The Four nations Academy

The Four nations Academy

After Zuko and Aang took throne, they decided to open up an academy, for young benders to fully realise their potential.

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3 Years since Aang defeated Fire lord Ozai and Zuko took throne, it is an age of prosperity and peace.
Aang then had the Idea to open up an academy, in the city of Ba Sing Se, for young, aspireing benders (People whoi manipulate the elements.) To realize thier full potential and to train with masters.

You play a student of one of the four great nations, either;

The Fire nation
The Water tribe
The Earth kingdom
Or, the Air nomads.

Depending on which nation you choose, you can learn to use one of four bending skills.

Fire bending:

The ability to control fire, which is made through ones own body heat. There does not need to be fire present for the fire benders to use, but fire bending is dependant on ones ability to controls ones breathing. The sub-skill of Fire bending is lightning bending.

Water bending:

Pretty basic, the ability to control water, or, if your really good, living organisms, with water in them. the does need to be water present for the water bender to manipulate though. The sub-skill of water bending is healing.

Earth bending:

The ability to control earth, which is achieved by bieng a master of neutral Jing (To do nothing, and wait for the perfect time to strike. There must be earth for the earth bender to manipulate. The sub-skills of earth bending are metal bending, and siesmic sense.

Air bending:

The ability to manipulate the air around us. I only want to see one airbender, as the tribe was wiped out, long ago.


Student have no specified uniforms, but wear colors based on thier nation: Water = Blue, Earth = Green, Fire = Red, Air= Yellow.

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