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Name: Harlyn Rae Julian is her full name, but she will never utter the full name to a soul. Friends and fans alike all know her as Harlyn – nothing more and nothing less. Alas, close friends and/or band mates have been known to call her Harley or Harley Quinn in correspondence with the female villain from the Batman series.

Birthdate: Born on July 4th of 1989, Harlyn is twenty two years of age.

Role: Harlyn is both the lead singer as well as the rhythm guitarist of Band Two. She was taught to play guitar by her first boyfriend at the age of fourteen. The first time her fingers met the strings, she knew it was love, but the skill didn’t come to her easily. Eventually, the pieces began to fit and she began to develop her own style within her skill. She still makes mistakes, just like any other human, but they most often happen when she’s dicking around with her band mates; thankfully, a fuck up hadn’t happened on stage in a long while.


Appearance: Harlyn’s physique is easily described as small and slim. She has always been pretty slim naturally, but the drugs cut her appetite to a mere sliver of what it should be, and helps to keep the extremely trim physique she feels she should have. Standing at five foot, eight inches, Harlyn has legs that stretch for miles that are barely toned – much like the rest of her body. Her scarcely toned physique is a result of Harlyn’s lack of a work out ethic. She’d much rather chase the dragon and not eat for a couple of days, than work out a couple of days a week (which is hard to do when on tour anyways).

Her facial features are very doll-like; with fairly high cheek bones, naturally plump lips, and a long and thin nose, her features are sharp and angular which makes them almost unrealistic, despite the fact that she’s never gone under the knife. Blessed by the grace of God… yeah, right.

Anyway, her eyes are a mix of bright blue and a light green in color, best described as cerulean. In shape, her orbs are a deep set almond shape that is often hidden by a thick coat of eyeliner. Though they are her second favorite physical feature, Harlyn’s eyes have given her the most trouble when it comes to health. In the past, a cataract developed in her left eye, permanently damaging the orb below. Though after laser surgery, the damage was lessened to the point where the blonde could see with a pair of high strength contacts. She also possesses a pair of glasses, but you’ll never catch her wearing them.

In short, her hair is her pride and joy. She makes sure to take great care of it – whether it is the high quality products she uses or the consumption of lost minerals and vitamins needed to keep its lively luster. Due to the care she has put into her luscious locks, the golden waves have grown without many split ends to splay well below the woman’s chest in length. Naturally blonde in color, Harlyn has never dared to color her hair. Though, if in need of a change, she’s been to known to use colored extensions rather than color over her natural gold.

Her porcelain skin is stained with the ink of various tattoos. Although they are mostly words instead of images, each one represents something to the woman. Her first tattoo was the quote: “and in that moment, I swear, we were infinite…” in the shape of the symbol of infinity – which is inked on the crease of her left arm. Preceding this tattoo were five more, listed here in no particular order. The quote: "and miles to go before I sleep..." lies directly above her waist and swoops between her hips in a beautiful scrawl of black cursive. "The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die..." is branded onto the right side of the woman’s ribcage. A small pistol is found under her left breast, following the brand of “happiness is a warm gun” – a Beatles’ lyric as a nod to her heroin addiction. A bright blue feather is found on the inside of her right wrist. And lastly, an image of a stuttering heart beat is found at the end of the quote, “My heartbeat stumbles and my backbone crumbles…” running vertically along her backbone. Each inked design holds a story, but you’ll never hear it stumble from Harlyn’s lips – ever.

Both on and off stage, Harlyn’s attire is fairly eclectic. You can find her wearing a band tee that is far too large and tattered with a pair of fishnet stockings and a pair of high heels with various necklaces and bangle bracelets to accessorize – totally ordinary. Short shorts and tight, tattered jeans are often times on the agenda, just as often as a short dress or a mini skirt and a tight band tee. There are four things that remain staples in her attire though: red lipstick, dark eyeliner, aviator sunglasses, and heels – whether they are hooker heels, stilettos or heeled boots.



Harlyn’s personality is kind of confusing. An air of strength and power surrounds the young woman, but of course, that’s not always the case. The highlights of her personality are prevalent in their standings though – mostly shining through only when she’s high… which is almost ninety eight percent of the time. She’s a fairly outgoing girl who loves (needs) hugs and kisses and can’t help but flirt like a mad man. She’s got a good sense of humor which tends to be playful, sarcastic or a cross between the two. She loves to make others laugh and wants everyone to partake in whatever mood she’s in. If she’s happy, well damn it, you better be happy too. She loves to tickle and be tickled, wrestle, and cuddle – and is all around playful (when she has the right amount of smack flowing through her veins). She finds a thrill in partaking in something that is considered dangerous or taboo – which is sadly, what brought about her first crossing with her beloved smack. In general, she gets along better with guys, rather than girls – which is a good thing, considering the fact that her band mates were all male. Finally, she’s extremely protective of those she cares for and will fight for them until the end. This trait is prevalent in both the doped up and downer sides of Harlyn.


On the flip side, Harlyn has her less desirable traits, much like everyone else. Her natural sense of authority is one of her bigger faults, because she has a tendency to attempt to exhort it at all the wrong times. One of her weaker points is her high capacity to be self-centered. The voice in the back of her head is very soft and leads her to have extremely weak guilt reflexes. These weak reflexes help the young woman in her quest to trample over most anyone or anything when she sees something she wants. She’s outspoken – even in the worst of circumstances – and will not hesitate to tell you what she truly thinks; no matter if you’re a well renowned talk show host, a reporter, or her best friend. She tends to get intensely lonely and needs constant reassurance of her looks and sometimes her abilities, leading her to come off as clingy – most often when she’s coming off a high. She’s grown up to be a little bit wild, a little disobedient, and a lot of rock personality and image. She’s a unique voice with loads of personality with just enough of a smoky edge to pull of the rock front woman gig with ease.

As far as relationships go, Harlyn hasn’t partaken in the romance part of them since she was in her teens. Nah, she’d rather just have a romp or two every once in a while to get the job done – nothing more and nothing less. Could it be a result of trust issues? Sure. Could it be lack of interest and a need to focus on her career? Maybe so. But if you asked Harlyn, she’d just smirk and give you a shrug. All in all, she’s not even sure of the reason she’s so withdrawn when it comes to a relationship herself.

Lastly, Harlyn tends to think highly of her fame. She loves to be the center of attention and of course, she loves her fans – mainly because the love and idolize her.


Playing Style: Having learned to play guitar unprofessionally, Harlyn’s techniques are rather unorthodox and tends to confuse others whenever she attempts to teach others how to play. As the rhythm guitarist, she is almost foundational to the bad, but her part is often overlooked. She provides the texture within which each solo can be created. And unfortunately, she has a bad habit of damping and scratching whenever she’s about to strum the first chord which sounds pretty awful over concert grade amps.

As for her voice, it’s not necessarily what you’d expect out of her. It features a dark and heavy sound, but the high notes aren’t trouble in the slightest. Even though it’s not prevalent in their music, she has also learned to scream (without completely fucking over her vocal chords).

Instrument: Harlyn’s instrument of choice is a black Fender Telecaster Custom adorned with two stickers: a skull and a star set afire.



Background: Unlike lots of famous artists, Harlyn didn’t have some tragic childhood that lead her to withdraw from society and turn to music for solace. Actually, she was born to a fair skinned beauty of a nurse and a well-traveled Airman on Independence Day of the year 1983. Her childhood was pretty normal, having to move various times due to the Air Force’s tendency to force small families to base jump. Her father had attempted to get her to play sports in her younger years, but once she attempted, it proved to be a bad idea. Harlyn was a horrible klutz and accident prone – leading to several injuries, long standing scars, and the final decision that she was better suited in something less physical. Of course, since her father had his way the first time around, her mother had her chance to enroll her daughter in something useful – her choice? Ballet. Of course, the same clumsiness that shone through her sports adventures returned in her ballet classes, but never did her mother give up. With a couple of seasons enrolled in the class and countless hours locked away, practicing in her bedroom, she got the hang of it. In the end, she was grateful for the push from her mother – because of ballet, she had lost most of her clumsy tendencies and instead, gained the desirable skills of flexibility and grace.

Eventually though, Harlyn’s interest in ballet dwindled, and instead she picked up an interest in music. After various drawn out arguments and convincing rants, eleven year old Harlyn convinced her parents to enroll her in piano and singing lessons. This was the point in the young girl’s life that she realized her love for music.

Skip forward three years and we’re met with the turning point of Harlyn’s life. Having been absorbed in her own schooling and life, the fourteen year old had never realized what had been going on right in front of her eyes at home. Her parents’ marriage had fallen apart right before her and now, she was left with the facts that her parents were getting divorced, her mother was staying in Harlyn’s hometown in Connecticut, her father was being transferred to a base overseas, and lastly… she had to choose who she was going to stay with. After much deliberation and research, Harlyn opted for neither side. Instead, she was going to go to a boarding school in London. Of course, both her parents were against her decision from the beginning – but with their own lives falling apart in front of their eyes, who were they to make decisions for another being?

In short, the next few years for Harlyn were a blur of new experiences. In London, she found herself, her first love, British Rock, her talent in guitar, her voice, her independence, and ironically, developed a dependence on something she’d never imagined she’d come across: heroin. Despite her addictions and distractions, she eventually graduated from the boarding school, ventured across the land, and headed back to the good ole U S of A. Without going into too much detail, back home in the US, Harlyn found her calling and now she stands as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Band 2.

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