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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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Zelda felt a small, unsure smile spread across her delicate features in recognition of a familiar noise. She was certain she had heard this unusual quacking noise before, somewhere.. sometime.. all was foreign to her now. She couldn't seem to recall any of her past memories of the people she had met in her previous adventures and the experiences she had faced. Peering cautiously behind the large boulder she had just been sleeping against, Zelda found a small, adorable creature running around madly with its hands atop its head. The princess kneaded her knuckles into the palms of her hands, trying to decipher the creature's nonsensical calls. The word "Pokemon" flashed through her mind with a series of odd, red and white balls that continued after the thought. She frowned and arched her eyebrows, worried she might have gone insane during her seclusion. Zelda had never heard of the word "pokemon" in all her life or seen any objects such as the red spheres that had come to her mind.. yet, she had a feeling she knew exactly what to do with them.

Zelda knelt in front of the duck pokemon nervously.. or whatever it is they called it.. and beckoned it with her hand. It appeared to take no notice of her; frustrated, the princess stood and looked down at the Psyduck coldly. She wasn't taken to being ignored.

Zelda looked up and sighted a girl with bushy, orange hair walking towards her and the creature. Wary of the stranger, the princess twirled and magic seemed to radiate from her body. Sparkles and beams of light shrouded her as she transformed into her boyish alter ego, Shiek. As the transformation was completed, she quickly released a silver powder from the palm of her now, tan-ish hand and a plume of smoke arose from the ground. Shiek vanished from sight.