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Name: Alexandra (Alex) Hale
School/Grade:(very few ev. kids here...gonna fix that...)Everwood-11
Description: Alex is about 5'8" almost 5'9", but most of the length belongs to her legs. She weight rouglhly 115 lb. She has long, wavy blonde hair although most of the time it smoothes down to a relatively straight style. Her eyes are brooding with dark blue irises and bright brown flecks. To the right of her nose is a - not necessarily prominent but still there - beauty mark and has generally smooth, fair skin.
Other: New member of St. Josephs Soccer Team, former captain of Everywood's (girl's, of course) Soccer Team


Alex is a daring and courageous person (as well as very athletic), sometimes acting on impulse instead of reason. When it comes to soccer - which she adores - she's confident in herself, sometimes to a point of being cocky. She's very strong and self-sufficient, although at times vulnerable - like during those moments she thinks about her mom, she crumples. Still, Alex is very lively and nice, and is always up for a good time. She's somewhat stubborn, and if the cause is worthy, there is little that could sway her opinion. She isn't the type to keep secrets (about herself) and doesn't normally hold her feelings back - good or bad.
Her friends are the people she cares about the most, and Alex will do just about anything to protect them. When it comes to her thoughts on the St. Joseph kids, she knows that some of them are snobs just as well as she knows that some of them are cool people.

rain, beaches, soccer, anything coffee-flavored, anything vanilla or coconut scented, travelling, outdoors

staying indoors, being told what to do, reptiles


Alex hasn’t had the best life, but she tries to make the best of it. Her mom died when she was about 12, leaving her to live with her the dad. Her father doesn’t care much for her, so most of the time, she has to fend for herself. Her family isn't dirt poor, but they aren't filthy rich - they fall into the category of being middle class. They could afford a better school than Everwood - although not St. Joseph's - but her father doesn't fancy spending money on her.

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Alexandra (Alex Hale)'s Story