

Base went wide eyed seeing the the Gundam before him.

Base - A Cygnus!? Hey! I thought we were the only ones with Cygnus units!

Stacy appeared on small screen on Base's display.

Stacy - From what I can gather that's the third Cygnus unit built.

Base landed the X-2 and hid behind a building.

Base - Third?

Stacy sighed.

Stacy - Remember when I was hired to help develope Einhardts new line of mass production mobile suits, and they wanted to incorparate the Variable Frame technology?

Base - Yeah.

Stacy - I was commissioned to build a third Cygnus for them to begin testing on. Not only that but it looks like they have the Proto-type Flight Pack's equipped to them. They'll have a speed advantage.

Base - Great!

Base jumped out from the building he was hiding from, leveled the aim of his beam rifle and fired twice at the silver and green Gundam.

RA dropped from hovering and shot down with full burn, in a death dive avoiding the fire of the rifle, cutting off verniers and landing kneeling he unsheathed his Heat Katana from side, and removed one of the Heat knives skirted on the armor.

RA - Is that all you have to offer?

Base looked surprised and made the X-2 thrust backwards at full power, just as Eota leapt over him landing behind Ra, Eota opened fire with the beam rifle.

Eota - I don't know who you are, but those fake Cygnus Gundam's aren't going to help you!

Taking the hit the Gundam lurched forward hunching. Stooping there for a moment, it retorted back turning around making a stab with the heat knife for the rifle itself.

RA - These are not the Cygnus...You Face right now...Solidus!

Eota tried to pull the rifle away, but the heat knife, powered up to it's fullest, cut into the metal of the rifle like butter. Eota tossed the rifle as far as he could as it explode and opened up with fire from the vulcans and machine cannons, drawing the beam saber off of his back, while Base tried to give cover fire by firing his own beam rifle from a distance.

Eota - So you changed the name and painted them in stupid colors! Who the hell are you!

Spinning the Heat Katana in front of himself RA, deflected some of the fire, as he rushed Eota his verniers firing up.

Ra - There are more then just changes in the name and color. If you can't see the differences in it now, you've already lost this battle!

With that vicious statement, the free hand of the Solidus rose up from the side of the mobile suit with another heat knife, headed for the main camera.

Eota glared as he pulled the X-1 back in the last second, bringing the beam saber up ready to strike.

Eota - And if you think I'm just a push over, you're going to regert it!

Base came in from above firing his beam rifle down at the Solidus.

Base - That's right! We're the Vanguard Prime! And you still haven't answered my friend's question! Who in the FUCK are you!

Bursting back, Ra dropped pursuit of Eota, firing his vulcans in his direction, to keep him from proceeding as he holstered the knife, drew his beam gun and fired a quick shot at Base.

Ra - I don't think you understand. We are the Vanguard Prime.

Ra ducked behind a building, switching knife for gun again.

Base used the beam scissors as a shield blockign the beam gun shot then chased after the Solidus.

Base - Nah, see I don't think you understand. WE'RE the Vanguard Prime, and I'm pretty sure we haven't added any new members, especially pilots!

Eota began looking around for the other Solidus unit on his radar.

Eota - Where'd the other one go...there were two of them.

Osiris - We should finish this soon. I think they've seen enough. LEt's disable their mobile suits.

Osiris, rose from the wreckage of a building unsheathing his HEat Katana. Rushing for Base his verniers fired up soft, then went for full burst, his katana drawn by side, in position for a body slash.

Ra - Hmm it seems our time is up children, but let it be known. We can be whoever we want to be if there is no one who can defeat us.

Ducking out from behind the building Ra would throw his knife at the camera of Eota's gundam, as he rushed in.

The heat knife buried itself into Eota's main camera, sending the X-1 falling back to the ground. Eota glared and hit the controls.

Eota - Damnit!

Base turned his X-2 seeing the other Solidus unit run at him, Base tried to aim the beam rifle at him but it was too late, it was too close.

Base - AHHH!

Forcing the Katana across the right arm of the Gundam, Osiris cut it clean off, then bringing the Katana around bashed the blunt handle down on the shoulder.

Osiris - Mission Complete, Vanguard Prime move out.

With that Osiris flew past Base, and Ra rose following after, both leaving the Colony the way they came. The blow to the shoulder sent the X-2 backwards, falling to the ground.

Base - You bastards aren't the Vanguard Prime!

Eota inputs some commands to switch to the secondary camera. The image wasn't as good as the main, but it would suffice for now. He continued to glare as he got the X-1 back on his feet.

Eota - Looks like L5 is finally scrambling mobile suit teams to deal with "us".

Base got the X-2 on it's feet.

Base - Think you can pilote the X-1 out of here with that knife in your head.

Eota glared at his friend as he began to fly at the exit.

Eota - Yeah, yeah. Let's get out of here.

Base followed Eota out of the colony.

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