Young Justice Battered Fort

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Young Justice Battered Fort

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:14 am

Draruto Citadel, a twice orphaned Thanian transplant by way of Dragonia, stood in the center of the training room, attempting to block the telepathic noise of Connor and Megan making out three floors up. He’d normally would have blocked them out easily, but after an mission where he had taken telepathic blast of hell fire for Megan and Wonder Girl. He was still recovering from the intensity of it. ‘I should leave, at least for my sanity.’ he thought, cringing at an unheard drawn out sigh. Shutting his eyes against the internal torment Draruto turned his head aside and heard Nightwing enter. “How’s barrier DC?” he heard Batman’s protege ask. “Still partially holed, but it’s coming back.” he replied. Moments passed while Draruto readied temporary barriers around his pulsing hurt. Re-opening his dark eyes , he stared at Nightwing with a questioning gaze. “Megan and the other telepaths in the League have felt a burning emotion from you when your barrier is thinner than usual. So they decided to send me to ask you what’s up.”

Glancing away for moment, he didn’t answer the unasked question in that statement. Given how he felt right now, Draruto was still undecided about how he was going deal with his emotions. “I’ll get back to you.” he replied. And before Nightwing answer his statement, Draruto used one his lesser used powers and faded away. ‘A few hours alone will be good for me.’ he mused, appearing near the old Naval Air base. “Welcome back Citadel, hope your stay will be pleasant.” a voice stated in his mind. Striding through the hanger door, he saw the wingless and bullet ridden Tomcat, resting on it’s belly. ‘I’ll get you back in the air eventually, old soldier. Promise.’ he thought, nodding in respect. Dropping onto a third row seat from a SUV he propped his feet on the re-purposed external fuel tank.

‘What am I going to do when I have to decide about membership?’ Draruto wondered, his gaze on the battered wall. Originally, he was only on the team for the Dark Light mission on his adopted home world. During it, against his better judgement, he felt his heart go to Megan. But after, once he returned to Earth with them, he meet Connor and saw him kiss her. It was that one thing that tossed his emotions into a near unending volcanic boil. Keeping the main reason from the others, he gradually pulled a hard retreat from her and avoided her when possible. Falling back on old habits that hadn’t been used since the Dragonian Civil War, Draruto silently watch his heart re-shatter in a million pieces. “Will I go back to being suicidally crazy in combat again? Like I was on Dragonia during the war.” he questioned aloud. Blocking those memories he threw his arms over the back of the seat. Allowing his head to drop, Draruto shut his dark unreflective sapphire eyes.

The sound of approaching feet brought the Thanian to complete wakefulness. Seeing Cheshire, he settled back down on the seat. Draruto gave the assassin a harden two finger salute. “Did I fall in to Wonderland again?” he inquired nonchalantly. “No, you haven’t Thanian. I was just wondering if you have to visit us for our daughter’s birthday party.” he heard the assassin ask. Remembering the time he spent with Cheshire’s baby, Draruto inwardly smiled and replied, “I’ll see what can I do, Ches.” Watching the assassin nod and leave, he again closed his eyes. Blocking the world out, he delved into his darken inner city scape. Feeling the torrential rain drench his tall built frame, he turned his face into the rain. ‘How much more torment can I take before I break into trillion pieces?’ he questioned aloud.

Bringing his arms up. Draruto turned his palms skyward and his powers radiate in short sparking auras. A large sigh flowed from his chest as he felt some what better. Fleeting as it was, he drew that minuscule bit in to his soul. Fusing it with the other bits that have been drained, Draruto saw their glow brighten again. Pushing back the heavy shadows back that clung to him like a cloak. ‘Keep my soul as one while I battle the demons of my past. The ones that ride hard on my heels and darken my already darkened soul. In your name I intone, Amaterasu.’ he thought. Hours pasted before Draruto left the trance he slipped into. Stretching stiff muscles, he stood glanced to the watch on his wrist. “Almost time to go on duty.” he noted. Quickly showering and changing, Draruto faded back to the tower. Exiting the room like in his usual ghost way; he walked towards the mess hall.

Taking the time to check his barrier, he saw that it had regained about three quarters of it's strength. 'Guess a night away did do me some wonder.' he mused, reaching the mess. Draruto checked his gaunlet comp for any news on his adopted homeworld. 'No wars, good, means I can still postpon returning for another day.' he thought. "Draruto." Stopping dead, he felt whatever peace that he had shatter to dust. Rage and sadness warred for dominance in his mind as he slammed his eyes shut. 'DDDDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!!' Draruto silently snarled. Reflexively fading away he reappeared near The Warehouse in Bludhaven. Bolting in to the crowd at full speed, he paid no heed anyone that rammed against him. Tears rolled down his cheek as the winner of his inner war made an appearance.

Running right into an ongoing five-way gang war, Draruto felt the feral warrior take over. Letting that part run wild he drew his rational part back and went on autopilot. Everything blow he took, aside from fueling his anger, also cleared his head somewhat. Choosing not to dwell on it, he gave as good as he retrieved and found himself dogpiled. In the middle of a exchange with a massive bruiser, Draruto suddenly paused as a female Martian ghosting in his path. And the first thing he noticed was her deep crimson eyes. 'What?' he thought just another bruiser sent him flying. Rolling back to semi-vertical base Draruto lets loose his demonic minions with one simple order. 'Attack.'

Charging back in to the fray, with a trail of unconscious people in his wake, he noticed that the female Martian was covering his back. 'Wonder why? I just got here not to long ago.' he mused. Subjecting the closest idiot to a high powered clothesline Draruto saw another move the club his impromptu backup. Grabbing a dazed male he flew between the Martian and her would be attacker. Putting his impromptu shield in front of him, he felt the Martian's gaze bore into him. Letting his gaze connect with hers, just for a second, Draruto felt something click. 'Who is she?' he wondered. A grunt brought him back to reality. Pushing the would be shield forward Draruto slugged the man hard. Wading up to a cluster of bruisers he broke them and paused. Looking around he saw the fray was thinning out. 'Starting to wind down. Go figure.'

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