Camp Raven ValleyJacelyn Kar

"Don't judge me until you know me."

a character in “Camp For The Gifted”, as played by kkpigs

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Name: Jacelyn
Age: 15
What are you: Zombie
Human Appearance: Image
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: 117lbs
Personality: Very sweet and caring. She is not very intellegent, but she has a lot of common sense. Sometimes she can be a little bit...zoned out, but normally she is down to Earth. She has a habit of chewing on things, and sometimes absentmindedly bites herself. You have to tell her something more than once if you want her to do it. She talks a lot, but is also a good listener when needed.
-Can turn you into a zombie if she bites you
-Can chew through steel
-Can lose everything but her head and still survive
-Head Injuries
Crush: (edit this throughout the roleplay)
Enemies:(edit this throughout the roleplay)
History/Bio: Born into an average family, became a zombie recently when involved in a radiation accident.
Other: She speaks several European languages

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Jacelyn Kar's Story