Gambit's BarAriman Devas

A Shape-shifter cursed by ancient magics, he resides in the body of a child and is only able to return to his mature shape through a complex metamorphosis process, for a short period of time

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Frozen Soul

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Ariman is quite tall, standing somewhere around 6.1 feet with long, dark hair and raven black eyes. The upper right side of his body is covered in intricate tattoo patterns which describe his entire child-hood and life up until his current age, the further he ages, the more tattoos and runes are added to his chest.


An amalgam of traits, features and feelings compose Ariman's personality: Ignorance, defiance, warmth, care, fear, desperation - yet his most visible one being his unseen curiosity directed towards the World and it's secrets. He has several ticks, his most annoying one being the continued twitching of his nose when finding himself in a unfamiliar surrounding.


Several short knives and a long walking staff carefully clinged to his back


Born in a humble family, his mother died immediately after giving birth - leaving only his father to rise the Druid to be. At the age of six he first discovered his incredible talents, his father quickly abandoning him several days later at a shaman's doorstep. Having being taken in by the said individual, the child started to become part of the tribe called "Sarana" (translated: The Shadow Dancers). At the age of eleven, he was allowed to train in the arts of shape-shifting, Ariman managing to impress the village elders through his intelligence and courage. At the age of 24, the man fell in love with a witch's daughter, the end result of this story being the curse which is now placed upon him.

So begins...

Ariman Devas's Story