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Welcome to the Box. No door. No window. No memory. No escape.

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this was sort of inspired by the video game portal a little bit so here's the unofficial wiki page



Something is flirting with the edge of your memory, something you've forgotten, something so very precious...


Welcome to the Box. Because I can't really think of an alternative at the moment, I'll have to explain this all in a very uncreative way.
Okay. So you wake up. You are in a square room, very similar to the one depicted above. Others are scattered around you, lying on the floor, unconscious.
You have complete amnesia.
This means that you literally have no memory of anything from before gaining consciousness (apart from basic human knowledge). You haven't the slightest idea of your location, how you got there, what year it is, your name, your appearance, or your identity in its entirety.
Yet, somehow, you are sure that you have one. And it's mystery is rather disturbing.

Everyone has on the same uniform, which I have created a picture of below ~


(The reason why I'm being so sparse about the story background and such is because this is an attempt at creating a "you don't know more than your character" roleplay. This is especially difficult to set up because nothing has happened yet, so no one has figured anything out. If you have created a roleplay of this kind in the past and have a suggestion, please, help me out and share it. I'm trying my best. :P)

Since your own character knows nothing about themselves, character profiles are going to be scant. As of now, your character format will look like this:

(Optional if you have a character avatar)Picture or detailed description of appearance:
(Optional) Personality:
This, of course, will change as the roleplay goes on.


Glitches are bits of memories that peek through the amnesia. This is usually caused by their importance to the character. These could be anything from a word or sound to a short flashback. For instance, someone with the last name "Partridge" could have the chorus of the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" glitching through into their head. Someone who lost their parents in a car accident could be haunted by a flashback of the events. Got it?

Side effects

Side effects are pieces of basic human knowledge that have been affected by amnesia. For instance, your character may be unable to remember the term for "baby cat" or may have incredibly difficult times solving simple math equations. These are much easier to combat than Glitches, as one can simply be told the term for a baby cat is "kitten" or that the answer to "7+8" is "15".

As the roleplay goes on, more of the story line will be revealed.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Female 1: Vanessa Sinclair
Male 1: Perceus Archangelus
Female 2: Lana Diedrick
Male 2: Thomas Taylor
Female 3: Alice Harper
Male 3:

Toggle Rules

1. Don't be a jerk. (I'm addressing powerplayers, godmodders, ect.)

2. Romance is fine, but if things start going in, you know, that direction...fade to black. Just try to keep it TV appropriate. (That's a hell of a lot of leeway, folks.)

3. Character avatars and pictures should be of a real person, realistic sketch, realistic 3D image, ect. To be blunt, keep anime/manga to a minimum. I understand if you could find literally nothing else, but it MUST BE YOUR LAST CHOICE.

4. You must post at least once a week. I get it if real life gets in the way, in which case PM me and we'll figure something out. By joining this roleplay, you are making a commitment. Ignoring that commitment will cause your expulsion from the roleplay.

5. Your characters must react like a human to things. THEY WILL BE FREAKED OUT WHEN THEY WAKE UP. I don't care how manly your dude is, he's not going to just take this in one stride.

6. Because no one can remember their own name, it's nickname time. Because you cannot change the character name, put in their actual name, but your character will not know it. Instead, they may nickname themselves with the aid of a glitch, or the other characters can nickname them.

7. Use correct grammar. The occasional mistake is okay, but "tlkin liek dis" or "Pulling stupidshit LikeThis_" will not be tolerated. Put the word potato in your character profile so that I know you read this far.


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The Box

The Box by Whalebone

Can't tell you much yet...

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Character Portrait: Perceus Archangelus
Character Portrait: Thomas "Tommy" Taylor


Character Portrait: Thomas "Tommy" Taylor
Thomas "Tommy" Taylor

The clueless wonder

Character Portrait: Perceus Archangelus
Perceus Archangelus

"Someone with nothing to lose and nothing to go back to is a dangerous foe. And that... that is exactly what I have become."


Character Portrait: Perceus Archangelus
Perceus Archangelus

"Someone with nothing to lose and nothing to go back to is a dangerous foe. And that... that is exactly what I have become."

Character Portrait: Thomas "Tommy" Taylor
Thomas "Tommy" Taylor

The clueless wonder

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Thomas "Tommy" Taylor
Thomas "Tommy" Taylor

The clueless wonder

Character Portrait: Perceus Archangelus
Perceus Archangelus

"Someone with nothing to lose and nothing to go back to is a dangerous foe. And that... that is exactly what I have become."

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The Box

The Box by Whalebone

Can't tell you much yet...

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Re: The Box

Creator of Vanessa Sinclair- did you abandon your character? Because she is no longer showing up in the characters section...

Re: The Box

EVERYONE- you're allowed to make a character. No permission needed. I'm waiting for the spots to fill. it looks like there may be more characters than I've previously allowed, but I can always expand the positions.

Re: The Box


Well, I finally got around to making a character...if I'm not too late. School just ended for me and this has been my first bit of free time in ages. I have a friend who expressed interest in creating a male character as well, if the spot's still open. :)

Re: The Box

Everyone who hasn't been accepted- resubmit your character. For whatever reason, it says there's no one unapproved. I'm just waiting for the spots to fill up before we start.

Re: The Box

Hi I'm new here and didn't know about the OOC threads. I'm really interested in this RP and submitted a male if that's okay.

Re: The Box

I'm very interested in this RP. :) I'm typing this under my desk in English, so I can't make a character at the moment, but I'll probably submit one later tonight. Haven't decided whether it'll be male or female yet; I've got some thinking to do. :P

Re: The Box

Go ahead and make your female :) I'll reserve a spot for you.

Re: The Box

I would like to take a female character and if needed later, I can take a male later.

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