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Last Hope for Humanity » Places

Places in Last Hope for Humanity

This is a list of locations that can be found in Last Hope for Humanity.

All Places


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         "All humans who were brought aboard, I was able to retrieve possessions based on home data in their communication devices, all possessions and more are stored in the cargo hold, access however is currently restricted, until repairs are complete. Perhaps you would be more comfortable cataloguing your travels, ensuring the crew are happy and recording their thoughts?" Sarah replied

Alex was staring blankly at the screen, having somehow managed to cobble most of the repairs together, the last one was going to require him to get seriously creative.

"This last one can't be remotely Sarah, I'm going to need direct access to the power grid down there, on the upside environmental is stable, has anyone else woken yet? What are your current power levels?" Alex asked into the air while remaining to stare at the huge red void of power toward the aft of the ship.

"One and she is currently on her way to speak with you, she seems confused as to my intentions in sparing those I have,"Sarah replied

"Dragging a hundred plus humans from the planet, a willing to save the race? I'm sure your intent was to spare us being cooked alive, but not everyone is going to adjust well Sarah. We weren't made to be up here like this, not yet. We aspired to it, but we weren't there yet, we just need to refocus her attention."Alex's voice was quiet a train of thought more to himself than an actual answer.

"Human behaviour is erratic, and unpredictable," Sarah replied.

Alex laughed softly and nodded "Aye we are a strange breed that's for sure, so back to my original question"

"To access those levels you will need to enter a Zero-G environment, currently this is not possible" Sarah replied.

Alex stared at the screen and sighed "Of course it isn't, the power conduits to that section are external and that's why I cant access them from here,"


Crew Quarters

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         Inside the Crew Quarters were several cryogenic sleep-pods. Inside one of them was Mitsy Sayato. Now, she was waking up.

First the ice thawed out. Then she blinked. Finally, the pod doors opened. Trying to climb out, Mitsy slipped and fell to the floor, scraping her arm on the door in the process.

Damn it. That's going to leave a scar.
Mitsy said as she got up, slow and steady. She looked around, wondering where she was.

Well, this ain't no film set. But where is everyone?
Mitsy thought as she put her coat on. Being inside the sleep-pod made her cold. She looked around and saw a window with blackness. As she looked through the window, she saw a planet with a barren wasteland. She suddenly realised that the planet she was looking at was Earth.

Backing away from the window, Mitsy was shocked at what she saw. She tried to reassure herself that everything would be alright.

Ok Mitsy. The world is gone, family is possibly dead and I'm on a fucking spaceship. I'm probably one of the last humans alive. But how did I get here?
She said to herself. She thought for a minute on what she should do, before deciding that it wasn't worth waiting for the other pods to open. She walked to the door, opened it and went to explore the ship.

Welcome Home


Welcome to the Bridge