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Star Trek: Peacekeeper » Places

Places in Star Trek: Peacekeeper

This is a list of locations that can be found in Star Trek: Peacekeeper.

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U.S.S. Peacekeeper

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         Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck Nine, Afterlife / Stardate: 24O1O5.1O 1815

As the doors open to the Afterlife lounge area, the lone figure of a woman tall in stature with four arms enters the room bearing what appears to be an old text of great age in one of her arms as she makes her way over to the replicator. "Mint tea, hot, if you will please," she says in a polite tone, as she waits the few seconds for her order to materialize from the replicator before obtaining her drink and headed toward the far end of the room. After finding a suitable table for her needs, she then sat down and began to read the text while sipping at her tea periodically.

After some time had passed while being engrossed in her text and tea, she receives a hail through the ship's communication system. ^Mizore to va'Larr.^ as a woman's voice comes over the previous din of silence that va'Larr was surrounded by. Activating her communicator, va'Larr replies "va'Larr here, Mizore. Is there a particular matter you require me to look into?" as she relays a sense of enthused inquiry. ^Not exactly at this precise instant, for the time being, we will be docking at Starbase Han'shir within moments.^ the woman said, prior to continuing her dialog with va'Larr. ^See what you can do over a little down time, on acquiring some omicron particles, approximately two thousand kilograms should be sufficient toward our preferred objective.^ Mizore commented, politely relaying a course of action. "I would be glad to ensure that we have sufficient energy source, should we have to be away from any resupply facility for any prolonged period of time." va'Larr acknowledged.

Collecting the ancient text, and stopping along the way to recycle the tea cup back into the replicator, va'Larr then makes her way to the turbo lift to return to her quarters.

Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck Two, Senior Officers Quarters, Room Four / Stardate: 24O1O5.1O 1835

Once inside her quarters, va'Larr placed the ancient text into its protective case, closing it with reverence and care. After having that task completed, she then disrobed herself from her current attire and began the process to find a suitable replacement for her current objective. Rummaging through her wardrobe, she locates the selection she had been searching for. Reaching into her closet, she first took out a form fitting gray tunic, suede in texture with basic accents about the collar. After donning her tunic, she then drew the matching brown leather knee length long coat, with a raw leather finish, with olive green sleeves. Tossing the jacket on her bed, for the time being, she then pulls out the matching gray tight fitting boot cut pants and slips them on. Once she finished putting her pants on, she then grabbed a pair of above ankle length black suede boots and slid her feet into them.

Grabbing her jacket and slipping into it, she then walks over to her desk and grabbed a few PADD's, sliding them into an inside pocket. va'Larr then walked over to her personal equipment locker and gathered her dual compression phaser pistols and belt holster, donning them than securing them safely. Once finished with that task, she then scans her quarters to make sure she isn't forgetting anything. After she is satisfied with her search, va'Larr makes her way to the door of her quarters to depart for the shuttle bay.

Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck Four, Shuttle Bay One / Stardate: 24O1O5.1O 1845

After her arrival and entry into shuttle bay two, va'Larr walked over to her shuttlecraft and approached the entry portal. Once at the entry way into the shuttle craft of ah'Nakah origin, she then entered the command sequence for the portal to open and stepped into the ship. Taking the position in the pilots' seat, va'Larr then began to cycle through the start-up sequence to depart from the Peacekeeper. "va'Larr to Sami." she said after engaging her shuttle's comm system. ^Sami here va'Larr, please proceed.^ "Permission to disembark," va'Larr replied. ^Permission granted.^ With that, va'Larr maneuvered her shuttle to the shuttle bays doors, where after opening, granting her exit from the Peacekeeper and plots her course down to the surface of Vulcan, executing her trajectory after her course is locked in.