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Did you ever have that one place where you at home? Did you feel like you didn't have to be ashamed of yourself? For six teens, this is the place where all their cares go away. Welcome to Freedom,California.

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The young man was up and already out the door as he ran towards his black mustang he bought for himself without his stupid parents help. His colored eyes rolled them selves as he thought about those two. "I bet their glad i'm leaving." He said as he turned up the radio and listened to his favorite songs, on his favorite station. He was happy and free from the grasp of his parents, he was glad that he was gone, as much as they were.

He knew he was probably the last one to show up but he didn't care about being late. Not even when he was at school, he would be late every time and would not even dare think of going to his classes early not even once. That's probably why his parents were disappointed in the first place and the fact that he liked boys and girls equally, but that wasn't his problem.

Smiling as he read the sign,"Welcome to Freedom." It bring back memories of the summer, when he was a kid. When he was, he had a little color to his skin and is hair was dyed in dark colors. Now his skin is pale, and his hair is dyed a pure elegant black. He parked his car and walked into the pizza parlor, he used to go to and walked inside, picking his guitar up before closing the car door of course. He looked around and didn't really recognize anyone, so he sat down by himself and was glad he took his guitar with him. Rolling his sweater down so that no one would see the scares and played his guitar softly.