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[Universe] Zage Pierce [Work in progress]

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[Universe] Zage Pierce [Work in progress]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aelita on Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:38 am

Ok. I make a lot of characters but sometimes I make two different bios for the same character depending on what the rps rules and situation is.

Name: Zage Pierce

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearence: Zage wears a dark red muscle shirt with an ancient japanese symbol on the front written in black that means death. His pants are baggy and black with a few pockets lining the sides with the seams. His wears black steal towed boots. Over his muscle shirt is a long black over coat.

Around his left wrist he wears a black mogle with dark red claw marks across it and around his neck he wears a silver chained necklace with a deep blue pendent being held by a fierce looking black swan. He stands about 6'2. His eyes are hazel green that turn colors depending on the lighting and how far away you are from him.

His hair is shaggy dark brown that reaches to just above his shoulders. Toward the front of his face he has bangs that get longer the farther back they go around his head. In the back is where his hair goes down to his shoulders.

Around other people he will get in with the crowd and talk but not much. He will probably just put what he thinks in it and if it turns into a conversation then so be it. He won't put up with other peoples crap when they try to start stuff.

He is usually the same way with his own kind. If one of them are in trouble he might try to help them only because they are his kind. Other then that he really doesn't act any different.

When he is alone he is fairly quiet and very thoughtful. He likes to sit in dark places and ponder about anything that comes to mind. He also likes to just roam the dark alleys and empty streets.

In his past life he was always rude to people. Anyone. If you said something stupid he would tell you and put you down for it. He had gotten in so many fights in and out of school that when he got around 17 he went to jail twice for it. Even when he was a kid he would punch another kid for something or other.

His father and mother used to get in fights all the time. They were always yelling and it got to where his father started beating on her. One day he came home drunk and killed her. After that his father was put in jail but commited suicide with the bed sheets. By the time he was 10 he was sent to four orphanages.

The reason he was moved so much was because he didn't get along with the other children or the care givers. At the age of 15 he was even put into an Insane Asylum once but was bailed out by a former care giver within a year. She took care of him until he turned 17. She was then killed by a drive by shooting one night while coming home.

After having so many losses he just went nuts and went to a bar to get a few drinks. He had just turned 18 that day and he had a fake ID made. He ordered a drink from the waitress that looked like an old bag and had black hair. Just in front of her she was talking to a young girl and heard her call the waitress mom as she walked over to a table just next to where he was sitting. While he drank his whiskey a man made a comment about him and it drove him passed his limit. He beat the guy to within an inch of his life along with tearing up the bar at the same time as he punched him one last time he drew out a gun and pointed it to his head but in a quick rush someone tackled him trying to knock the gun away from him and it slipped just as he was pulling the trigger. The waitress then rushed around the bar and ran over to the girl who was sitting at the table next to him that was lying on the ground motionless. She looked up to him with an evil eye mixed with fear and sorrow her eye turned transparent for a moment then went back to normal.

He was sent to jail but broke out with a miracle and up until he turned 24 he had a fake name and moved far away from there. It was his 24th birthday and he was out walking the empty streets one night when a black cat crossed his path. He didn't believe in superstitions. If that was the case then a black cat must have crossed his path a hundred times by now. He watched it leave but there was something peculiar about it. It's eyes were transparent as it looked at him before it left. Just as soon as it left did a witch come out of where the cat had went. Her hair was black and she gave him a look of wisdom. He stopped looking at her and before he knew it he felt a stabbing pain in his heart. He grasped his chest and fell to his knees. The witch then walked over to him. When he looked up he then recognized who it was. The waitress from the bar who's daughter he killed. She was looking at him with the same sadness and evil she had before. After that he fainted and went into a deep sleep. At least he thought he was sleeping. When he woke up he found himself in an alley way and there was a shattered piece of glass near him. As he looked down he could see his reflection but his eyes were slitted like a cats.

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