Moonlight AcademyJack Fallen

"I will do what I want when I want...If that's okay with you..."

a character in “Moonlight Academy”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Age: 16
Race: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Human form

Wolf Form

Computer Design
Martial Arts
Sci-Fi literature
History of Werewolves
Computer Creations
Computer Programming


Jack is a very fun loving person, who just goes with the flow of everything. He is big with technology, he has the latest in everything to do with technology, though he is a werewolf and should be more intact with nature. He can be a flirt sometimes and will come up with random ideas of going out and having a bit of fun. Of course if there is a fight he won't be reluctant to fight, he won't stand for being insulted and will right away attack back with words or fists.


His own fists
Handguns (Only uses when really needed)


Jack was a normal child, he doesn't have that bad of a past. He had a brother and a little sister, who were favored over him, but he didn't care about that. Jack didn't really care about his parent's attention, he was too busy out looking for anything with wires to try and fix or turn into something. He was big with technology, unlike his siblings who were both very much into nature, where they would cook over a fire made by hand, Jack would use a stove, oven or microwave that he bought with his own money, that he got from his job. He was fine that his parents didn't really approve of the way he lived, the fact that he wasn't being a "true werewolf" those words really meant nothing to him. The only one in the family who actually liked Jack was an uncle that was pretty much pushed away as well, and was into things that wasn't really didn't matter to most werewolves.

Jack was sent to the school, for the fact that his parents thought it would help him. Jack didn't see it as that, he didn't want to go and behind his parents' back he made his own schedule only having one class on his schedule that really had to do with werewolves, that is all he would give his parents. He really didn't care for going to the school, and wasn't exactly in a happy mood when he saw his parents and siblings happy to see him leaving.

So begins...

Jack Fallen's Story