The SerengetiSasha

A fierce, elegant hunter.

a character in “Ghosts of the Grassland”, as played by EvenAngelsCry

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Sasha is sleek and muscular due to her role as a huntress in the Raiders. She has the typical spots along her body, as well as the tear-streak marks down her eyes to her jaw line. Her eyes are a burnt orange, with a black slit down the middle. Her fur is a typical darkened baige, almost a chocolate color. Under her neck and stomach her fur is a cream color. ... 4#/d2f3aet

Age: 37 months


Sasha is a sweet heart, always willing to help the group and even inconvenience herself for it. She has an affinity for cubs, including her younger, cub brother, Lino. She is incredibly loyal to the Raiders, but does not have a defacto hatred for the lions. She does everything she can to ensure the well being of the group. She is a skilled huntress and is more than willing to share her share of the food with the young ones. However, when lionesses try to come in on her prey, she becomes incredibly aggressive and defensive. She sees this as stealing from her group, and this is where the majority of her hatred comes from.


Strong, swift legs.
Keen, huntress' eyes.
Sharp teeth and claws.


Sasha's mother, Nara, was killed in a hunting accident by elephants who stampeded while her mother was stalking a prey. This unfortunate accident left her, as an adolescent, with her brother, a very small cub, in the care of the nanny cheetahs in the Raiders. As she grew, Sasha wanted to be a huntress like her mother and for the same reason, to help the group. She helped to raise her brother as she grew to an adult as well as helped to bring food to the Raiders. She is not very much involved in the feud with the lions other than when she sees them when she hunts. However, when they go for the same prey as her, she goes at them with the same ferocity as the others.

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