You've got to be kidding me....

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You've got to be kidding me....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ragnarok's Misery on Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:55 pm

"We're all mad here, I'm mad, you're mad." A quote that has more truth in it then in all the world. And with wizards, demons, knights, and dragons roaming around it is even more so. But luckily there's a school for all the madness to go to.......wait.......WHAT?!?!

Character skeleton:

Race: (anything that's fantasy)
Description: (or pic.)
Weapons/Magic: (If any/ and because why the hell not)
History: (If you don't wanna share then put 'Will be told in RP'
Other info: (basically what ever else you want people to know about your character.)
(All classes will be the same do to teachers quitting to get away from the insanity. the classes go:
Magical arts
Sword play
And finally Gym /cut me some slack with the last three I ran out of Ideas/)
My Character:

Name/Nickname: Blitz but everyone he meats he tells them to call him Random.
Age: 17
Race: Demon
Gender: Male
Description: He has raven black hair that falls to his shoulders. Ruby red eyes that always gleam with mischief. His teeth are sharp like razors (think of Kisame's from Naruto). He wear's a black long sleeve shirt and some plain blue pants.
Weapons/Magic: He uses an two sword that looks like it was made of stone, with a pointy guard and a crack that snakes down the blade itself, and it is imbued with ice magic plus he has a one sided sword that had runes running along 1/2 of the back of the blade, this is also imbued with fire magic. he calls them Icy and hot head respectively.
History: Will be told in RP
Other info: Basically he's bat shit insane and say's the most craziest things that actually make sense in curtain situations. Which teachers get annoyed with 99% of the time......yeah he's a class clown.
You have opened the gate to hell, and unleashed Misery upon the world.

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