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a character in “Sonic Chronicles~ The Dark Princess”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Diamond
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: She has the same body-build as Amy, as well as the same hairstyle except her quils are longer. She is a mix of aquamarine and navy blue and has icy sapphire-blue eyes. She has 2 main outfits; a navy blue dress with white boots, or a sky blue and white coat with a skirt.
Species: hedgehog
Personality: Diamond is practically the toughest hedgehog you'll ever meet. She is cautious with making friends, due to an incident in her past, which she refuses to tell. She is clever, keen, stubborn, independent, and friendly, not to mention that when she's angry, it's like an explosion. She and Sonic tend to fight due to their clashing personalities. She is prideful, and, unlike others, dangerous situations bring out her wise side. Her personality is like both fire and water which confuses people a lot.
History: She used to live with a clan of hedgehogs, and despite the fact that her special powers made her an outcast, had many friends.She was the princess of the kingdom too. One day she went for a walk, only to come back and find it in ruins. Ever since, she had been on her own. When she met sonic and the others, she accused shadow of being part of her cities destruction since she saw a blur of black and red when she was there. When she found out it couldn't be him she apologized, but she still kind of resents him for being a bit of a jerk.
Love Interest: None yet, but she's getting interested in both Shadow & Sonic
Skills/Powers: has control over water and the moon. With water she can make chaotic whirlpools and middle sized hurricanes. With the moon she can make blinding flashes of light and have visions from the past or future.(Not always though) Her powers are connected to the moon which makes her helpless when there is none. She can run nearly as fast as Sonic.
Weaknesses: fire, high temperatures
Likes: Cold temperatures, water, girls, and having fun
Dislikes: cowards, being bossed around, loud noises
Phobias: falling seriously in love, death, total darkness
Theme song: Impossible by Shonetelle or Stand in the rain
Famous Quote: "Since when have I ever made it easy?"

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