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Soul Eater: A New Chapter » Places

Places in Soul Eater: A New Chapter

This is a list of locations that can be found in Soul Eater: A New Chapter.

All Places

Death City

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Walking Around Town


Sleeping wasn't something that Kid was very good at, at least not lately anyways. Being the next Grim Reaper had been worrying him quite a bit. What would he do when it was time for his friends to die? Everyone has a time, he needed to learn that. Better now then never, as he thought it over.

Kid looked around the Academy, classes wouldn't be starting for another hour or so, though his father had told him to come early to make sure that the new students knew where they were going. Though the problem with that was that nobody liked Kid, and seemed to ignore him. He would ignore himself too, those horrible three stripes on only one side of his head!

Thinking of that made Kid dramatically fall to the floor muttering "Why isn't it right....Why.." he always hated his hair, it just wasn't perfect enough. And nobody would ever understand that. After a few weird looks from passing teachers, he stood up and dusted himself off before straightening his clothes out.

Kid looked around once more to make sure that nobody was looking at him strangely. He then wondered why his two partners in crime were not with him. Usually those two women stalked him like a lion stalking a deer. Odd example, but nothing else came to mind for him. It was still far too early for Kid to be up. He had been used to sleeping in.

He knew his father wanted to actually talk to him before classes, yet he didn't really want too. He was afraid that his father would want Kid to do something, and with his own luck it would be something that Kid would not want to do.



Maka had wonderful dreams of her as both a weapon and a meister, she would keep those dreams to herself. She stretched in bed before getting up and examining herself in her full body mirror. A small smile crept on her face.. She was growing! Her chest was a little bit bigger and her legs looked pretty nice. She tried on her normal outfit, and realized it was a tad bit too small. Great, Now I'm going to look like a Blair. She thought to herself as she put her coat on, her chest felt like it was going to pop out so she unbuttoned one more button. Now feeling a bit self conscious as she didn't like her new body. Then again she'd been changing alot.

Suddenly she wished her mother was here to tell her that it was normal for her body to change and grow and be more... well less flat.. Of course those were things that Maka already knew but that didn't mean she liked that fact. Maka decided to do something a little different today! She put her hair in one ponytail instead of two.

Maka felt her room, not liking this new body but dealing with it. She just hoped that not everyone made a big deal out of it. She looked around and wondered where Blair was, then she remembered that the cat woman stalked Crona last. She heard the shower going and knew Soul was up too.

Maka made herself breakfast and ate by the window, constantly pulling her skirt down, just for it to pop back up. Well at least she wasn't exposing herself like Blair did.



Blair couldn't sleep, she didn't know why, so she had stalked Crona and was waiting outside his door for him. She wasn't in her normal cat form, it had gotten annoying. And she was some what dressed now, with a black bikini top and short black shorts. She smiled to herself as she played with her black knee high boots. She had lost her hat somewhere, with her luck someone stole it. She didn't know what she'd do while everyone was in school.

She hated it when everyone was in school! It just wasn't fair that she wasn't allowed to go there, she hoped to get on someones good side and they'd sneak her along at some point.