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Places in Chasing Constellations

This is a list of locations that can be found in Chasing Constellations.

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          Deion was already in a deep sleep by the time that Drauni made his grand entrance. That was the only reason that most of the ruckus flew through his ears unheard and unknown. He was currently entwined in his dream filled with guilt and shame. The memories of that day twisted to amplify the darkness brewing inside of him which was covered with his whimsical smiles. It was a good thing his face was hidden from anyone's prying eyes as it was covered by the table and his arms. If it wasn't, they could see his face wrapping in distress and he was still being dragged deeper into that oblivion of his consciousness. It was only the sense of drowning and something hovering or on top of him.

          His eyes flickered open as he blinked a couple of times, adjusting his sight to the dark and the traces of the table. Once, he got the sense of returning to the waking world. He straightened himself and possibly removing the one leaning over him who happened to be Drauni. "Uni. There you are." He started as if he had been looking over the Sagittarius Tala all this time. He even smiled as if he was not even sleeping just a few seconds ago and began to look around him. It seemed that during the time he was asleep, the others had already arrived. He couldn't help but scratch the back of his head. Well, it's a bit embarrassing still to be seen sleeping his head off even more so as the oldest among the bunch. He did decide it was fine, but he can't help but be a bit conscious about it.

          His smiled sheepishly and that turned into a firm line of seriousness once their Tala Leader entered the room. He leaned on his seat and began to listen. He knew that Iana was not used to such briefing, but it was a nice sight seeing her taking her position a bit seriously. However, there was a passing cloud in his eyes, "If only, they didn't die..." Iana would not take the mantle and continue doing what she willed for herself. "If only, I was the one to die." That line of thought continued echoing inside his head as the presentation of the mission continued.

          He was only taken out of his stupor when he heard his name being mentioned. Deion managed to catch himself not to appear as someone who was literally snoozing off mentally. He did hear his name being attached to guarding and three. That was plenty enough already as that meant he was going to lead the protection detail of someone... His eyes trailed to the young girl being projected in front of them with a the familiar symbol of the Aurani beside it. He could guess without being briefed that the Aurani began to exert a bit of a violent force in things that they cannot control.

          "Well, I guess we have our mission then." He started and looked at the others with that gentle gaze of his. "So, I need three over the security detail." It was a function he was accustomed to, but... He stopped himself from thinking ahead. He was not the kind to choose who he wants on his team. That was rather kinda, a tyrant thing to do. He preferred democracy and free choices. Volunteerism does go a long way. "Anyone wants to be a bodyguard?"