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The Grace Stone... Masks that change their personality... Tied by these two factors, the members of the Masked and Itex have to find out more about the city around them.

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Setting: Throme2012-02-17 02:46:00, as written by Nivosity
The All-Seeing Eyes of Nivosity (Narrator) ; Throme

The eyes blinked - two brown eyes that looked over the affluent and influential city of Throme. The gaze alighted on the grassy campus of Cenriel Academy, and further focused in on the greenhouse. After being pushed out of the greenhouse by the irate Liesel, still wearing her mask of a smile, the student council slowly meandered its way to the entrance of the school.

“Student council folks?” asked the security guard, before opening the gate of the school, and waving them a cheery good-bye. “Good luck. Hope you were all productive during your meeting.”

Pushing forward the time on that scenario with something akin to indifference, the narrator watched as the students made their fast-forwarded way to the roof of Sagaro Mall, the center of all things social. Here they could do anything they wished to: watch a movie, ice skate in the rink, or even play games in the arcade. But this time, the student council were here for more pressing matters. Liesel had sent them on another reckless visit to retrieve something that might be possibly related to Itex.

Not as though any of these previous pressing matters of Liesel’s had turned up anything interesting.

Riding up the glass elevators up to the roof, the student council managed to catch a glimpse of the amazing night-life of Throme. It was already maybe 7 PM, and the sun had already set maybe 10 minutes before. On the roof, there were still a few families enjoying themselves in Children’s Playground of Spades, but many of the mothers had already bundled their children inside, in fear of catching a cold. On the other side, Suna’s Stargazing Observatory was just opening its doors to the first people who wished to catch a glimpse of the early stars. The strangely enigmatic owner of the observatory, Suna, stood outside her observatory, collecting tickets calmly from those that entered her dome.

The last point of interest of this roof was the Rooftop Rose Gardens - and there were quite a number of couples either wandering the garden or watching the view together. A strange person in a grey hood was leaning against one of the white garden benches, looking at nothing in particular. Sometimes, a heavy sigh escaped from his mouth, as he kept glowering at his watch.