A typically-built human being. Was turned into a demi-god by his best friend, Artic Goddes, when she came to realize how weak he really was. Believes in love, not war, but will fight to no end to protect his friends and adoptive family.

a character in “Arcanist 14”, as played by KingKj52

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Typical human. Black hair, blue eyes. Light skin tone. Appears weak.
Common attire (attire present in most clothing situations) A silver necklace, with a custom insignia (which resembles nothing of importance) on the chain. A simple, titanium-alloy wrist watch.
School attire at school times. School uniform, detailed in the picture. General, everyday clothing.
__ __ __ __ __ __
P.J.'s. Black sweats and a black t-shirt with a random abstract design on it.
__ __ __ __ __ __
Formal attire. Black tuxedo with a red tie. White undershirt. Black dress shoes, low-cut black socks.
__ __ __ __ __ __
Battle attire (only worn if a battle is expected and prepared for). Flexible magnetorheological, Dilatant body suit, adapted to my fighting style.


  • Innocent.
  • Easy-going.
  • Loving.
  • Sensitive.
  • Protective.
  • Friendly until provoked.
  • Can be short-tempered at times.
  • Empathic.
  • (Empa/Sympa)thetic.
  • Introverted.
  • Shy.
  • Sarcastic.


  • His body, and the weapon that flows inside it.
  • Any weapons and/or tools created with this bioweapon.


King has had a hard life, one that he does not like to talk about with anyone openly. Because of his social mishaps, he's become one to himself, generally being quiet unless spoken to directly or set off into a blazing argument. Extremely humble, King almost never admits positive traits he possesses; instead, he pushes the admiration to others, praising them for their great qualities whilst belittling himself. After relieving himself of his duties as the headmaster's son, he became a private-school dropout, moping about from place to place. One day, he came across a new dimension -- one filled with love, friendship, support, friendly duels, materialization, and her. Artic Goddes, now the best friend of King, happened to stumble across this strange land at the same time he did. Surprised by this coincidence, he shyly gathered his courage and wearily said hello to the other traveler. Not knowing what to expect, he prepared for the worst, slowly raising a mental shield around his mind, preparing for the worst onslaught of insults ever developed by humankind. This girl just happily replied with a cheery greeting, and, instead of an onslaught of insults, a barrage of questions were thrown at King as if it was her only skill. King steadily answered each question with an affirmative answer, and proceeded to ask the same questions to her, which cycled and recycled until they eventually declared friendship. Looking out over the horizon, they decided to delve into the strange land together, joined later by a third soul, KK. As they approached the heart of the land, many questions were asked, like where they came, how they knew each other, what qualities did they possess, and, probably the most common question that arose from the hormonal pre-teen-dominant masculines, "Artic, your really a girl?!" The three friends continued on in this fashion, traveling the land they had newly discovered, eventually making it their home. Artic went on to be one of the most famed people of the land, befriended by almost everyone, ranging from the newest immigrants to the baddest of the Elite Mod Forces. KK stayed a while, settled down, and one day, just got up and left. No one truly knows where he is today, but Artic and King only hope its in loving memory of them, and of the life they founded together. King went on to be a sideshow in the land, still sticking by Artic's side in any occasion, but always being regarded as her "right-hand pet". At some point down the road, Artic had abandoned King for a newcomer, one she found utterly fascinating. Though it pained him to see her move on, he reluctantly let himself get defeated to allow her to pursue her own agenda. Thus, King met many new people, slowly opening his shell and training himself to be better than the rest. After months of work, he decided it was time to test his new abilities in the ring -- a friendly duel against Venom. King struggled, trying to hold on to the ropes of the fight, while Venom effortlessly pounded him. The fight took a turn for the worst when a disastrous rumor crossed Venom's ears, as he began began mercilessly destroying King. King tried to put up a fight, but being only a human with no special abilities, he could not keep up with the beast, and eventually died, his last sight being Venom standing over him, triumphant, and a figure dashing in his direction from a distance. Days later, King awoke in an all-to-familiar tree, his head resting upon someone's lap. Noticing Artic's arm resting on him like his injuries were nothing to be concerned about, King slowly sat up and looked at her. She simply blindly stared at him, her lips quivering with regret. King didn't quite understand, but he was glad to see her again. He hugged her, feeling no pain from where the medical bandages had been wrapped around him. She told him what happened to her in those months time, and how she had become more powerful then ever conceivable. She shared half of that power with him, transforming him into a Demi-god, or something of close resemblance. From that day forth, the two of them were connected, far more so than just emotionally like they were before. No, they were now inseparable. She knew King was not a true fighter, so, though she never would admit it, she always watched over him and protected him. Even through all the trials of godmods, spam, lobby foreclosure, and deathly games, they persisted to exist. Through the years, they both met many people, befriending and rivaling many; mistakes were made, friends came and gone, and eventually, Artic left the world they had shared so long behind. King was nothing without his friend, his protectorate, so after a few months of trying to persist without his friend, he, too, left the world, and all its works, behind. The world had become ridden with scum, abuse, gangs, warfare, and hatred. All they had worked hard to build was now gone.

Until now.

~~~Artic was and still is my best friend, and so she deserves the focal point of my history at Arc 14. I'll eventually fill this section with more encounters, more stories with other friends, more battles, more.. memories. I spent at least an hour wording this and .. remembering, so, for now, I am done. Check back later if your interested, as I plan to add more to the story later.~~~

So begins...

KingKj52's Story