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3 Years Later - Vanguard Prime, Continueing the Fight.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

3 Years Later - Vanguard Prime, Continueing the Fight.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:10 pm

The AWS-01 "Rysen" was floating just outside the L5 Colony Cluster. Using old colony wreckage to hide the war ship, Captain Han Richards looked over the data that had been gathered. The Vanguard Prime had operated in space as a means to continue to battle the FRE Faction, even though a cease fire had been signed. One of the sets of doors slid open to the back of the bridge, and Lisa Nichruen walked in holding their son Aaron.

Lisa - How is everything this morning, my love.

Han turned in his captain's chair to look at Lisa and smiled.

Han - Well considering that the FRE still haven't moved into L5 air space, good. I have Eota and Base scouting the area, just in case though.

Lisa - I hope you aren't working those two too hard.

Lisa walked over to Han and the two kissed. Aaron giggled and cooed, reaching out for his father. Han smiled and picked him up and held him in the air. He was a proud father, and had realized he had been for awhile. He had looked over the men he had trained as sons, and now he had his own. Lisa smile watching her two boys play. Han then gave Aaron back to Lisa.

Han - Unfortunately, my love, I have business to attend to.

Lisa - Aw, and you two were looking so cute too.

Han smiled and kissed Lisa and then rubbed his hand through Aaron's brown hair. He had his mother's hair color, but his face resembled Han's.

Han - I have to contact Val. It has been awhile since the Vanguard Prime and the Caligo Umbra have kept in contact. I'm sure he would want some update on the FRE Faction.

Lisa - What about the Defenders?

Han sighed as he stood to his feet.

Han - You know how I feel about that. The Defenders must remain the more public leg of the Trinity Alliance. Unlike us, the Defenders must maintain a clean, honest, and good image.

Lisa - I suppose you're right. But the Trinity Alliance is already looked down upon because of us. We're considered space pirates.

Han smiled as he stood to his feet.

Han - It's not a bad thing, at least now we can say "argh" and "shiver me timbers" and actually have a reason for it.

Lisa shook her head laughing.

Lisa - While I'm the only one having to "swab the poop deck" because of your son.

Han crossed his arms and held up his chin.

Han - You know I don't like diapers, plus it wouldn't be a good image for the Captain. Right crew?

The small crew manning the terms laughed. Han looked at Lisa and smiled.

Han - But I'll make it up to you later.

Lisa - You better.

Lisa and Han kissed again and Aaron waved at his father as they left the bridge.

Aaron - Bye bye, Daddy!

Han couldn't help but smile even wider.

Han - Bye bye, son!

Han walked over to the communication's console and looked at the technician.

Han - Establish a link with the Caligo Umbra...

Outside, the black and gold Cygnus X-1 flew behind a large piece of debris from an old ship of some kind. Inside the cockpit, Leutinant Eota Mars sat in the pilot seat, his hands firmly on the controls. Over his eyes were the first pair of sunglasses Kiyoshi had worn. Eota had found them inside the Virgo that Kiyoshi had piloted, and began wearing them as a homage to the fallen hero.

Eota - Base, you picking up anything?

The sister Cygnus, named "X-2", flew behind a large rock. Lieutenant Base Rynolds piloted the white and red Gundam. The two Cygnus units were identical to each other, except for color. They had become practically the symbol for the Vanguard Prime.

Base - Nothing on my front. Doesn't seem like the FRE Faction is moving in today either. You think we made a mistake leaving L4?

Eota appeared on a small screen in Base's cockpit shaking his head.

Eota - We had a good source of information tell us the FRE would be moving into L5. It'll happen sometime.

Base smirked at his friend.

Base - You sound confident "Future".

Eota - I told you to stop calling me that.

Base - Hey, come on, you're wearing his old sunglasses. I think the nick name fits.

Eota - It's in memory of him. I don't want to be like him.

Base - You're piloting his Gundam!

Eota - Yours is just like it.

Base - Oh come on. Mine's white and red. Yours is still in }{G colors.

Eota - I like the color scheme.

Base shook his head again.

Base - Plus mine was built for me by my one and only.

Eota - Your "one and only" built this for Kiyoshi, and he gave it to me. Which do you think has more significance.

Base - Mine of course.

Base smirked and Eota shook his head. Back on the Rysen, Han pressed a button to send his transmission to the Caligo Umbra.

Han - Captain Han Richards of the Vanguard Prime, sending a message out to our good old buddy Val. Just wanted to let you know that we're outside of L5 watching to see when Winson's gonna make his move into L5. From the reports we can gather, several of his agents are spreading his ideology of a "pure earth' inside the colony, and many of the local stations are broadcasting his old speech in L4 from about 3 years ago. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about that.

This is Captain Han Richards of the Vanguard Prime. Keeping on the fight against the Fre. Over and out.

Han let go of the button and the message as the message was sent to space back to Earth. Eota's voice then came over the comm. link.

Eota - Lieutenant Eota Mars, reporting in. No evidence of FRE Faction movement can be found.

Han pressed another button to link with Eota's transmission.

Han - Alright, you and Base return to the Rysen and get some rest.

Eota - Yes, sir Captain Richards.

Han walked back over to his Captain's chair and sat down as the transmission ended. He sat back and stared at the main screen, the L5 Colony cluster could be seen in the distance.

Han - What's your plan Winson...

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:35 am

A message for Han was waiting for when he returned.

"Val Thrall of the Caligo Umbra responding. It's good to hear a friendly voice in these dark times Han. How have you been? Look I don't know what's going on space side but I can tell you, things are a little uneasy down here on Earth. There's been an increasingly number of drop ships that have been landing in Asia and Australia. I fear that there might be battles here once again. And if you remember, they're in the same area that started this whole mess. Keep in touch and let me know if you need any help. The Hyperion is ready to launch at a moments notice. I think Edward Hoffmen is up to something. I might have to go and check it out, but I'll let you know before I do.

Val Thrall, over and out."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Dec 07, 2005 10:22 am

Another message appeared from Val, but this one wasn't meant just for Han.

"Friends and Allies. This is Val Thrall of the Caligo Umbra. As of today, the leader of the Blace Lowe Faction, Edward Hoffman has come back to Earth with a sizable force. Apparently, FRE wants to take us out one by one. They know they can't win if we're fighting together. I'll be heading over to Asia tomorrow to take care of Edward, hopefully for good this time. Any help that could be sent would be appriciated."

Val looked at the floor and paused for a few seconds as if thinking then looked back up at the screen. There was a terrible pain in his eye as if fighter off tears.

"Han. He's got my sister."

With that the video ended and a picture popped up of the location where Val would be heading.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:53 pm

Eota and Base made their way onto the bridge of the Rysen. Han turned in his chair to look at his two pilots. Stacy and Lisa, carrying Aaron, soon followed them.

Han - Could someone please explain to me, how in the hell we attacked two colonies at once?

Lisa - Two colonies!?

Han - The reports from L4 claim that we shot a large hole in the main L4 colony, and now Lord Winson and the FRE's Diplomatic Fleet are on their way here to L5.

Eota crossed his arms, his eyes were hidden by Kiyoshi's first pair of sunglasses, but you could still see the scar that was on his face.

Eota - Those pilots were holding back.

Base - What do you mean by that? We put up a good fight!

Eota - I just know they were holding back Base. I haven't seen anyone use a mobile suit like they did. They're good.

Han narrowed his eyes.

Han - How good?

Eota - They were on the level of Kiyoshi.

Han turned his chair towards the main screen. He hit a button bringing up a display of Earth and the colonies around it.

Han - Just great. When Winson gets here they're going to accept him even more than they would have before, cause of these bastards. Not to mention the Followers of Lowe are committing more autrocities.

Lisa - What?

Han - Because we've been busy fighting the the FRE, they've managed to sneak down about ten drop ships. They have roughly 100 mobile suits. I can't be sure of the exact number yet, but that isn't the worst part.

Stacy - And that is?

Han turned his chair back to look at his friends.

Han - Apparently, they have kidnapped Val's sister. I won't let this stand. Eota, you'll be launching to Earth.

Eota - What!? There's people going around claiming to be us, ruining our name and you want to split up our forces?

Han - I'll pilot one of the back up mobile suits if I have to.

Lisa looked sternly at Han.

Han - Val has helped us a lot in the past. I want to repay our debt to him. I would send Base and Stacy along too, but I think we'll need at least one of the Cygnus's here in space, and Stacy is our best mechanic. Plus, I have faith that you can handle the job, Eota.

Eota sighed. He was glad that Han had that kind of faith in him, but he didn't like the idea of leaving everyone behind now.

Han - I have to contact Zach soon. He's going to be furious once the news spreads through out the colonies.

Stacy - Why can't we just prove that we didn't do it. We can easily give them our registry to prove that we only have one ship and two Gundam mobile suits.

Han - Won't matter. The Vanguard Prime's image is already low enough because of our methods.

Base - Someone had to keep up the fight, Han.

Han sighed as he turned back around to look at the main screen.

Han - We'll be hiding in this debris field. See what the FRE do when they get here. Eota, the X-1 has already been loaded onto a shuttle and is ready to launch. I'll let Val know you're coming.

Eota - Yes, sir.

Han - Everyone is dismissed.

Eota walked over to Stacy and Base.

Eota - You better take care of everyone.

Base - You know I will, buddy.

Stacy - Be careful, Eota.

Eota - I don't think they will be easy, but I'll try.

Eota waved and walked off the bridge. As Eota launched out of the Rysen, Han sent this message to Val.

Han - Things have gotten pretty bad up here too my friend. Two Solidus Gundams, a slight upgrade, but near identical Cygnus unit, attacked L5 claiming to be the Vanguard Prime. Not to mention, Winson attacked L4 claiming it was us too, then launched for L5. I'm not sure if there is a connection yet or not. I'm sending Lieutenant Eota Mars down to Earth with the Cygnus X-1 to assist you. For now, that's all I can provide. I will be contacting our old friend Zach of the Defenders, and since they've become much more involved in the politics of these matters, maybe they can smooth things out for us here in space.

Take care my friend.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Thu Dec 15, 2005 8:43 am

A message arrived for Han from Antioch.

"Han, by the time you get this message, Eota and I will have left for Asia. We're doing a communication black out on all frequencies except civilian channels, so we won't get a chance to talk until Eota and I return with Amber. We got a transmission yesterday on the layout of the battle field that Hoffman had laid out for us. And I don't know if Eota told you or not, but it was sent by someone that called me an old friend. Someone that sounded a lot like Kiyoshi. Eota heard it too and we both believe that it was Kiyoshi's voice we heard. The only problem, the transmission was so well encrypted and encoded that we couldn't get a location from where it was being sent. But this is the last thing, I'm convinced Kiyoshi is still alive and doing well. We need him back Han, we can't win this war with what we have now. I know that this isn't something that you're going to want to hear, but there is a chance that I'm not going to make it back, and if the worst should happen, well Antioch and my troops should be integrated into other factions of the Trinity Alliance. And one last favor my friend, if I don't come back, could you take care of Takimi and our kid? Thanks Han, I'll see you when Eota and I return."

The transmission cut out into static.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Jan 02, 2006 10:44 pm

Han sat in his personal quarters with the light settings on dim. It had been several days since Eota had left, and Han had sat in this room since he had received the message from Val. His gaze fell to a small picture that stood on his desk in a silver frame. Han focused on the young man that stood in the middle of the group that made up the original Trinity Alliance.

Han - Kiyoshi...

Lisa walked into the room and couldn't help but feel concern towards her husband. He had shut himself away from everyone for the last few days, and she knew the reason why. It was because Val mentioned that Kiyoshi possibly sent them Hoffman's battleplans.

Lisa - You've been thinking about him again.

Han made a slight nod as Lisa came over and sat down on his desk.

Han - Do you think Kiyoshi is disappointed with us?

Lisa looked confused.

Lisa - What do you mean?

Han - I was the one that pushed that we declare Kiyoshi dead.

Lisa - The FRE Faction was demanding we turn him over as a criminal of war for crimes he didn't commit. We had no body, and though none of us thought he was dead, we didn't know where he was. It was the only thing we could do, Han. You said it yourself.

Han - But...Val was right when he said we need him.

Lisa - It's true, we could use someone who could bring us all together again, but Kiyoshi is just one man. Have you ever thought that maybe...maybe now he just wants to be forgotten?

Han - I can't forget him.

Lisa - Maybe that's the problem. Everyone remembers who he was, and the vision that he had. It's unfortunate that his vision has been skewed to the public.

Han - To have both the Earth and Space Colonies out of the control of evil men, and to have a strong alliance between the the Colonies and it's mother planet. That was the Trinity Alliance...Kiyoshi's vision. But we're not an alliance anymore. We all went our separate ways...

Lisa - Who's fault is that?

Han looked shocked. He didn't expect her to blame him for this.

Lisa - Zach and Ess went off with the Defenders to try and keep tensions down on a political level, Val returned to Earth, we stayed in space. We all continued our own fights. We're all to blame.

Han shook his head.

Han - Now we have some one acting like they're's not like we don't have a bad enough image already.

Lisa - The people of L5 are ignoring the fact that Eota and Base fought against the two Solidus Gundam units. The only plus is it doesn't seem like they're being too fond of the FRE Faction.

Han - GaiaZ is going to attempt to move in.

Lisa - How do you know?

Han narrowed his eyes as he turned to look out a window at space. L5 was in the distance, past the debris field that the Rysen is hidden in at the moment.

Han - Just a hunch I have.

Lisa - Griffon doesn't seem like such a bad person...

Han - I don't trust someone like him.

Lisa leaned forward and kissed Han lovingly, then stood up.

Lisa - Well, I better go check up on our little boy, I left him with Stacy and Base.

Lisa turned and walked towards the door, but stopped before leaving to look back at Han.

Lisa - And you should probably return to your chair on the's getting cold.

Han returned the smile that Lisa gave him, before she walked out. He looked back towards the picture, again focusing on Kiyoshi. He let out a heavy sigh before getting up and leaving his quarters.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Jan 04, 2006 10:58 am

There was a message waiting for Han at the bridge from Antioch.

"Hello Han. Eota and I have returned from Asia with my sister. All three of us are safely back at Antioch and well, frankly I'm impressed with Eota. He's turned out to be one hell of a pilot, probably thanks to you if I guess correctly. Whatever Edward Hoffman had been planning on Earth is done and over with, the entire place was set to detonate and did, just after we escaped. I guess that have no qualms about blowing up a place that had a colony dropped on it. I just wonder how many of their own people they left there. Anyways, I have some even more good news. Jyotika is alive, and well, as you may guess, he wants me dead. So now we've got another thing to worry about, but we don't know where he is, or how many troops or Mobile Suits he has. Well, that's all the good news that I can think of. Val, out."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:58 pm

Han sat down in the captain's chair after hearing Val's message. He narrowed his eyes on L5 through the debris field that the Rysen was hidden in.

Han - So Winson returned to L4...

Tactical Officer - Yes, Captain...though our latest reports from our sensor's scattered around L4's airspace claim that he is bringing in a large object.

Han turned his chair slightly to look at the Tactical officer. He was in his twenties with long black hair, Han recalled that his name was Thomas Olnsen.

Han - From where?

Olnsen - Outpost 09901.

Han went wide eyed as he turned back towards the main screen.

Han - The old Mars colonies?

Olnsen - It would appear so. From our data banks I've learned there was a conflict there during the War of AC 195. It was one of the }{G's early battles.

Han - Cloud Strife lead the }{G to fight against a madman who wanted to use a colony converted to a giant solar cannon to attack not only the Earth, but eventually colonies that would not surrender to his rule.

Olnsen - Yes, sir. I think the FRE Faction is bringing that weapon into L4's airspace.

Han - So he's now afraid of the }{G and GaiaZ...he's planning to wipe everyone out! The question is what will be his first target...

Han narrowed his eyes at the main screen for a second before looking towards one of the other men on the bridge.

Han - Bring up tactical map 03 on the main screen.

Crewman - Yes, Captain.

A map came up on the main screen showing Earth, the moon, and the surrounding colonies.

Han - Zhelir has made a call for recruitment of his own new }{G...GaiaZ has control of L5...but the Earth has been the long time target of the FRE Faction...

Olnsen - What's our plan sir? Do we rush to L4 to try and stop the weapon?

Han - The Rysen is a powerful ship, but I do not even think our main weapons will be enough. Our mobile suits are limited to a few Virgo's, the Tallgeese II, and the Cygnus X-2. We'd be severely out numbered.

Base walked on the bridge with his arms crossed.

Base - That hasn't stopped us before, Captain.

Han turned his head slightly towards Base.

Han - We had the advantage of skilled pilots before.

Base - Then get on the horn, get Val and Eota back up here, contact Zach, and let's contact Zhelir while we're at it. We mount up a large enough force I'm sure we can take out whatever the FRE are planning.

Han - Val and Eota are going to deal with Jyotika on Earth.

Base looked surprise.

Base - What!? That madman is still alive?

Han - Apparently so.

Base - Just great...that's exactly what we need. At least FRE didn't get L5.

Han - I'm still not sure if the people turning to GaiaZ is a good thing.

Han stood to his feet and walked to the communications terminal. He looked at the officer at the station.

Han - First, establish a link to the Caligo Umbra.

Comm. Officer - Yes, Captain Richards. Whenever you're ready.

Han - Val I, unfortunately, will not be able to support you in a fight against Jyotika. It appears the FRE Faction is bringing in a large weapon from the old Mar's colonies. Eota should be able to continue to help you on Earth. Take care my friend.

The message ended and was sent to Earth.

Han - Now, patch me into a communications line direct to MO-V.

Comm. Officer - It might be more difficult due to the debris field. We don't have a pre-established link with them, sir.

Han - Do your best.

The comm. officer began to press several keys and turning a small dial. Finally, the terminal beeped confirming an established connection.

Comm. Officer - Ready, sir.

Han - This is Captain Han Richards, leader of the Vanguard Prime. From what I understand the }{G has once again taken residence on the asteroid colony of MO-V. While I'm glad to hear such a name returning to the forefront of this continuing conflict, I am sad to say I am not contacting you with good news. It would appear that the tyrannical leader of the FRE Faction. Lord Raphael Winson, is bringing in a large solar cannon from an old outpost of rebel colonial citizens from around AC 195. Your former leader Cloud Strife originally brought this weapon down during that war, however, it is possible that the FRE Faction have repaired it and are bringing it into the airspace of the L4 Colony Cluster. In that area, the FRE Faction will be able to attack anyone. You should all be on high alert.

Han went quiet for a moment as he looked back at the tactical display on the mainscreen.

Han - I do not think the Trinity Alliance will be able to combat such a threat.

Han ended the message and it was sent to MO-V. Han then turned to Base.

Han - We're staying here for now.

Base - But all the action is going to be in L4!

Han - Exactly why we are staying here.

Han went back to his chair and sat down. He turned the chair to look at Olnsen.

Han - I want you to monitor the FRE Faction more than we ever have before. Determine if the weapon is capable of firing, and where their going to target first. L5, MO-V, or Earth.

Olnsen - Yes, sir.

Olnsen went to his tactical station as the screen went back to the forward image.

Han - If they }{G are back, Kiyoshi won't stay hidden for long. He sought them out last time. Will he do it again?

Han steepled his fingers as he took in a deep breath and slowly let it out.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Jan 18, 2006 10:06 pm

Han was sitting in his chair staring at the latest reports that the Vanguard Prime probes had been able to pick up around L4. Just a few minutes ago, a large cylinder object was brought into it's airspace. Olnsen stands beside him looking at a small datapad with information scrolling across the screen.

Han - Well...seems like he's got his super weapon in place. How soon do you think he can fire it?

Olnsen - It appears that they have engaged the solar panels to begin charging the weapon. Based on what I can gather from old information on Outpost 09901, depending on what power setting he wants to fire at, and what possible modifications he may or may not have made...we're looking at any where from 5 minutes to several hours.

The comm. officer turned from his station to look at Han.

Comm. Officer - Captain Richards, I'm getting a signal from the remaining }{G forces.

Han made a slight grumble before looking to Olnsen.

Han - Have Leutinant Base get the X-2 ready for a possible engagement with enemy forces.

Olnsen - But you said that we weren't going to get...

Han - I don't think we have a better option at this time. Zhelir has obviously claimed that he wants to bring independence to the Colonies. At this moment, we are looked down upon by most colony residents. If we do not help out in some way, then it won't help our image at all.

Han stood to his feet slowly. He had another reason why he couldn't just sit back in a debris field while this fight went on. FRE was his enemy. Others were drawn into this conflict because of who they were with, but FRE had always been his enemy, ever since they tried to use him for their evil plans.

Han - And I'm not going to let the }{G take down the very enemy we've been fighting for these last three years non stop.

Han turned his head to look at his comm. officer.

Han - Open the channel to the }{G.

Han went quiet as he put his arms to his side. The simple black and dark brown uniform of the Vanguard Prime, was a contrast to this blond hair and beard.

Han - This is Captain Han Richards of the Vanguard Prime. I understand the }{G would like to discuss something with us.

Han went silent as he stared at the view screen waiting for the comm. channel to be open and accepted on the end of the }{G.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:22 pm

Han sat down in his chair when the transmission was over.

Han - Take us out of the debris field. I want full power to the engines. Get us to L4 now.

Helmsman - Yes, Captain.

Han turned to Olnsen at his station.

Han - Have all weapons ready to fire. Remove all safety's from our missles.

Han turned back to the main screen as the Rysen pulled out of the debris field. The warship then took off towards L4.

Han - What's Lieutenant Rynolds status?

Crewman - Lieutenant Rynolds is in the cockpit of the X-2 awaiting further orders, sir.

Han - Good, open up a channel to the cockpit on the main screen.

Crewman - Yes, Captain.

Base appeared on the main screen in his pilot suit. The visor to his helmet was open and he had his usual smirk across his face.

Han - Base, I want you to join forces with whatever mobile suits the }{G sends out.

Base - See...told you we should join up with them.

Han - It's temporary. Our mission is separate from the }{G's.

Base - Yeah, yeah. As long as I finally get something to do, I'm happy.

Han - Keep focused, Leutinant.

Han gave Base a fatherly glare. He understood how Base felt, but even though he was now twenty, he still had that gung-ho kind of youthfulness to him. Han only hoped Base's continued luck and skill kept him from getting killed.

Base - Roger that, Captain.

Base closed the comm. link and sat back in the cockpit of his Cygnus X-2. Stacy came up to his cockpit and looked him in the eyes.

Stacy - You should listen to Han.

Base - Oh come on, I'll be fine.

Stacy - Eota isn't here to watch your back, Base. You have to be careful.

Base glared at her then crossed his arms.

Base - I don't need him to watch my back, you should know this by now!

Stacy shook her head and smiled.

Stacy - Sure you don't.

Stacy leaned forward and the two young lovers kissed. She slowly pulled away still looking Base in his eyes.

Stacy - Just don't do anything you're prone to do.

Base - Hey!

Base couldn't help but smile as Stacy left the cockpit. He closed the hatch and tightened up the straps that held him in his seat. Maybe he was taking this too lightly...

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