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In an attempt to distract herself from the daggers being shot in her direction from down the bar, the blonde tapped her long, manicured fingernails against the empty shot glass in front of her. In retrospect, the beginnings of the rivalry between the two women seemed to be a little childish – a mere slip up on Harlyn’s part on a talk show that unfortunately happened to be broadcasting to nationwide. No big deal, right? She hadn’t said anything other than the fact that she thought the band was horrid within themselves… and their music? Well, that was another story. With this thought fresh on her mind, a smug smirk slipped onto the blonde’s lips as she turned, her blonde curls tumbling with the movement, to glance over her shoulder and down the bar, directly into Vivian’s eyes. The opposite woman’s eyes held a gaze that instantly set one aflame if the ability were available; even still, it held the intensity to make someone think twice before standing up to the woman. Even still, Harlyn matched her heated gaze, crossing her arms over her stomach in an attempt to hide it, as if Vivian could tell her stomach was cramping painfully with nerves.

Zack’s reply echoed in her ears, though she never turned her gaze away from her counterpart. ”But who gives a shit?” he rumbled, joining her in her gaze down the bar as he toyed with his beer.

’Yeah… who gives a shit?’ Harlyn echoed within the confines of her thoughts, her head tilting slightly as she continued to gaze down the bar. As she stared, the larger woman’s face contorted with a vicious smirk, causing Harlyn’s stomach to clench painfully, forcing herself to look away just as Giles had turned to her.

Grateful for a friendlier face, Harlyn smiled at the thin man and raised a hand to tangle in her blonde locks as she raised a curious eyebrow, awaiting his lingering inquiry.

”How about that second round?” Giles asked before turning back to his other drinks.

”I’m up for it!” Zack exclaimed, snapping back from his study of the band down the bar.

”Let’s do it. I’m gonna need more alcohol to deal with this shit,” Harlyn replied, speaking with a gentle smile lingering on her lips as she motioned to the barkeep for a second shot of Jose for herself.

Before the group could throw back their second round of shots, a loud exclamation sounded over the low rumble of the bar, something about a zombie amongst them. The blonde wasn’t paying attention to the dilemma – instead, her bright eyes were scanning over Vivian’s tall and muscled form. Her blue orbs washed over the faded black dreads on Vivian’s head, her nose wrinkling as she noted that the dreads resembled the snakes of Medusa. Her eyes definitely held the strength to scare off a less daring soul, but Harlyn didn’t think they were strong enough to turn a person to stone. Shaking her head at the thought, Harlyn raked her gaze over Vivian’s form until it met her tattooed knuckles. At the sight of the woman’s strong, scarred, and inked knuckles, Harlyn couldn’t help but shudder a little at the memory. It had been after Harlyn’s televised back handed comment about Legion, the band had decided to go out that night… where, unfortunately for the blonde, Legion and their very angry front woman, Vivian, had decided to go out as well. Long story short, the two got into it and sure, Harlyn had gotten a few hits in, but not as many as the tall woman had before the fight was broken apart.

Movement from her left side caught Harlyn’s attention as she snapped back from her flashback, turning slightly in her seat to look at Zack, who had stood from his seat and was raising his shot glass in the air. ”What the hell are you doing?!” Harlyn hissed, her voice slightly panicked as she peered up at her friend, but her words fell on deaf ears as he spoke to the other band, his deep voice echoing in the bar while he asked if their co-headliners would take a shot alongside ‘em. Jesus, she loved Zack, but sometimes, he was just outright stupid. What in the hell was he thinking? Had she not just told him that Vivian was making her uncomfortable less than five minutes ago?

Much to Harlyn’s dismay though, Vivian raised her head, her ever present, over-confident smirk lingering on her lips, and accepted the offer before setting her glare on the blonde herself. ”I know Harlyn won't..." Vivian began as she locked her gaze with Harlyn’s own. ”Since last time I came across you in a bar, you had the constitution of a blind mole. Not to mention the guitar skills of one too.”

”Listen, you behemoth bitch, just because you’re still pissed off about that petty comment back then doesn’t mean you need to talk shit every time we come in contact with one another,” Harlyn mused as she stood from her chair, a scowl evident on her visage as she glared daggers at the other girl. Her heart was racing and she was itching for a fight, but the night before kicking off a tour with the bitch and her minions wasn’t the time or place. With this thought, she forced herself to smile and take hold of her shot glass. ”‘Sides, you should be thanking me for the free advertising shout out,” she added, lifting the shot glass in salutation to the others. ”To a good night and a better show,” she offered as a toast, forcing herself to smile again as she tossed back her shot, her elbow promptly colliding with Zack’s ribs in collateral for inviting Legion to drink with them.