RPG's Code of Conduct

General Rules
While RolePlayGateway supports and encourages freedom of speech and the right to artistic freedom, we have just a couple rules that everyone must follow to make the site enjoyable for everyone. We like to keep rules simple and straightforward, so there are only these five basic rules. These rules apply to every part of RolePlayGateway, and anything officially associated with RolePlayGateway:

  1. No trolling.
    Deliberately provoking arguments is unacceptable.

  2. No spamming.
    This includes flooding (repeating messages over and over), mass PMs to members, and using any part other than the RPG Directory to advertise their product.

  3. No obscenity.
    We require everyone to maintain common sensitivity. This includes:

    • No racist, bigoted, or excessively vulgar or distasteful language.

    • No cybering on any portion of the site, even in non-public areas.

    • No explicit pornography.

  4. No disrespect.
    All of our members, staff included, are expected to treat one another with respect at all times. Intentional disrespect in any fashion will not be tolerated.

  5. No arguing.
    Take it to PM. Public intelligent debate is welcome, but when your post contains insults or personal attacks, you are in violation of this rule and your post will be edited or removed entirely.

Rules for Roleplay (Effective February 22nd, 2011)
Roleplays created after the effective date that do not meet these rules will be edited or closed immediately. Anyone unable to create a roleplay within these rules has the full services of our wonderful team of Scholars at their disposal for finding and improving upon their idea.

  1. Roleplay titles must be consistent with publishing guidelines.
    Please do not denote the roleplay's status, add unnecessary punctuation, or use ALL CAPS in your roleplay's title.

    Bloody Chains 2: Broken Links

  2. Adult content roleplays must be tagged with "adult" and must follow collaboration guidelines.
    Be reminded: Adult content is permitted on RolePlayGateway. It must 1) be tagged appropriately, and 2) be collaboratively written so as not to clutter the story. Sexually explicit (kissing, fondling, etc.) interactions must be concluded immediately in the responding author's post and must be separated by at least 5 posts of other non-adult writing. Help keep RolePlayGateway smut-free by working together with your game's players to meet this requirement.

  3. Non-original roleplays must be tagged with "fanfic" and must link to the copyright holder in the description.
    We must categorize and correctly attribute all content to its appropriate sources. If you create a roleplay based on your favorite movie or cartoon show, you must link to the owner of that universe, its characters, or story. Any member of the Moderator Team can help you with this.