The Outcasts

The Outcasts


Mutants are outcasts from society, treated like animals. They are hunted and killed, many humans believing that they are demons or monsters. Follow a small band of mutants as they fight to survive in a world that hates them.

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Mutants have recently been discovered by the world, and you're one of them. Society didn't accept these new, mutated humans and shunned them from society. Homes were torched, children were attacked and killed, and the world fell into chaos. Mutants, as they're called, have begun banding together to protect themselves, following the age old saying of strength in numbers. Now, they're just trying to find a safe place to call home, but trouble seems to follow at every twist and turn, no matter how far they try to get from civilization.

As soon as the mutants were 'discovered', the government began marking them. Every child that showed even the slightest inclination of a power had something relating to their power(s), or what the government thought was their power(s), tattooed on the back of their left hand and some sort of visible mark was put on their face as further identification.

Welcome to California!

A small band of mutants just trying to survive are finding shelter by squatting in uninhabited homes. They have to move around a lot and often need to steal their food and supplies.

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