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Last year, four girls were burned alive in a tragic dorm fire. Unknown to the rest of the school, the girls never left. Will they be destined to wander the halls forever? Or will four boys moving in change all that? (Full!)

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Setting: Shibuya2011-10-26 22:29:38, as written by CNAGamer
The blue Dodge Charger pulled in to the lot, the noise dying down as the engiene was switched off. Tezuka sat in the car for a few seconds, staring at the building before him. It had a certian...ominuos feeling to it. He grinned. It was perfect. He turned to the seat next to him, speaking to the pile of bedsheets and blankets. "What do you think, Kalpin? Like it?"

The pile moved, a bright green eye peeking out from underneath. "Mrow?" Came the answer. Tezuka laughed, digging the cat out, and held him. The cat licked his face, and then meowed in protest as Tezuka put him in a shoebox. "I know, I know, but I have to get you in there somehow without being seen, we're not allowed to have pets on campus!" Finally getting the cat in, he walked into the building, and finding an empty room, he shoved his few things in, going back for more. He then worried about Kalpin getting out. He sighed, and pulled the door as close to being shut withough actually closing it as far as he could. He then headed back to his car.

Kalpin poked his head out of the box. "Mrow...?" The cat moved around the dark room, exploring his new home. Everything smelled weird, and there was an old lingering scent of smoke. He made his way over to the door, and scratched at it. He had been declawed, so he couldn't actually do any damage. Still, the cat wanted out. "Meow, mrow!!" He mewed loudly. Suddenly, the door shifted. Success! He pushed through the small gap, exploring. He eventually found his way to a large open area with sofas and chairs and windows...and people!

The true friendly nature of the cat took over, and he immedeately went over, sitting down between the two, demanding attention. For good measure, the cat added, "Meorw."

However, when the stereo suddenly turned on by itself, Kalpin jumped and bolted underneath the couch, hissing. He didn't like all the different things he felt in the room.