modern realisticHeaven Leigh Balazar

Cyrus's daughter, a true daddy's girl

a character in “I Guess I'm Just a Natural Born Killer”, as played by Sweet Angel Jocelyn

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Name: Heaven Leigh Balazar (Heavenly)
Age: 16
Relation To Cyrus: Daughter
Appearance: Heaven is the typical girl-next-door. With her sharp and captivating blue eyes and waist length blonde hair, she offers the picture of a wholesome, good girl. Standing at only five feet four inches tall, she's not exactly tall. She matured early, so she had the look of someone older for years. Her body type would be considered voluptuous, feminine curves in all the right places and just enough body fat to stop her from looking oddly proportioned. That doesn't mean she's fat, and she works hard to make sure that she doesn't become fat.
Normal Duties/Job: Heaven has no real duties, but she has been known to lure people into the farm house, mostly on her own accord or at the prompting of her cousins.
History: Heaven has always lived in the farm house. She never really cared to know about another life, because she thinks the one she has is perfect.
Random Facts: Heaven is afraid of the dark, and spiders, but little else.



A daddy's girl from the day she was born. In her mind, Cyrus placed the stars in the sky one by one, and whatever he says is usually the way things are. With her family she usually has a smile on her face and friendly or happy words for everyone. However, her moods can change quicker than the weather, and she can go from being smiles and laughs to snapping and screaming at someone. But, just as quickly, she goes right back to being friendly. She loves to read, and that has made her smart in ways besides books. Her street smarts are also a lot higher than anyone would guess, and when it comes to sexuality, she has that mastered (thanks to the Kama Sutra she keeps hidden in her room), unknown to her father. She knows when she holds the power over someone and usually isn't afraid to use it.

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Heaven Leigh Balazar's Story