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[Multiverse] Zay Zay~

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zay Zay~ on Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:42 am

Name:Zay Zay~ KaZ Brown
Alias/Preferred Name/Nickname:Zay Zay~
Other Aliases:
Age: 16
Gender: Female

[Random Statistics:

Zay Zay~ is 5'9, she is a wanna be model, she takes dance classes and karatte, she also has great drawing skills

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Human
Country Of Origin:Japan/African American
Heritage: African American Father, Jappanesse Mother
Theme Song:I GOTCHA BY LUPE FIASCO http://chertelly.imeem.com/music/KARa2b ... trumental/

Physical Appearance

Height: five foot seven
Weight: One hundred and thirty six pounds

Hair Color: Black
Hair Length:shoulder length
Hair Style: Long or curly
Noticeable Highlights: None

Glasses: no
Makeup:lip gloss/eye shadow/ rarely, mostly she wears no make up
Jewelry: none
Tattoos/Body Art: none
Physical Blemishes/Scars:not really noticeable on her face
Body Type: Average

Clothing:A big hoody and droopy pants with a hat, or short shorts with cute shirt and backpack.

Attitude: Loyal, loud, sly, adventurous, rude, feisty, relaxed, brilliant, rambunctious
Motivation: To fullfill her dreams.
Enjoys: dancing, karate,drawing
Dislikes: annoying people
Habits: Pealing her finger nails, staring off into space when something bores her.

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