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Come join this Academy full of drama, friendships, enemys, relationships, fights, and no parents! Anything can happen

Character Portrait: Josie Mays She is outgoing but shy when she is around a guy she likes, she is outgoing and has many friends, she is popular and she is the twin sister of Tommy Mays
Character Portrait: Tommy Mays Tommy is outgoing and very handsome, he is confident in himself and has many friends he is popular and has a twin sister named Josie Mays
Character Portrait: Jacklyn Kalvin Quiet shy emo girl that sticks to herself. Is a cutie and once you get to know her she can be ok.
Character Portrait: Evan Sharpe A well meaning, thoughtful, kind, and yet slightly odd young man Evan just tries to be himself and stay out of trouble.
Character Portrait: Cally AnnMarie Sparkes She is very kooky and random. She is a bit wild, but not in a very bad way. She is very smart and sweet too. She worries more about others than about herself. She turns quite and shy when she thinks people don't like her or hate her.
Character Portrait: Amelia Walinton Aractive, mean, and... well that just about it. Amelia is the raining Queen Bee of Playmonth and you'll have to pry that title from her cold dead hands.
Character Portrait: Melissa Daniel A normal girl who can be quiet rude at times
Character Portrait: Keith Sullivan Is Cally's good friend from back home and says he sees her like a sister. He's a flirt, charming, goofball, and doesn't take things too seriously.